WHY are OESH Shoes preferred by women for plantar fasciitis?

Medical Science!



All OESH interiors, unlike the typical shoe on the left, are completely flat–which means only OESH Shoes allow uninterrupted nourishing blood flow and self-repairing natural movement to the fascia ligament.

Typical Shoe Interior

OESH Design

A typical shoe inhibits your foot’s full range of motion with heel elevation, arch support, and a toe spring. This is like wearing a cast on a broken arm forever.

Recommended Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Casey Kerrigan developed OESH to specifically address women’s long-term wellness needs. Her background is unique in footwear–an honest-to-goodness Medical Doctor with a respect for the power of legitimate peer-reviewed medical research. Unlike any other footwear, proven medical science informs the critical nuances within the OESH design. Our uncommonly high success versus plantar fasciitis can be directly attributed to this design discipline–a perfectly flat and roomy interior without any contouring allows your foot to move naturally and healthily, all above a comfortable elastic spring sole.

Dr. Kerrigan: "Why I Created OESH Shoes"

What OESHers SAY about the OESH Warrior and Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve been suffering from a horrible case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot and was a little worried about switching to a shoe with no contoured arch support, but since I developed PF while wearing a custom orthotic WITH a high arch I didn’t see how continuing to wear the same type of shoes was going to help.  After visiting your website I was really intrigued by the science behind your design.  I decided to give OESH shoes a try and I’m happy to report that after wearing them around the house for about a week I’m pretty delighted!

First thing I noticed was all the extra room in the toe box without sacrificing a snug fit in the heel.  Historically, I’ve always had to shove my foot into a size 8.5 because in a size 9 the heel was too loose and would slide up and down when I walked.  No wonder my toes are calloused and turning inward.  With OESH my toes are very happy.  I paired the shoes with toe socks so now every toe down to the pinkie is free to move about, which I’m sure is how nature intended it to be.  I was even able to move up to a size 9.5 without sacrificing a good fit in the heel.  Now I can wear a little thicker sock which is keeping my feet warmer and hopefully improving blood circulation and healing.

Walking on my OESH shoes has been like walking on a cloud.  That’s saying a lot since I’ve been pretty uncomfortable with the PF for four months.  I’ve been cautiously walking around in them wondering what consensus my feet would come to since the OESH shoes are so different from the shoes I’ve been wearing. So far they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.  I understand managing PF can be a journey with an uncertain outcome, so I’m very happy to have found the comfort my OESH shoes are giving me while I deal with it.  I only wish it hadn’t taken a bad case of PF for me to discover them.

Thank you Dr. Kerrigan and the entire OESH team for these awesome shoes!

-Geri in Utah