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Featured Speaker at the Maker Faire

“A maker is a person or thing that makes or produces something.” Historically a maker does metalworking, woodworking, and/or traditional arts and crafts, but more recently the term “maker” has become synonymous with being engaged in engineering-oriented pursuits such as … Continue reading

1:59 The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon is Within Reach – Not just a “Guy” Book

Anyone who has ever run a marathon, is thinking of running a marathon or is even just thinking of someone who is thinking of running a marathon, will find this book an excellent read. Written by Phil Maffetone, with Bill … Continue reading

OESH Meets Autodesk Fusion 360

  We’ve just begun an exciting partnership with Autodesk, the world leader in 3D design software, to help take their latest CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) software called Autodesk Fusion 360 to a new level. Simultaneously, they’re working with us on a new project … Continue reading

The Science of Yoga

Yesterday, I did a yoga session with a friend at the Charlottesville Hot Yoga Studio, which is just around the corner from the OESH factory. The 90 minute session was terrific in all aspects, including making me think about the biomechanics of … Continue reading

You live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Do your athletic shoes know that?

OESH La Vida 2.0 Pure science-driven design Zero pseudo-scientific design features Locally sourced Environmentally safe production All seams sewn, not glued 100% recyclable sole material Zero heavy metals Zero solvent adhesives Zero VOC’s No shoe box or other unnecessary packaging We’ve … Continue reading

Out to Lunge: An Exercise Worth Doing

Which of the thousands of stretching and strengthening exercises out there should you make a habit of doing every day? It’s important to know that very few targeted type exercises have ever been studied scientifically. Meanwhile, there just isn’t enough … Continue reading

Are you exercising? Talk to your physician!

My medical specialty (physical medicine and rehabilitation) has always attracted the jocks in medical school who not only appreciate exercise, but LOVE talking to their patients about it. Now more than ever, I see just about every type of physician, not just physiatrists (physicians specializing … Continue reading

Expert Advice for Selecting Running Shoes

As I mentioned in a previous post here, my friend, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, from the Natural Running Center, just interviewed Drs. Kevin and Heather Vincent, from the University of Florida. Kevin and Heather, who are gait and exercise researchers, wrote together the … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

“Unconditional love,” my mom used to say, “is the most important thing a mother can give to her child.” That she gave and more and taught me to give the same to my own daughters. She was successful in making me … Continue reading

Another News Article on High Heeled Shoes

My friend, Bill Katovsky, from the Natural Running Center, just forwarded me a link to this New York Times article about women undergoing surgery to make it easier to wear high heels and the doctors who do the surgeries. The article, like … Continue reading