La Vida v2.0 leads OESH into autumn with best sales month of 2015!

The launch of our beautiful Oxford La Vida v2.0 sparked the biggest OESH day of 2015, and September unfolded to become our best sales month of 2015 as well.

As we noted before, Who can resist having these on her feet? 

15Y.09 La Vida for Fall

Even better, on the near-term horizon is a new line of shoes we’ve had in development for 3 years. (!) Knowing it takes quite the robust product to complement the La Vidas effectively, we cannot wait to soon show all of you on OESH’s Priority Email List (to get on this most-awesome List, tap a quick email to exactly what is coming on board later this fall. As the Beatles said, “It Won’t Be Long…’til they belong…to you…”

Turn it up!

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