Dream | Essential Black


The OESH Dream is an amazing ballet flat that works with both a woman’s body and the distinct shape of her foot–a gorgeous combination of roominess and gentle buoyancy without peer in all women’s footwear. Driven by Dr. Kerrigan’s research and inspired by the lifestyles of active women, the Dream is designed to help you feel incredible and look great all day long. OESH’s uniquely stretchy, sock-like upper merges the world’s most innovative knitting techniques from industry masters to create a ballet flat that gently hugs your heel, with plenty of loft above the toes. Below, the patented springy OESH Sole works in sync with your body for a healthy self-powered bounce in every step you take.

The Dream in Essential Black is wonderfully versatile, washable, and easily transitions from a day of hustling around your home or workspace to wherever your night adventures roll.

The Essential Black Dream remains available only in US women’s size 6–if this happens to be your size, today is your lucky day!

This discount OESH item is shipped free, sold on final sale terms.

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Dream Essential Black