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From Patty:

I had so much fun making the open toe sandals!  I own a pair of Townies which I love too. Thank you Oesh! The pattern and instructions were fairly easy to follow. I found a denim vest that a friend had given me about 15 years ago. Love the vest, but never wore it . It had an interesting ribbing pattern/texture  which I thought would create an  interesting look. For the lining I used a black dress shirt my husband was giving away.

After turning the sewed fabric inside out, I hand stiched the open bottom two inches with invisible nylon thread as I don’t know how to operate the blind stitch function on the sewing machine. I love the look of the crochet stitch for shoe perimeter. Never crocheted a waking moment of my life. Had to watch the tutorial numerous times until I finally got it!

The hard part was pre-poking holes in the faberic to get the thread and the hook through. I poked and twisted using a seam ripper, but there must be a better way! I chose the light grey thread cord because I thought it would compliment the denim and because it is easy to see. Very fun, rewarding experience. The Oesh soles are so well engineered and comfy!  I was contemplating adding bling but decided  they look awesome as is .

Hope this is helpful to someone…..