Morton’s Neuroma – New Landing Page for OESH Shoes

OESH recently made a significant improvement when you use the main Search Engines looking for a legitimate answer for Morton’s Neuroma Shoes. We LOVE our new, powerful internet presentations, and the thoughtful design for Morton’s splashes in with this image:

Morton's Neuroma 15Y.08


And the photo of Casey to go with the above is equally compelling:

15Y.08 DCK for Morton's Neuroma








You’ll continue seeing massive improvements in the “look” of our website and surrounding material that convey the OESH message cleanly and effortlessly. For the complete new page for the world’s healthiest footwear for Morton’s, click here.


4 replies on “Morton’s Neuroma – New Landing Page for OESH Shoes

  • Will


    What a cool product and story. So, I have a question regarding knee injury from walking. I bought top end walking shoes, and after a walk my knee was sore for a couple days. Also my father had surgery on his knee so I have his genetics, (same knee) more than likely. Is OESH a potential design cure for men’s knees as well? Or are the biology and science different between the sexes?

    Please respond when you can.

    Best wishes,

    • Bob

      Will, somehow your original note was lost and our apologies for not responding! But the answer is straightforward–the design of OESH and physics therein are as robust for men as women. All best, -Bob @ OESH Service

  • Tamara Wright

    I am SAD. The LaVida shoes run 1/2 size small. I wear an 11 and there is no 11 1/2 or 12. Why oh why did you not plan for those of us with Big Feet?



    • Bob

      Hi Tamara!
      Actually, we have a reasonable number of size 12 in stock! They are in Oxford or Charcoal. Maybe better, our Elites will fit right ‘on’ with typical dress shoe sizes, so we’ve got you covered with all colors in the Elite and both styles of our Sandals. Thanks for your note!
      -Bob @ OESH Service


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