Monthly Archives: June 2012

“A Day a Minute” at the OESH Factory

Robin Hoffman, artist, well-known caricaturist, creator and star of the popular Charlottesville T.V. show, “A Day a Minute,” ventured over to the OESH factory for a visit. Her show, along with OESH, supports the Charlottesville Free Clinic, a local organization … Continue reading

Women runners comment on OESH

A frequent question we respond to is How will OESH perform as a running shoe? In fact, Casey was interviewed recently by the major trade journal of the running specialty industry (more on that when the article publishes in a … Continue reading

Things You Shouldn’t Run With

Scissors Knitting needles Hot coffee Your infant Great-grandmother’s blue vase Broken glass A vial of smallpox virus 3 Mako sharks Mud The neighborhood symphony orchestra Processed cheese Homemade cheese Shredded cheese The Boxcar Children Your replica Civil War-era musket A … Continue reading

Harvard Medical School Class of 1987 Reunion

I wasn’t even going to go but I’m sure glad I did — my 25th reunion from Harvard Medical School. In the backdrop of my Plum Sandals are the main building and quadrangle. Back in school I was pretty much … Continue reading