Best Shoes for Maternity

Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Casey Kerrigan’s published medical research on human movement and the long term effects on the body of high-heels and other common features in women’s shoes became the scientific foundation of a better shoe design. Designed by this mother of 3, specifically for a woman’s anatomy and natural movement, OESH is the shoe of choice for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Reccommended Shoes for Maternity

Room to Spread Out & Totally Flat

Typical Shoe Design

A typical shoe inhibits your foot’s full range of motion with heel elevation, arch support, and a toe spring. This constricts circulation and throws off your body’s natural center of gravity.

OESH Design

The uninhibited flat footbed of OESH allows your foot to move naturally. This engages the small muscles in your foot with regular daily activities and accommodates natural changes in the size and shape of your feet.


Designed by a Mom with 3 children, who is also a world-class medical researcher, OESH Shoes are a significant improvement in women’s footwear–featuring more room for a full range of movement and maximum blood flow to nourish the foot–on a unique elastic spring sole that always promotes your natural biomechanics and motion.