Monthly Archives: November 2011

OESH: a model of success in innovation

This past week Bob and I were asked by two different groups of business executives / movers and shakers to share with them the OESH story. One of the groups wanted to feature OESH as a model of success in … Continue reading

Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder…OESH is here!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you OESHers! This photo of Underdog is from the Macy’s Parade the first year we actually saw it, in 1983. I especially remember walking around 77th street and watching them blow this guy up at … Continue reading

…and here’s the stretch!

Do this stretching exercise at least once a day. See here for the scientific rationale behind the stretch. Remember, this stretch is evidence-based… just like OESH.

The one and only stretch I recommend

One of my discoveries in the gait laboratory that led to a number of research publications as well as a prestigious multi-million dollar research award from the National Institutes of Health, culminated in my recommending one, and only one, stretching … Continue reading

What is a physiatrist?

I am a physiatrist and although I don’t actively see patients now that I am making OESH Shoes, I am still frequently asked, “What is a physiatrist?” A physiatrist is a physician who has completed four years of medical school … Continue reading