OESH Sells Out! All Licorice Suede Sandals now worn by OESHers, pressure builds for new OESH La Vida styles!!!

Congratulations OESHers, you now wear every single pair of Licorice Suede Sandals, the first of our 4 beautiful Suede styles to Sell Out!


OESH Suede Sandal Licorice

Equal Porky Pig-That's all Folks!







We know…there is a distinct demand for all-BLACK OESH product…with only the Panther Athletic Sandals currently available. BUT…don’t turn the dial…we’ll have an announcement very soon (as long as you are on the priority email list!) to rectify the black situation…in time for the Holiday Season, too!

As for a hint of the product announcement, Viva La Vida!


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