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An OESHer Christmas…in Deep Wisteria

We have had the tremendous good fortune to enjoy the coolest group of consumers in all of footwear. As you know, we refer to this gang as OESHers, of which we gather suggestions for improving what we do (hence, La … Continue reading

Viva La Vida–OESH La Vida v2.0 Debuts to Unprecedented Demand

We are jussssssst about ready to get our heads above the water line in fulfilling your Holiday Orders for the brand new La Vida v2.0. Demand exceeded our expectations. By a lot. Possibly due to how cool they look (here … Continue reading

OESH Thanksgiving reprise, again: Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder…OESH is here!

Some traditions are especially beautiful and MUST be continued, so back by popular demand is the blog we posted for the First OESH Thanksgiving. The annual parade in New York City is the backdrop for all here at hq to … Continue reading

272 words 150 years

Abraham Lincoln made today’s date a touchstone when, on a bleak Pennsylvania afternoon, he dedicated his epic speech to those who “consecrated” the battlefield by giving the ultimate sacrifice to the country, then a mere 87 years old. The Gettysburg … Continue reading

The amazing gift of James Smithson and Veterans Day

A November trip to Washington D.C. inspires one to, well, look out and up. Especially when walking on the National Mall and visiting the Smithsonian. Ironically, this most-American of all public institutions (it’s now grown to 19 museums and galleries … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! All Licorice Suede Sandals now worn by OESHers, pressure builds for new OESH La Vida styles!!!

Congratulations OESHers, you now wear every single pair of Licorice Suede Sandals, the first of our 4 beautiful Suede styles to Sell Out!               We know…there is a distinct demand for all-BLACK OESH product…with … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Licorice 9s join Licorice 7, 8, and 10 as official Collector’s Items

Only one size in the Licorice option of the beautiful Suede Sandals remains available after we saw our last two size 9s go into their respective shipping cartons last week. And for that remaining size 11, we only have a … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Lizard 7.5s join Lizard 7s, 8.5s, 9s, 10s, and 11s as official Collector’s Items

One hates to disrupt the beautiful post describing the meeting of Yellowstone & La Vida, but duty calls. We are now holding only two sizes of the original Classic and Lizard shoes in our inventory, the Lizard 8 and Lizard … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Twice! Lizard 8.5s & 9s join Lizard 7s, 10s, and 11s as official Collector’s Items

In central Virginia at this time of the year, we see plenty of lizards scurrying about. And it certainly defines the way our business demand is flowing–the movement of Lizards, that is. With a one-two punch, we recently saw the … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Lizard 7s join Lizard 10s and 11s as official Collector’s Items

Hmmm…a funny thing is happening as we are still filling out the backlog of orders on the brand new OESH La Vidas The demand for remaining Lizards remains stellar. We now say “adios” to a great friend, with the purchase … Continue reading