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OESH Meme #4

Last of this series…bow fell off.

OESH Meme #3

OESH Meme #2

Women runners comment on OESH

A frequent question we respond to is How will OESH perform as a running shoe? In fact, Casey was interviewed recently by the major trade journal of the running specialty industry (more on that when the article publishes in a … Continue reading

Why I love my shoes

OESH is always flattered beyond measure when you take the time to say “thank-you”. It means even more when you put it in the form of an email–and we try to post as many comments as we can on the … Continue reading

America’s Podiatrist reviews OESH…”she threw the box away”

Dr. Michael Nirenberg of Crown Point, Indiana (just east of Chicago) has built a spectacular international reputation in podiatry, and especially so as a renowned forensics expert. Forensics is synonymous with detective work, and we loved the idea that he … Continue reading

Guest Post by Paul Ingraham: Do something! Anything!

I’m underwhelmed by all the “cures” out there for chronic aches and pains. But there is, and always has been, that one thing that really does work… exercise. I asked Paul Ingraham, a health science journalist and copyeditor for … Continue reading