Flatform Athena | Rose Quartz Sole


The Flatform Athena  is a luxurious woman’s Sandal, now at double the height.

Based upon the world’s most sophisticated human movement science, the Athena Sole gently sinks and rises along with your moving body, designed for an active woman’s lifestyle and vigorous physical activity. The architecture of honeycombed springs (entirely made via OESH’s award-winning 3-D printing technology in Virginia), with easily adjustable supple straps, creates a Sandal without peer, engineered to maximize long-term health and wellness. The famously healthy design of OESH encourages all-day wear, comfortable on wet or dry surfaces.

All domestic OESH footwear purchases and exchanges are shipped free. Athena is made on demand in all women’s sizes.

~Rose Quartz Flatform 3D printed Soles are available for a limited time only!~

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