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Yet another lay press article lambasting traditional shoe design and indirectly citing my research was published a couple days ago in the Washington Post. This particular article promotes the wearing of “minimalist” shoes. Like all the other lay press articles, that gets us half way to OESH.

I would define a minimalist shoe as one that has a complete zero drop from heel to toe, absolutely no arch support and no foam cushioning other than what’s needed to hold the shoe together and protect the bottom of the foot. That leaves…. an “aquasock” that you used to be able to buy at your local drug store for under $10. Only a truly minimalist design as I define it here, will not increase stresses compared to walking or running barefoot.

OESH goes beyond what an aquasock does (or more precisely doesn’t do). OESH is the only shoe that can be demonstrated in a gait laboratory to actually reduce stresses compared to walking or running barefoot.

I was a little surprised that this Washington Post article didn’t get more comments than it did. Perhaps the fact that traditional shoe design has failed us is getting to be old news. Perhaps people are looking for something truly innovative to come from footwear manufacturers–something that really can help protect the body beyond the bottom of the foot.

But the whole reason why I’m even bothering to tell you about this article is the one very newsworthy comment from “Prancer3” which I cut and pasted below from the original article here:

I’ve discovered a wonderful new design shoe from Charlottesville, Va. The brand is OESH and comes out of years of research by a UVA doctor. They are remarkable not only in design but more than that – they work.  I’ve barely taken them off since I first put them on my feet. I wear them everywhere. I have all the others that are out there and they are going to be donated to a place that recycles shoes for playground equipment.

Thank you Prancer3 for providing the Washington Post the newest news on footwear!

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