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Made for a woman,
by a woman

OESH shoes are designed and manufactured under the direction of Dr. Casey Kerrigan, a Harvard M.D. who spent over twenty years studying human motion and forces during walking and running. Her published research, which included studying the effects of high heels and other features of women’s shoes, served as the inspiration and scientific basis to make better shoes for women.

OESH are designed and made differently than other shoes. See why:

Designed Differently→

For an Active Woman’s Lifestyle

Footwear designed for every occasion.


Whether you’re running errands, working out, or just working, we have a style to fit. With our unique woman specific fit and elastic spring sole, the joy in wearing OESH can be felt in every style we make – and we have a style for every occasion.

Factory hours

Only in Charlottesville. Only on Saturdays.

On the backside of Dale Avenue, OESH is located one block from Bodo’s.
Plenty of parking.

Best Sellers

La Vida v2.0

Athena Sandal

La Vida v2.0

jet black

La Vida v2.0
white sand

Athena Sandal