OESH Offers Sandal Blowout SALE After Phil Sees Shadow

After hearing the news this morning that the fearless Groundhog’s Day forecaster himself predicts six more weeks of winter (boooooooooo!), we put our remaining pairs of OESH Suede and Athletic Sandals on SALE (hooray!!!).

Phil not amused by own forecast
Phil not amused by own forecast

The upshot is that we are clearing the decks of our Sandals as we plan on having all new OESH Sandal styles available for you in 2015. For the many, many of you who love the Athletics and Suedes, we thought it would be cool to offer you the remaining pairs at an equally great price. All of the details are here.


OESHers Say replaces Testimonials as OESHshoes.com moves into 2015

We recently modified one of our major website headings, changing the label of “Testimonials” to what we believe is a more-accurate representation of what you can expect from an OESH product, now under the heading of “OESHers Say”.

Given our wholly unique foundation–a footwear company based entirely upon medical science research, we are very careful not to promise results for medical conditions. Of course, that makes all of the OESH products even more compelling–they have a level of hard-wired scientific integrity behind every stitch, fiber, and melted pellet unavailable in any other shoe.

OESHers Say has always been, consequently, your section of oeshshoes.com. And the coolest facet of this is, we won’t touch the content (unless you see the clarifying “OESH ed.:” add within a message) as the tone, words, and vibe is 100% yours.

OESHers say
OESHers Say

And those stories of product successes are extraordinary–just look at the massive numbers of compelling stories/posts that you decided were worth sharing to the OESHer community:

La Vida v2.0-46 posts
customer service-43 posts
plantar fasciitis-39 posts
Morton’s neuroma-38 posts
walking-24 posts
knee pain-20 posts
running-13 posts
metatarsalgia-6 posts

There’s nothing that matches your story, told your way. OESHers Say, indeed!

Annual SALE, Last Week of Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

Health is one AWESOME Gift to receive!

Health is one AWESOME Gift to receive!

As Casey makes her way back home after addressing the most-influential footwear builders and engineers in Europe with our seminal Healthy by Design paradigm, we surely want to encourage you toward our La Vida SALE while you can still get the shoes for Christmas morning.

We have noticed a remarkably more-significant increase in shipping the great La Vida v2.0 onto friends and family members from those already taking advantage of the hefty discount this year vs. 2013. Right on!

If you’d like to get a pair, simply email us for the Discount Code (service@oeshshoes.com)
and we will immediately set you up for the savings…and the Christmas delivery, too!

ALL colors and sizes are available, and we’ve already shipped every order from the first ten days of December, so if you haven’t received them by today, you will early next week. Just like last year, we aren’t going to miss a single Christmas delivery for orders placed by December 17–we are doing our best to make certain your feet have another Merry Christmas!

And off we go to get your shoes boxed up and shipped to your favorite Christmas tree.

Viva La Vida!

OESH Thanksgiving reprise, again and again: Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder…OESH is here!

A tradition we have now maintained for our fourth consecutive year, and back by popular demand, is the blog we posted for the First OESH Thanksgiving. The annual parade in New York City is the backdrop for all here at hq to wish you and your gathering a wonderful Thanksgiving, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014!

This photo of Underdog is from the Macy’s Parade the first year we actually saw it, in 1983.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1983

I especially remember walking around 77th street and watching them blow this guy up at 11 o’clock on Wednesday night–it’s now 31 years ago. It’s a good thing Underdog was netted that evening–it was quite windy and if he had gotten loose he might not have responded to traditional canine commands to get in line for the parade (had he blown across the Hudson River, for instance) on Thursday morning.

And here is a certain young lady “I’m a size 8 but a size 10 feels real gooooood” from that same year. As we see Olive Oyl approaching the Dakota on Central Park West, Ms. Oyl would have gained benefit from OESH–that tendency to create a 180° angle with her feet (common to many cartoon characters, apparently) would clearly be mitigated by a compliant weight-bearing architecture allowing for a unique and healthy re-distribution of forces leading to more efficient foot motion and even, perhaps, a realistic view of proper footwear sizing. I shudder at the size of the machinery required to properly make her that compliant sole, though. But Olive would be PSYCHED to wear a pair of La Vida v2.0–and she’s a natural for the Charcoals.

Macy's Olive Oyl 1983

Have a great Holiday!

OESH La Vida v2.0 Christmas SALE begins!

Health is one AWESOME Gift to receive!
Health is one AWESOME Gift to receive!

The time to prepare for another Holiday Season is upon us!

To say thank you for another wonderful year, we’ve created another hefty SALE to keep you (and your dearest friends) well-stocked with our potent La Vida v2.0 shoes. To receive the Discount Code, simply shoot us a quick email here: service@oeshshoes.com

Same wonderful, unique, responsive OESH Sole that you love. ALL colors and sizes are available, and we’ve already begun the shipping process for the first orders to go onto the sleigh. As always, the sooner you order, the sooner you can jump into the ship-to queue. Like last year–we never missed a single Christmas delivery for orders placed by December 17–all here are going to make certain your feet have another Merry Christmas!

Off we go to get more shoes boxed up and cozy under your Christmas tree.

Viva La Vida!


A Game of Catch – A Good Read

In the spirit of being back to school, I thought I’d hit you with one more OESH book review.

Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to come across a great book that might not have the visibility we’re usually afforded with excellent literature. But A Game of Catch by our friend and daughters’ middle school English teacher, Proal Hartwell (at the Village School in Charlottesville, Virginia – the nation’s first all girls middle school), is too good to stay in the shadows for long.

A Game of Catch



Broadly speaking, not enough “readable” fiction has been able to bring across the turbulence and confusion of the American generation raised during the Vietnam War. Separating Catch from the pack is the absence of anger and the abundance of compassion in its central characters (Will on the left and Joe on the right).




However, without a master lighting up the manuscript, any book stops out at fiction, which isn’t necessarily literature. It’s in the hinge of this story that you know that you are in the capable hands of an artist. And when Joe Washington’s father visits an otherwise bleached Church congregation, it’s worth listening to the actual words of our author, as the minister “Dr. Taylor, tried to continue his reading, but faltered, aware that the real lesson was in the church and not on the page in front of him.”

From there, the story only gathers more heft. And grace.

You can get your own copy, right here.


OESHers LOVE the Back To School SALE, now extended through 9/7/14!!!

OESHer Email #21Life at OESH continues to be incredibly active. I think we’ve all been amazed at not only how much manufacturing we can get done, but how much fun it is to do the manufacturing, too. Not to mention the designing of all-things-OESH, which is the overarching thought behind the super products you enjoy.

A virtuous circle, you might say.

Since the beginning of the month when we first emailed everyone on our OESHer Priority Email List a discount code for the Back to School Sale on any of the six La Vida v2.0′s, it has been CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY busy while we’ve filled all the backorders.

Of course, the first thing we did when we finally caught up this week, was in looking at one another, we said “let’s go for it!” and thusly, WE’VE EXTENDED THE SALE until Sunday September 7, for the entire BTS week beyond Labor Day.

As we mentioned before, if you’re not on our list or know someone else who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to clip a significant amount from the sticker price (ongoing for another week-plus), we’d encourage taking a look-see at our La Vidas and writing to service@oeshshoes.com for the discount code. Which we will be happy to provide you.

Viva La Vida!!!

OESH La Vida v2.0’s are Getting Ready for Back to School!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 3.14.07 PM

Yes, we know! You’ve been loving your La Vida’s to death. So much so that you’ve been telling everyone in the world about them.

As a way to say thank you, we’ve done a couple things at OESH this summer, besides ramping up production in the factory to yet another notch (which among other things, means more stains on Casey’s blouses).

One, we’ve added two new colors (Saguaro on the bottom left and Rococco on the bottom right) to the popular White Sand (upper left), Charcoal (middle left), Fiji (upper right) and Deep Wisteria (middle right). Same wonderful, unique, responsive OESH Sole that you love. Just new colors.

And two, on August 1, we emailed everyone on our OESHer email list, a discount code for a Back to School Sale on any of the six La Vida v2.0’s so that you can save a bit on a new pair, or two.

If you’re not on our list or know someone else who would like to take advantage of the sale (which is ongoing throughout August), we’d encourage taking a look-see at our La Vidas and writing to service@oeshshoes.com for the discount code.

Since sending the email on Friday, the orders this weekend have been off the charts. But we’re determined and ready to keep up. That said, the sooner you order, the sooner you can jump into the shipping queue. We’ll begin shipping the Saguaro’s and Rococco’s in sequence of when they’re ordered toward the end of this month. Meanwhile, shipping time for the other colors — White Sand, Charcoal, Fiji and Deep Wisteria — should, within the next week, settle in to being within one to two days of ordering.

Thank you ever so much. Onward!

OESH Makes Social Media & Entertainment Hire

As summer nears and the demand for the La Vida v2.0 escalates, we are pleased to dedicate corporate resources to widening the enthusiasm for OESH footwear and our unique message of medical-science based healthy footwear for women. As such, we’ve agreed to step into uncharted waters and expand our information reach via social media and the like with a new employee, Jayme Kusyk.

You’ve seen her featured in several blogs over the years, most notably whipping lacrosse balls into the goal, where she was recently named, unanimously, as the public high school Lacrosse Player of the Year in Central Virginia (Charlottesville Group). It starts like this:

Jayme making scoreboard go from 5 to 6
Jayme (#2) making scoreboard go from 5 to 6

and invariably ends like this (note goalie, who hasn’t seen the yellow ball since it left the stick, but will find it behind her after she hears the whoosh):

Jayme scoring in last game as a Black Knight
Jayme (in black vs. 4 defenders) scoring in last game as a Black Knight

Averaging 6.0 goals/game, scoring more than 300 times in her 4 high school years, and leading her Charlottesville High School team to its first winning season in over a decade, Jayme is taking her talents up to the University of Oxford this fall. She’ll play for the Varsity Blues and read English Language and Literature.

Moreover, she’s going to delight all of our OESHers with, well, whatever she decides gets the OESH Story out there in the most effective way possible. Such as this take on packaged foods (you can also follow her @SisterJayme on Twitter):

Welcome to the OESH Team, Jayme!


La Vida v2.0 Takes Root In Media…Indeed!

Our recently released OESHer Email #19 was extraordinary. The depth of our Media reach in February and March was the subject matter. These linked pages (below) have spawned a great deal of interest within and beyond our community of OESHers, so for those of you who may have only glanced at the Email when it was first delivered, we’ve re-posted it here in its entirety…and you’ve got to LOVE the flower petals!!!

Viva La Vida!


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All here at OESH, and especially YOU, the OESHers wearing them on your feet, can take great pride with the flurry of recent publicity surrounding the OESH Concept and the La Vida v2.0.



  • In early March, “The world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology”, aka the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, published online through the IEEE Pulse, The Race to Build a Better Shoe.
  • The topper was on the final day of the month, as the American College of Sports Medicine (the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world) completely overhauled its description of the Characteristics of a good, safe running shoe. Using the boundary lines formed by 3 major shifts in critical thinking, the ACSM all but described the La Vida v2.0 in name, with the March 31 position paper: Selecting Running Shoes.

Like a spring flower, the momentum behind OESH, the healthiest footwear ever made for women, is blooming.

However, instead of putting the ol’ feet up on the desk, we are efforting like mad dogs to produce some new colors of the La Vida v2.0 with a bit of summer sizzle to them. Stay tuned, as we’ll be showing them to you in a few weeks. We cannot wait—and in the meanwhile, keep moving in your OESH, because more OESH is coming around the corner for you in 2014.


-The OESH Team