How do you pronounce OESH?

“OESH” is pronounced like the sound in ‘ocean’…a one syllable o sound with a silent e.

Where did the name OESH come from?

A supercool friend from college came up with the name. Much as we’ve done with the idea of footwear, “O-E-S-H” are the letters of s-h-o-e turned around and inside-out.

Is OESH a women’s shoe or a men’s shoe?

The core footwear and physiology aspects which OESH addresses apply to either gender. But, given that women have a greater need (women are, on average, twice as prone to running, walking and other lower extremity injuries as compared to men and have always had the worst footwear choices), OESH manufacturing “responds” to women, first. But certainly OESH works for both men and women. Our new OESH La Vida now fits up to size 10.5 men’s (our size 12 OESH)–men should simply add 1.5 to get the La Vida equivalent. Moreover, the feedback and response from men wearing OESH has been overwhelmingly positive, just as it has been from women. As we continue to grow we will offer more variety and larger sizes for men.

Where are OESH sold?

OESH are only sold from our website, OESHshoes.com & click “SHOP“. This distribution system allows us to present you the lowest possible price for a pair of OESH, without having you incur the retailer’s price markup. Also, our highly-regarded customer service policy allows you to ship your OESH back to us FOR FREE in the event the size you first order is off.

How should I care for my Athenas and La Vidas?

We’ve been pleased with the ease with which both the Athenas and La Vidas are kept looking great. Simply send them into your washing machine on a normal cycle. The Athenas should then be air dried, but your La Vidas can even be popped into the dryer for about 20 minutes. These amazing soles will not mark the machines while being washed or tumbled. And best…they’ll sparkle like new!

Is the OESH La Vida a running shoe or a walking shoe?

It’s both. We actually like to say that the La Vida is an “All Purpose Trainer” or “Lifestyle Shoe” because it works well for any weight bearing activity, whether/not it is sport-specific. OESH La Vidas have proven to be especially impressive as a training shoe for runners.

Can I wear my La Vidas to the gym?

Yes! The concept promotes wearing all OESH footwear all day, every day–whether you are working out or simply busy. Also, the sole is non-marking. Once you get them, you may never want to take them off, precisely the way OESH were designed for you.

Is there any special size I need to order?

The length of the La Vidas is accurate in relation to typical athletic footwear sizing, but width is a frequently underestimated issue in obtaining an optimal fit. For this reason, the La Vida sizing, practically, runs about a half-size small (e.g. if you wear a size 8 runner, buy the La Vida 8.5) as we seek to optimize your forefoot and toe roominess. As a result of this care in our design, the word on the OESH Fit has been universally spectacular. OESH are constructed to fit the unique anatomy of a female foot, leading to tremendous consumer satisfaction. If you wear inserts/orthotics, we especially encourage you to go up a half-size to accommodate them and allow you appropriate roominess–and by the way, the effectiveness of the OESH Sole is not diminished by inserts. Moreover, if the OESH you ordered are too long or short, just send them back to us and we will immediately ship you the appropriate size you need.

Does OESH fit a size 6 woman’s foot?

Yes! Our La Vida shoe sizes begin with a size 6.5–and our experience has been an over 95% success rate for women at size 6.0 wearing the smallest La Vida size.

Are the OESH Athenas and La Vidas vegan?

Yes. There are no components of the Athenas or La Vidas derived from animals or animal bi-products.

What is the OESH sole made from?

A proprietary elastomeric material. The physical structure and material recipe was conceived and perfected by Dr. Kerrigan during her time first at Harvard Medical School and the University of Virginia and finally in the OESH factory in Charlottesville, VA.