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Developed just for men, the Ares  is a premium men’s sandal, based upon the world’s most sophisticated human movement science. 

The centerpiece of the Ares  design is a dynamic footbed that moves differently for you than it will for anyone else, sinking and rising along with the complex movement of your entire body, giving gently at those moments when you are most vulnerable to injury. According to OESHers, the results and enjoyment from this architecture of honeycombed springs (sustainably made via OESH’s patent pending 3-D printing technology in Charlottesville, Virginia), have been predictably spectacular.

Ares straps are easily adjustable, and the famously healthy design of OESH encourages all-day wear, whether active or standing, comfortable on both wet and hard surfaces.  

The Ares  is a custom manufactured item, made on demand in men’s sizes 9 to 13.

Refunds are not available for Men’s footwear. 

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Jana Surdi
00:51 21 Jan 20
I was with a group that toured the shop where the OESH shoes are made and was very impressed with the process. Then we tried on some of the shoes, and they were incredibly comfortable. I bought one pair and ordered another! They are exceptional, and I recommend them to more
Susan Clark
23:41 18 Jan 20
Excellent, fast service in ordering. This is the second pair of OESH shoes that my husband has bought for me, knowing that I am unable to find comfortable shoes for my arthritic left foot. There was no "breaking in" period for either pair. While the front part of the shoes look attractive and not boxy, they offer space for my toes that other shoes do not afford. I am thankful that he found advertisements for this company in some nice magazines that we get. I have recommended the shoes to numerous people. We have always believed that, even if our clothing is not always stylish and up to date, we will do without other things so that we can have quality, well-fitted shoes. OESH fits that bill!read more
Wanda Green
22:57 13 Dec 19
The shoes are terrific! It feels like I am walking barefoot, with plenty of toe wiggle room. I wear them all day and my feet and lower back do not tire, even when walking miles at a time. The service is prompt and shopping online with the company is more
Susan Abenilla-Brown
16:37 12 Dec 19
These shoes are extremely comfortable and made for a woman's foot. I would say to go up a half to full size on the dream flats as you do feel that your toe is pushing through the fabric. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I wear them more
Sherie Price
15:14 18 Nov 19
The best customer service ever and ..... of course.... the best shoe!!! I wear the tie solid color LaVida with pants to work. I have Leas for my sneakers and a sandal pair for summertime. I have e-mailed with questions and they answer and really help you. I have had to return and exchange sizes, no big deal. One time they sent me two sizes and I just returned one and kept the one that fit great! How easy is that! I feel confident in wearing this shoe with the knowledge used to perfect it. I am a chronic Plantar sufferer and it's either OESH or slip on Burkies for my feet!read more
Kathleen Carroll
22:49 17 Nov 19
Outstanding customer service! I had to return the pair I ordered due to sizing issue (hint - with Dream style, order a size larger than you normally wear). I contacted Oesh about returning, and received the replacement pair 2 days later. No shipping fees, no wait, no problem!read more
Victoria Peard Karamanski
19:51 17 Nov 19
For many years I have had a condition called Morton’s Neuroma on my left foot, The shoes have given me comfort along with acupuncture and cupping I have been able to wear shoes that are comfortable such as these. I own everyone of a little ballet slippers in every color have the leather shoes and two pairs of the sneakers I’m a big more
Bailey Bush
03:00 17 Nov 19
The best shoes I’ve ever owned. I have 4 pairs now and I want MORE. So comfy, can wear them all day standing and feel no pain at the end of the day. Only wish they’d start making LaVidas again!read more
Donna Richardson
22:29 16 Nov 19
These are the only shoes I've put on my feet for the past 5 years or so... have made a huge difference in the pain from arthritis. And now they are actually becoming attractive shoes, not just therapeutic ones!read more
Anna Hollis
21:59 16 Nov 19
I love OESH shoes, have several different pairs of different models, & wear them almost every day. When I choose to wear other shoes, my body notices the difference. I have knee and ankle issues from previous injuries/surgeries, and OESH shoes allow me to walk, work, and work out pain-free for the first time in years. I am a loyal customer for life. Highly more
Mina Vasquez
14:16 30 Aug 19
I am a Certified Nursin Assistant and work at a hospital 12 hour shifts. When I first got these shoes I was a bit put off of the fit I guess I was used to a high arch form in most of the shoes I've worn. After wearing them I don't have any ball of the foot pain or discomfort. I've probably spent close to $1000 on shoes (from basic to specific nursing shoes) trying to find the right shoe for my needs. I am glad to say (and so are my feet) that I finally found a pair that can make my feet more
elsa kiros
07:21 15 Aug 19
OESH Shoes is healing, I had knee problem once I started wearing OESH no pain amazingly incredibly lightweight, I walk miles wearing this elegant brand and I do not feel tired. Thank more
Ellen Fox
15:37 09 Aug 19
I ordered the flatforms - so awesome looking! The color reminds me of the Caribbean ocean or a swimming pool. I love that they are 3-D printed. And they make me look taller! I love ll the shoes from this site - sandals and athletic shoes more
Nina Goodrich
17:52 06 Aug 19
I love my OESH Sandals. Last week they helped me climb Mount Scott and Garfield Peak at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. I find they work very well for hikes and prefer them to my hiking more
Nicole Hendrich
02:16 31 Jul 19
I'm a dog walker with multiple foot issues. Oesh shoes are the only shoes that work for me! Super comfortable, light weight, and cute!read more
22:39 28 Jul 19
Great customer service. I wasn't sure between sizes and they sent me both, while finding a sold out color in the warehouse. Communication was very quick and effective. On top of that I really like the dreams. Comfy shoes, with good toe room, while office more
Stephanie Colburn
20:17 17 Jul 19
Love Love Love my Artemis Platform Sandal. After a long day of training I put these on and I feel like I am walking on a cloud. If you haven’t tried these .... you should! Thumbs up!read more
Linjo Price
22:07 13 Jul 19
Ordered shoes online. No issues. Just starting to get my toes back in the correct natural position, so these shoes will help. Thanks!read more
gloria crossitti
14:16 08 Jul 19
On my second pair which, in fact, is even more improved over the first pair I purchased. I work on cement floors and the Oesh Shoes have allowed me to work pain free, not to mention in shear comfort for hours on end. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who has experienced foot pain when working, walking or more
Carolyn Spivak
13:02 13 Jun 19
I love my OESH shoes, and have multiple pairs. They helped with my plantar fasciitis and are comfortable and look fine. Besides, it’s a really cool company 🙂read more
Linda Butler
21:49 03 Jun 19
I am now an oesher!! The sandals I bought are a great value for the money, comfortable and attractive. Customer service was excellent. I needed to return one pair for a different size and they took care of it very efficiently. I really appreciate the minimal packaging!read more
Pam Armstead
23:44 28 May 19
OESH La Vida shoes are so comfortable and need no breaking in period for me. But what's even better is the OESH teamsters that are always ready to assist in anyway they can to make your experience a great one!!!read more
kathy ursprung
15:36 28 May 19
Overall, I really like your shoes. The athletic-type shoes that I bought are very comfortable. However, I suffer from a large, wide foot with a high instep. I would like to be able to wear your shoes to work in my office, but all of your dress shoes cut into my instep and you rarely have a wide shoe, which is probably important for the clientele you are advertising to, namely folks with foot and knee problems. I would love to see a simple, dressy lace-up built on the same order as your sneakers, but without the pattern and more
Susan Stimart
21:24 25 May 19
I appreciate all the research done to create this shoe. I bought a pair for my Mother-in-law. She loves them! Customer Service is outstanding!read more
Christian Roberts
20:56 17 May 19
OESH is great! Not only are they carefully made - my knee feels so much better, I wear them all the time. I tell people I bought the orange Lea is so I get lost when it's dark. 🙂read more
Gayle Beyer
13:32 15 May 19
Love these shoes! The only thing I’d add (and I say this as someone in my 60’s without a lot of natural padding left on my feet) is extra thickness built into the soles of the shoe to cushion against impact more
Pauli Piotrowski
19:24 13 May 19
Great product. My 3rd pair of OESH shoes, each a different style. The comfort of each style is beyond my expectations.
Ginger Holub
14:20 07 May 19
I think OESH shoes is a treasure in C'ville. For folks who wear "regular" sizes they are so lucky. I have a long, narrow foot so I cannot purchase OESH shoes about which I am very more
Kelly Richardson
20:30 25 Apr 19
I've been wearing Oesh shoes exclusively for 5 years or more. I had severe arthritis and these shoes made all the difference. They began as rather ugly but useful and necessary- now they are attractive as more
Carolyn Engelhard
23:41 22 Apr 19
The service was great and the staff person helped me understand how the sizing worked. My bright red flats are very comfortable and quite stylish. Thank more
Lory Hawley
14:31 21 Apr 19
The customer service is outstanding. I had an issue with my new, very cute flats. They were very comfortable and well made, but didn't work for my foot shape. The folks at OESH were so understanding and eager to facilitate me trying a different style that might work more
Rebel Reavis
02:08 04 Apr 19
Great zero drop shoes with cushioning. The insert is fabulous and glad it's NOT a piece of cardboard trash that must be replaced (unlike most shoes today). Pretty darn awesome looking too. On my feet 12 hrs as a nurse. Best shoes I've bought and I've believe I tried them more
Cricket Glenn
07:39 25 Mar 19
Great company. Really comfortable shoes. The soles really are special. It was a new feeling compared to altras and some of the other wide toe box shoes I've tried. A very light, bouncy, supported feeling. So I hope they keep coming out with new and better things. Customer service is really more
Paula Fuld
17:29 18 Mar 19
Great, resilient, all-purpose, all-day shoes for this 80 year old. My knee pain has all but disappeared (still annoying only on bad weather days) as a result of wearing only these, for the last year or so! Service is more
Brenda Patterson
22:27 16 Mar 19
I love my OESH shoes. I am a waitress and am on my feet for hours. My shoes are so comfortable and my feet dont sweat. I am not going to change my brand of shoes more
Joyce Weatherford
15:09 11 Feb 19
great shoe for people with sensitive feet. The shoe helps to take pressure off the ball of the foot and also the nerves going into the more
Kathleen Rea
19:53 25 Jan 19
I only wear Oesh runners. They are great running shoe that hit all the marker I look for which are 1) no rise, 2) cushioned 3) my foot and bend in them (they are not overly ridged) 4) wide in toe area so my toes do not get bunched together 5) stylish. They are a great product!read more
bill pollard
17:46 22 Jan 19
I have known the OESH crew since the beginning of the business. From the research and technology to the end products and on to the customer service, nothing but 5 stars across the more
Kris Bonham
03:33 17 Jan 19
Love my new Dream flats. Historically I've worn shoes with support and even orthotic inserts for years, having foot, knee, and hip pain. I've tried the OESH sandals and 'gym' shoe and look forward to adding the flats to my collection. These flats are cute, simple, versatile, and comfy. I even bought my daughter-in-law the flats; and I never buy other people shoes. Thank you for continuing to develop these shoes into better and better versions of the OESH!read more
Terry Covert
20:38 14 Jan 19
This is the most comfortable shoes I have. The shoes greatly lessen the pain I experience with the balls of my feet.
Edgar Wood
23:45 17 Dec 18
My mother loved her shoes (the soft tennis type shoes). She has a bunion problem and these shoes work really well. However, as she is 92 years old she also has a problem tying her shoes. A good friend has solved this with some kind of pull on the shoe strings and then release a mechanism. You probably know what that is. I just thought I would throw that out to you. It’s just a thought. You have a great product. Chuckread more
Patricia A. Soranno
02:19 02 Dec 18
I can't recommend Oesh shoes enough. They are the most comfortable minimal shoes I wear, and actually, they are the only ones that make my feet feel good when I wear them. Although my feet are fully adjusted to minimal shoes, these are the ones I choose to wear every day that I can. I have been wearing them for years and will never give them more
Karen Duda
02:36 28 Nov 18
OESH shoes are very, very comfortable and I can wear them all day. It does not matter if it is their Dream flats, La Vida shoes or Athena more
Susan Murphy
10:48 15 Nov 18
Great customer service and fantastic shoes designed to fit women!
Nancy Nielsen
18:14 13 Nov 18
Love these shoes, makes walking much easier on my knees
Martha Jenkins
01:48 17 Oct 18
I love these shoes! They're the most comfortable I've ever worn- plus- my back doesn't hurt -even after standing for more
MAK Kirkpatrick
02:37 09 Oct 18
OESH has very limited business hours one day a week, but it's worth that small inconvenience to get these wonderful shoes on your feet! Service from the two person staff is great and they are able to answer all your questions. I couldn't wear Chacos because the soles were too stiff, but the OESH sandals are much more flexible and fit the bill perfectly. Now I can't wait to get the flats that are coming out this month!read more
Cary Lapekas
23:31 08 Sep 18
I am thrilled with my sandals! As if walking on a cloud! Cannot wait for ballet-shoe style coming in October!
Veronica Joyner
16:39 08 Sep 18
Really fast delivery and I'm thrilled with the fit and the feel of both pairs ordered. I love being an Oesher!
Sue Cohen
21:18 04 Sep 18
Shoes are extremely comfortable. Other shoes grab the floor or slide. I've had no problem with these.
Doris Jenkins
15:46 17 Aug 18
Shoes were very comfortable and stylish . My mom had trouble picking up one foot so I gave my pair to my mom. They were very light shoes so she could walk so much easier .read more
Patricia Deuster
22:36 15 Jul 18
Great shoes and great responsiveness -- a pleasure to deal with such a great company!
Mary Biddle
18:16 08 Jul 18
I'm delighted with how my OESH sneakers not only prevent metatarsal pain but have also strengthened my feet and made it easier to occasionally walk barefoot, something I haven't been able to do in 30 more
Emily Lape
20:35 07 Jun 18
I love my latest Athena sandals, this time in platinum. Knees are happier too. Will keep an eye out for the upcoming limited edition ballet flats. Thanks so much!read more
Julianna Muthu
17:03 22 May 18
I have very high arches and plantar fasciitis. My husband found these shoes while doing some on line research. I have only had them a little over a month and am quite happy with both the shoes and clogs i purchased. The clogs are a loose fit and work best for me in the house or on flat surfaces only - and not when i am kicking the ball for my dog!. My feet feel less pain if i tape them and wear these shoes consistently. I have ditched my shoe inserts which i have been wearing for years. Waiting to see if my knees allow this, so far so good. My challenge is winter and cold temps when i have to wear other shoes and boots - as i do a fair amount of walking in wet and cold temps. I haven't worn athletic shoes in over 20 years, but the navy blue shoes work fine with jeans and the clogs would work fine with dress pants, i am very grateful for the fuller range of colors!Would love to see overboot (rain) or a fashionable winter boot. Thanks for a great product and easy more
mary bellus
19:03 25 Mar 18
I just bought my fourth pair of Oesh shoes. I have osteo arthritis in both knees and have had a recent knee replacement. These shoes have been the best option for me for the last two years. They have plenty of support for my feet, and being that they don't slope up at the heal, they don't put extra pressure on my knees so I don't feel as much pain after walking a lot. I've mostly worn the LaVidas but I also wear the Elites at work since they look a little nicer for the office, and I find them comfortable as well. I'm so glad I found OESH!read more
jubeen moaven
20:56 18 Mar 18
Best shoes ever.As a physician who performs procedures, I need to stand in place for long periods at a time. I was having issues with my feet. It was affecting my ability to work effectively and truly had me concerned.I tried all sorts of shoes including the best sneakers, Danskos and even Birkenstocks to no avail.Then I came across Oesh and their Elite shoes. I tried them on at their local store/workshop. And the rest as they say, is history. Two years later, and far from Virginia, I recently ordered my second pair online. I will always only wear my Elites to work.Life-changing good!read more
Anita Acevedo
15:16 15 Mar 18
I am so impressed with the customer service and the product of OESH shoes. I do suggest ordering a 1/2 size larger as my first pair of shoes needed to be exchanged for a 1/2 size bigger, and the customer service was personal, efficient, and quick to respond. I have tried out my friend's shoes, and I am so excited to wear my new pair of shoes today. Thank you OESH!!!read more
martha stinson
00:38 08 Mar 18
I love my Elite leather clogs in Dark Earth. I've been wearing La Vida for years for Jazzercise. I decided to spring for a pair of the Elites and I'm so glad I did. They are simply the most comfortable and supported shoes I've had. Lightweight and I don't feel like I have a cast on. My feet and legs feel great in them. I went away for a few days with a lot of walking and the only thing I noticed about my feet was they weren't sore! I have a little neuropathy in the balls of my feet - tingling and soreness if I walk a lot outside - but none of that in my Elites. They are heavenly! When I come back inside I am sometimes a little hesitant to take them off - they feel that good. I like them snug and use a shoehorn to ease them on under my heel. Thank you Oesh! PS Love the brown and would like a pair in a lighter more
Elizabeth Dinwiddie
00:39 04 Mar 18
My feet love Oesh. I had ordered two pairs of new La Vida's in the same size as my old ones. They fit differently so I took them back in person. We retried them and agreed that they were not what any of us wanted me to feel like; tried on the next smaller size and happiness ensued. Super interest taken and cooperation, best possible more
Sandee Kern
14:06 22 Jan 18
I love these shoes! These shoes are my favorite go to shoes for every day use! I have sore feet and knees and on bad days these shoes make walking possible for me. They fit true to size and are light on your more
angel whalen
23:27 29 Nov 17
I bought a pair of the “Lea” shoes in Storm Cloud color. In photos on the website this shoe appears to be a light green color or a lavender color, depending on the photo. I would have been happy with either one. The shoes I received are neither color but are definitely gray. This is also a good color and I was happy to see them. They are extremely comfortable. I’ve had surgery on both feet and currently have a neuroma plus 2 stress fractures. These shoes have helped tremendously to decrease my foot pain. The only problem I had was to see a label inside the shoes stating “Made in China”. As per the following, I was lead to believe that these shoes were made in Virginia. VISIT US ON SATURDAYS BETWEEN 12PM – 3PM AT 705 DALE AV.OESH manufacturing is clean, green, and sustainable—the envy of the Goliaths—and we ship our footwear to OESHers on every continent. In the heart of Virginia, for just a few hours every week, the factory is open because our customers say they love seeing an international business in action. Click this play button to discover what women all over the world have come to love—and we love to ask—WHERE WILL OESH TAKE YOU?read more
Diana Davis
14:35 25 Nov 17
I have had painful feet for several years with fallen arches and bunions. I researched shoes that could help alleviate the pain but also look professional for work and I found OESH. I purchased a pair of the Elites in jet black and I am thrilled with them! They are extremely comfortable with or without my orthotics and they look great for work or to wear casually! I love them so much that I just purchased a pair of Elites in dark earth! They are well made shoes and very light weight! My feet are happy for the first time in years! My next purchase will be the La Vidas!! The quality of customer service is as excellent as the quality of their shoes and highly recommend OESH!read more
Danielle Smith
03:41 20 Nov 17
I love my OESH running shoes! They are a great fit and pretty comfortable If it's wet outside, you're feet will likely get wet. Definitely recommend this company!read more
Julia McGregor
15:48 31 Oct 17
I'm a convert to zero elevation shoes -- and Oesh's sandals -- Athena model, I think-- are great. I have received so many compliments. They are wonderfully comfortable and the slight slant to the front of the toe (not in elevation) prevents catching the front of the sandal on a walkway, etc. Great colors, more
18:11 30 Oct 17
I have a pair of black Oesh sneakers. They're very comfortable and lightweight. Their zero-drop, foot-shaped design allows for ample room for the toes to spread, and the sole is soft, flexible, and well-cushioned. They also have a pretty streamlined appearance compared to other foot-shaped shoes. I hope they manufacturer will consider making a lace-up shoe in more
Lisa C
16:19 18 Oct 17
How much difference can a shoe really make? A whole lot! Try OESH and see for yourself. Your OESH will provide you a completely new and greatly improved standing and walking experience (I'm not a runner). Foot discomfort -- gone! Pinching, squeezing, rubbing, tingling -- gone! Lower back pain -- gone! All because of a shoe? Yes, OESH. Read about Casey's years of research and feel her passion. She is in this to help us get things right with our feet, shins, knees, hips, lower back. OESH is about our quality of life and our mobility for the long haul. Feel good today and know that you are buying into a more flexible and active future. This is a small company committed to doing things right. They choose to maintain control of a quality product that is continually refined and improved. They are responsive to your needs and feedback. The service you receive from online shoe shopping with OESH surpasses many in-person shoe buying experiences. Bob will be sure you get the right fit, no matter what. He is friendly and he knows his product. He responds promptly and you receive your shoes or exchanges quickly. Casey & Bob want you to be happy and healthy in properly fitting OESH. If you're ever in Charlottesville, VA, you should try to visit the OESH workshop. The experience reinforced my OESHER pride. I strongly urge you to give OESH a more
Karen Cook-Enlow
04:34 15 Oct 17
I have several pair of Oesh. The sandals are fabulous for everything—especially walking to the grocery store and post office and neighborhood coffee shops. The La Vida make Jazzercise class so much easier than other kinds of shoes I’ve tried. Sizing has been a little confusing. My street shoe size is 7. The size 8’s are a little big but workable. I think I’ll go for 7.5 size next time I more
Maryann Watkins
01:36 14 Oct 17
These shoes are the most comfortable I've worn in years and years! I have three pair of the La Vida v2.0 and a pair of the Athena sandals and they have made a huge difference in how my feet and legs feel on a daily more
Kelly Bassett
13:22 12 Oct 17
These sneakers are the best. I got them just before a trip to Disney World and I am so glad I did! Tons of nonstop walking over 6 days and I was the only one not complaining about sore feet after the first day. Even at the end of the week, no pain. If I wear shoes with less support I generally end up with back pain as well and experienced none of that this trip. These shoes are amazing. I did wear my normal sandals out the last night and totally regret not just wearing the sneakers . Might be time to get some OESH sandals as well!read more
Sue Frank Veale
21:41 27 Sep 17
I really like these shoes. They are comfortable and light weight. I want more.
Jenna Blaustein
16:59 26 Sep 17
Hands down, these are the most comfortable clogs I've ever worn. They are a terrific walking shoe and can also be worn with a dress. Couldn't ask for anything more!read more
Darleen Horton
23:20 15 Sep 17
I ordered the brown elite because I had severe pain from my morton's neuroma. I would have trouble sleeping because of the pain. After just 1 day of wearing these wonderful shoes, I was able to sleep thru the night with very little pain. I feel so much better with the Oesh shoes. Within a couple of days I ordered the black pair. I also have 2 pairs of the tennis shoes, which are also very good. But I do think that the elites are the best for my nueroma. GREAT SHOESread more
Alice Malcolm
15:57 20 Jun 17
The two pairs of shoes, one, sandals, the other brightly colored sports shoes, have proven to be what I hoped for. They are comfortable tomy oft complaining feet. Extra benefits: the shopping experience was casual, not rushed, sales people were exceptionally more
katy grohens
22:43 18 Jun 17
I have had 3 pair of your tennies now. I liked it best when we could order 1/2 sizes and wide. Still it is a comfortable shoe. I like the new comfortable thicker springy sole. I'd like you to also offer the previous thinner sole which is good for packing to travel and was a comfortable shoe (like a sketcher brand). New design is good but I'd order another of the previous design if you'd bring it more
Louise Browne
20:48 27 May 17
I injured my knee in 1992 but never had the recommended surgery. I've had good luck until recently when trying to go for a light jog and suffering for 2 weeks after where I had originally injured my knee. I read about these shoes for walking/jogging without causing knee pain, and when my knee started feeling better, I decided to order them and give them a try to see if I could get back out there. They arrived the size I ordered and normally wear, but my feet were squished. I contacted OESH by email and they sent a pair in a size larger immediately, while I sent the tight ones back to them. I tried on the larger size and going from size 8 to size 9 did the trick. They are wonderful and I have been jogging on a track with them and no knee issues and feet feel fine! Hooray and OESH was wonderful about the exchange and made it easy. I'm motivated for exercise again, thanks to these more
Edrie Bays
20:39 21 May 17
I began with one pair of La Vida in saguaro and a pair of Athena sandals in maroon--the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I wore those two all summer with few others. I can wear them all day and have no foot pain! Amazing! I added another pair of La Vida (Rococo ) and the new sandal in red. There was a small flaw in the sole of the La Vida, which I had not noticed when purchasing. A quick email to Bob and I had a new pair in days. I wanted The Elite for winter and had a little problem with discomfort under one ankle. I sent them back; there had been a manufacturing flaw and again within the week, I had a replacement pair. I haven't worn the Elite yet; they have a different feel, so I'll have to wait to review them. I just ordered my third pair of La Vida ( in oxford); the sole is thicker and I haven't worn them yet, but the fit seems good. I'll add more after wearing the Elites and the newest La Vidas. Thank you for great shoes and super customer service !Update: Loving the oxford and wisteria La Vidas. So attractive and no foot pain--no breaking in required.There was a manufacturing glitch that left several pairs with cuts in the uppers. The corrections were only an email away! Best products and best customer service ever!!!read more
Barbara Church
18:41 08 May 17
Very comfortable. Haven't had them long enough to know how durable they are or life expectancy for the rather high more
judy jolley
13:52 04 May 17
I Googled "What kind of shoes will help me, I have had surgery for Morten's twice? Help me. I was directed to the Oesh Shoe site. Since, I now have tennis shoes, 2 pairs of sandals and a closed toe leather shoe. I will say the tennis shoe runs much smaller than normal, but the others are true to size. I have been blessed richly. Thanks OESH❣️read more
Samuel Caughron
15:19 31 Mar 17
These are the best people to work with. My wife and daughter have bought several shoes and love them. They are the best!read more
Robin Felder
18:18 14 Mar 17
The shoe professionals at OESH really know the physiology and physics of human gait and its impact on log term foot and leg health. They use this knowledge to create the ideal shoe experience that provides healthy comfort without sacrificing style. Do your joints a favor and wear OESH Shoes!read more
Rachel Pisor
04:23 04 Feb 17
I ordered a pair of black elites, and they didn't quite fit. I received excellent customer service and was able to exchange then for a pair of dark earth elites that fit much better. I'm very happy with my more
Mary Beth Webb
00:22 24 Jan 17
OESH keeps getting better and better. I began wearing OESH shoes when they first came out due to long standing foot and knee pain, which are now gone. Family members have gotten on board and now family from 20 to 90 years old wear OESH shoes. They are so comfortable - like wearing pillows on your feet, but still supportive. With the varied style and color options and amazing customer service there is no need for any shoe but an more
Elizabeth Geiger
11:55 08 Jan 17
These shoes are truly what they say - better for your body. You will feel it the minute you put them on. After a few months wearing nothing but OESH shoes, I can actually walk around barefoot now when that was unthinkable before. I have high arches and thought I shouldn't wear flat shoes. Wrong! I will say the sandals seem to have a denser sole than the covered shoes, which feel a little spongier. I can wear the sandals longer without sore more
Colleen Melody-Robinson
19:12 24 Dec 16
Love love love these shoes! I have two pairs of the sneakers and one pair of the sandals. They're light weight, great for running, walking, anything really. They alleviated my toe pain and seem to correct my stride. I might have to purchase the dress shoes because I'd like something a little less casual sometimes, but a pair of boots would be even better (are you listening design?) . Would definitely recommend!read more
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