Now you can MAKE your own OESH Shoes with our award-winning healthy 3D Printed OESH Soles!

3D Attachment Tunnels

Honeycomb Spring Midsole

Stitch any upper of your making into the OESH Create Sole

To get you started, we provide four sets of patterns and instructions for sewing a basic shoe upper to your own set of 3D Printed OESH Soles. If you don’t mind sewing by hand or just having raw edges, you don’t even need a sewing machine!

Alternatively, you can knit or crochet the upper to our Healthy Soles!

Recycle fabric from clothing, linens, upholstery, leather scraps, etc.

Get Connected

Please share your creations and questions on the OESH Create Forum! When you provide a photo along with sources for the materials you used and notes on any necessary modifications to the pattern, you will receive a 10% discount on your next order of any OESH product! We can’t wait to see your Creations!

Be Bold

Add details, creating your own custom style as well as fit – e.g., you can make certain areas wider or narrower than the base pattern, depending on how stretchy the material is, your foot shape or preference, etc., etc. –  with confidence that if it isn’t quite right the first time around, you can simply pull it apart and start again!