Healthy By Design

OESH Shoes are designed to enhance your natural strength and movement to help you look and feel your best.

For an Active Woman

All OESH styles have a wide and spacious forefoot along with a woman’s narrow heel.

Known for the roomy fit, OESH are famous for the bouncy Sole–uniquely designed to promote the health of your whole body.

The Magic is in the Sole

After twenty years of research studying human motion and forces during walking and running, Harvard M.D. Dr. Casey Kerrigan developed OESH Shoes.

Made to Fit a Woman’s Foot

All OESH styles have a wide and spacious forefoot. 


In traditional manufacturing, 97% of carbon emissions from running shoes come from material processing (29%) and multi-step manufacturing (68%) averaging 65 parts in 360 steps, according to an MIT study. OESH styles average 6 parts made in 12 steps, reducing carbon emissions by 90%…and we use uniquely eco-friendly materials, too!


See what OESHers have to say about OESH. 

Your service is unequaled.  I contacted you about my order last Thursday, they were delivered on Saturday, even though you said they wouldn’t come until sometime this week.  I am in heaven and walking on clouds after receiving Warriors and Salons.
They are beautiful in every way.

Oh, how lovely! And thank you for the quick Sunday response! Really appreciate it.
Best wishes,

Love the shoes I have.  I have been a customer for years now with probably a dozen pairs under my belt. Especially the Warriors when it’s wet outside.  My Warriors are great with that rubber sole.  For some reason, their sole gives me a sense of security.


OESH has been chosen by thousands of women of all ages for virtually every type of activity we can think of. In addition, for many women, OESH is their shoe of choice for specific conditions such as: