La Vida v2.0 Oxford launches with best OESH sales day of 2015

The newest color of our superb La Vida v2.0 portfolio, the Oxford, just launched, first to our OESHer community. As is our style, we believe reciprocating your loyalty by offering each of you on the Priority Email List the first look at the latest and greatest from our Development Team works for all. And this post is to say “THANK-YOU” for again showing up and ordering these beautiful Oxfords in a record-setting 2015 day for OESH.

Then again, Who can resist having these on her feet?

15Y.08 Email #37 Club OESH #4 header

Wait ’til the word gets around the University that the Yanks are loving Oxford…in our own, inimitable way. Oh…wait a minute…they’ve heard already? Well then…

Q: What do Oxonians think of the La Vida Oxfords?

15Y 99th Varsity-11

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