Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why I love my shoes

OESH is always flattered beyond measure when you take the time to say “thank-you”. It means even more when you put it in the form of an email–and we try to post as many comments as we can on the … Continue reading

Architecture, Carbon Fiber, and OESH

Of late, I’ve been interacting quite a bit with the University of Virginia School of Architecture. Probably has something to do with the fact that the renowned professor and former Dean of the School, Karen Van Lengen, is an avid … Continue reading

Facebook likes OESH & OESH likes Facebook

It’s been less than two months since we began focusing our OESH external marketing onto Facebook And holy cow, WE ALL LIKE ONE ANOTHER!!! The standard Facebook currency of value has exploded for us–from somewhat of a flat-footed start, we … Continue reading reviews OESH…”Immediately, I liked the shoes”

Perhaps no general information site for health and basic medical conditions grabs more clicks than It is likely that Wendy Bumgardner, the Guide of Walking, is the most experienced and savvy reviewer in the broadly defined on-line Walking … Continue reading

Plantar fasciitis and Dwyane Wade–What took so long?

Glancing through the sports news this morning, I was reminded again of the value of one of the most popular posts Casey wrote last year: OESH: A sustainable treatment for plantar fasciitis The science, logic, and medical sensitivity of her thorough … Continue reading

OESH in 2012…On top of the world!

Welcome to 2012. And here is our Annual Business Plan™: The volume in our first year was heavy. Along the way, many of you told us that you would like a broader array of OESH styles, like…uh…a sandal to wear … Continue reading