Introducing: OESH Create!

Now you can MAKE your own OESH shoes! While shoe-manufacturing is typically a major undertaking, our patent pending 3D printed OESH spring sole makes DIY shoe-making super easy.

Our 3D printed OESH sole (the same sole used in our Townies and Salons) is truly one-of-a-kind. It contains all in one piece, our award-winning spring midsole, a durable slip-resistant outsole, a soft-touch textured insole, and reinforced tunnels around the edge.

To make your own OESH, all you have to do is stitch (or even crochet) into those special 3D reinforced tunnels whatever material you’d like and voila, you’ve made the world’s healthiest and sustainable shoe! No toxic adhesives, no primers, no special molds or machinery. Just sew, knit or crochet whatever shoe style you’d like and then stitch or crochet the material directly into the sole.

Want to sew the fabric? If you sewed your own DIY facemask, you can certainly sew your own shoe uppers. And because it takes so little material, you can even recycle fabric you already have from old clothing, linens, upholstery, scraps, etc. One pair of old jeans can make a lot of pairs of shoes!

We recommend starting with one of four basic shoe patterns downloadable in different sizes available here, along with general instructions provided here. Choose your material(s) and be bold in adding details, creating your own custom style as well as fit, knowing that if you mess up or change your mind, no worries. You can simply pull apart and start again.

Finally, please share what you make with the OESH community here. We look forward to seeing your very own custom OESH!

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Instructions and Patterns

Get Started with these PDFs:

General Instructions

Alpargata Pattern

Mule Pattern

Peep Toe Pattern

Open Toe Pattern

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Visit the OESH DIY Forum to share new designs, questions, and ideas for your OESH DIY soles: