OESH — From Sea to Shining Sea

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer, and you probably look at OESH and wonder how it handles all terrains.

For starters, a delighted wearer says:

“Your wonderful shoes took me through the volcanoes of Hawaii on my honeymoon. Thought you might like the picture.

 BTW I have had no more problems with the laces and wear your shoes constantly. Thanks for your wonderful personal customer service…. Also I keep telling everyone I know about them. 

All the best, Janet”

Thank you Janet!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, on Tuesday this week, I was on an educational field trip with my daughter Kellyn’s 7th grade class to the remote Fox Island on the Chesapeake Bay. She attends a remarkable middle school of all girls in Charlottesville, founded and run by a brilliant faculty (education is a big part of the culture here, what with UVa the first public University and all). I was the appointed chaperone because my doctor’s degree might come in handy—which, as usual, it did. I’m also the P.E. teacher. I really adore these girls, which helps because we were going to spend 3 days rolling around in black marsh muck, using a composting toilet, and not taking a shower. Meanwhile, some other moms got to hang out together on the mainland in a cottage that had (1) alcohol and (2) showers.

So it turned out to be an outrageously great trip. We walked a lot along shell filled beaches, through swampy grasses and even cannonballed into some marshy muck. Marshy muck, by the way, smells poopy, but in the Chesapeake anyway, is really only dead plant and animal remains. At least that’s what I told myself and the girls when it was going up over our heads.

And for my OESH? Well, quicksand doesn’t stay in the Void for long. Dirt, mud and muck finds its way into the Void of course, but it’s fairly temporary–most of it just gets pushed back out with the next step.

Plus, they clean up well – as much as I enjoyed a nice hot shower I’m sure my OESH enjoyed their hose down, too. Over here in Virginia, Janet and a bunch of other OESH wearers are kicking off the summer wearing them today. Maybe when these OESH turn 21 I’ll enjoy a drink with them, too.

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