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OESH Sells Out! Lizard 7.5s join Lizard 7s, 8.5s, 9s, 10s, and 11s as official Collector’s Items

One hates to disrupt the beautiful post describing the meeting of Yellowstone & La Vida, but duty calls. We are now holding only two sizes of the original Classic and Lizard shoes in our inventory, the Lizard 8 and Lizard … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Twice! Lizard 8.5s & 9s join Lizard 7s, 10s, and 11s as official Collector’s Items

In central Virginia at this time of the year, we see plenty of lizards scurrying about. And it certainly defines the way our business demand is flowing–the movement of Lizards, that is. With a one-two punch, we recently saw the … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Lizard 7s join Lizard 10s and 11s as official Collector’s Items

Hmmm…a funny thing is happening as we are still filling out the backlog of orders on the brand new OESH La Vidas The demand for remaining Lizards remains stellar. We now say “adios” to a great friend, with the purchase … Continue reading

OESH launches La Vida-white sand and is swarmed with first week orders

We have had very strong expectations for the launch of our new La Vida style–currently available in this beautiful white sand model:         But even as optimistic as we knew we should be, the demand in our … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Licorice 7s join Licorice 8 and 10 as official Collector’s Items

Apropos of our most recent blog describing the high demand we’ve been having for our Sandals, we sold our final pair of Licorice 7 Suede Sandals. Thank-you Joan in Minnesota!       We LOVE that your demand has us … Continue reading

OESH Sandals proving to be sturdy sellers as spring moves forward

As noted in many of our recent posts, we’ve been zeroed in on developing a potent new manufacturing process for the imminent launch of the new OESH shoe line. But even though our focus has been unstinting, an unexpected surprise … Continue reading

Pearls Before Swine contributes comic relief to OESH manufacturing

Stephan Pastis is the creative genius behind the wonderful comic strip, Pearls Before Swine. A loyal UC Berkeley grad, Pastis has delighted all members of our family for many years with his anthropomorphic genius. Even better, we took a trip … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! All Classics now worn by OESHers, pressure builds for new OESH styles!!!

Congratulations OESHers, you now wear every single pair of Classics, the original OESH shoe!             That “whooshing” sound you hear is the breeze now circulating through the factory shelves, awaiting the imminent NEW OESH!!! Stay … Continue reading

Hiking the Appalachian Trail in OESH

America’s ultimate hiking path east of the mighty Mississippi is the extraordinary Appalachian Trail. The “A.T.” was conceptualized by Benton MacKaye in the October 1921 publication of “An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning” in the Journal of the … Continue reading

OESH asks trivia question and enjoys a Good Friday in Charlottesville!

On Easter weekend it’s always fun to move outside the box a bit. Though routines are great, we don’t want them turning into ruts! As such, QUESTION: Where is Friesland and Who is the famous Emo of Friesland? HINT: NOT … Continue reading