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Developed just for men, the Apollo  is a premium men’s sandal, based upon the world’s most sophisticated human movement science. 

The centerpiece of the Apollo design is a dynamic footbed that moves differently for you than it will for anyone else, sinking and rising along with the complex movement of your entire body, giving gently at those moments when you are most vulnerable to injury. According to OESHers, the results and enjoyment from this architecture of honeycombed springs (sustainably made via OESH’s patent pending 3-D printing technology in Virginia), have been predictably spectacular.

Apollo straps are easily adjustable, and the famously healthy design of OESH encourages all-day wear, whether active or standing, comfortable on both wet and hard surfaces.  

The Apollo is a custom manufactured item, made on demand in men’s sizes 9 to 13.

Refunds are not available for Men’s footwear. 

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