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The Townie Emerald by OESH raises the bar for the possibilities of the d’Orsay dress flat. The sole combines the wondrous sophistication of 2,000 coordinated honeycombs in the breathtaking 3D printed sole for a gentle, healthy landing and buoyant spring forward with unbeatable traction, a grippy, yet soft-to-the-touch 3D printed heel piece for foot security, a breathable stretchy cotton knit upper that molds naturally to the shape of your foot, and a finish with hand crochet.

Designed and made entirely in Virginia, the washable Townie merges Dr. Kerrigan’s game-changing scientific research on women’s health and bodies, fully inspired by the lifestyles of active women. The Townie Emerald accurately captures both human movement research and the shape of a woman’s foot in a beautiful, functional flat, helping you look and feel incredible, all day and all night.

If you are in between sizes, we suggest to order up to gain the full benefits of comfortable, uninhibited foot movement while wearing the Townie. 

All domestic OESH footwear purchases and exchanges are shipped free. Townie Emerald is made on demand in all women’s sizes.

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