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OESH La Vida v2.0 Christmas SALE begins!

The time to prepare for another Holiday Season is upon us! To say thank you for another wonderful year, we’ve created another hefty SALE to keep you (and your dearest friends) well-stocked with our potent La Vida v2.0 shoes. To receive … Continue reading

A Game of Catch – A Good Read

In the spirit of being back to school, I thought I’d hit you with one more OESH book review. Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to come across a great book that might not have the visibility we’re usually afforded with … Continue reading

OESHers LOVE the Back To School SALE, now extended through 9/7/14!!!

Life at OESH continues to be incredibly active. I think we’ve all been amazed at not only how much manufacturing we can get done, but how much fun it is to do the manufacturing, too. Not to mention the designing … Continue reading

OESH La Vida v2.0’s are Getting Ready for Back to School!

Yes, we know! You’ve been loving your La Vida’s to death. So much so that you’ve been telling everyone in the world about them. As a way to say thank you, we’ve done a couple things at OESH this summer, besides ramping up production in the … Continue reading

OESH Makes Social Media & Entertainment Hire

As summer nears and the demand for the La Vida v2.0 escalates, we are pleased to dedicate corporate resources to widening the enthusiasm for OESH footwear and our unique message of medical-science based healthy footwear for women. As such, we’ve … Continue reading

La Vida v2.0 Takes Root In Media…Indeed!

Our recently released OESHer Email #19 was extraordinary. The depth of our Media reach in February and March was the subject matter. These linked pages (below) have spawned a great deal of interest within and beyond our community of OESHers, … Continue reading

OESH Sells Out! Lizards join Classics as official Collector’s Items–100% now on the feet of happy OESHers!!

With the tremendous business surge we are in the midst of after launching the La Vida v2.0 less than two months ago, there remained a steady demand for the remaining Lizard shoes–along with the Classics, the Original OESH footwear. As … Continue reading

An OESHer Christmas…in Deep Wisteria

We have had the tremendous good fortune to enjoy the coolest group of consumers in all of footwear. As you know, we refer to this gang as OESHers, of which we gather suggestions for improving what we do (hence, La … Continue reading

Viva La Vida–OESH La Vida v2.0 Debuts to Unprecedented Demand

We are jussssssst about ready to get our heads above the water line in fulfilling your Holiday Orders for the brand new La Vida v2.0. Demand exceeded our expectations. By a lot. Possibly due to how cool they look (here … Continue reading

OESH Thanksgiving reprise, again: Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder…OESH is here!

Some traditions are especially beautiful and MUST be continued, so back by popular demand is the blog we posted for the First OESH Thanksgiving. The annual parade in New York City is the backdrop for all here at hq to … Continue reading