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You may notice the Open Toe pattern is the one pattern not as straightforward regarding the circled versus square holes. Let me try to clarify– you will start stitching your fabric to the OESH Create Sole at the inside middle circled hole. Once you reach 2 holes below the next circled hole you will complete that stitch and then continue stitching just the OESH Create Sole. Once you reach the next circled hole, you will pick the fabric up again 2 holes down and continue stitching to the next hole, where you will finish the fabric but continue stitching just the sole until you are back to where you started the stitching. Pausing the fabric allows for the open toe sandal effect, while stitching all around the sole gives extra security and streamline design.

For further explanation, follow along to our full video tutorial on Youtube or refer to the written instructions, all of which is posted to the Create Home Page.