OESH is the only footwear you can buy that has been designed exclusively on principles of peer-reviewed medical science.


Most women’s shoes suppress your natural abilities, jeopardizing your long term health by increasing impact on the joints in your body. OESH shoes are uniquely designed to enhance your innate strength, movement, and function, promoting total body health and wellness. 

The scientific foundation of all OESH shoes is the published peer-reviewed medical research of OESH founder Dr. Casey Kerrigan, a Harvard M.D., who studied the effects of common features of women’s shoes on the body beyond just the foot.  From our very first styles that sold out long ago, OESH will always remain true to its mission of healthy by design.

“What we found is that a traditional arch support doesn’t decrease impact, but it actually increases it. Specifically we found it increases impact in the area of the knee where we are most prone to developing knee arthritis.”

“…all our OESH shoes are shaped the way they are- embracing rather than distorting the shape of a woman’s natural healthy foot.”

“So why do you want the muscles in your foot to be strong? A strong foot makes you more resilient to problems that cause pain not just in your foot, but musculoskeletal problems all the way up your body.”

“Being flat straight across allows the body weight forces to move naturally across the foot, minimizing the impact on the joints.”

“1. Less impact on your joints

2. A stronger, more stable ankle

3. Longer, stronger, more powerful calf muscles

4. A higher natural arch

5. Better Balance

6. Less stress on the ball of your foot

7. Better Posture”

Helping you Stay Healthy

OESH has been chosen by thousands of women of all ages for virtually every type of activity we can think of. Others, many of them our most-loyal OESHers, wear multiple styles and colors of OESH as their brand of choice to maintain optimal fitness, comfort, and health with specific conditions such as: