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  • custom oesh create OESH Create Press Release

    Press Release PDF Virginia healthy women’s shoe company launches a unique 3D printed sole that lets you make your own custom shoes Regional innovator’s expansion initiatives rooted in industry-first, science-backed, sustainable design     Charlottesville, VA, October 19, 2021 — OESH Shoes announces the launch of their newest and most innovative product yet, OESH Create, [...] Continue Reading
  • mask adjusters Mask Adjusters

    We are so grateful for our OESHers supporting us in making much needed masks and mask adjusters for our community. Already, we have distributed hundreds of masks to front-line workers, including first responders, nursing home staff, and homeless shelter staff, as well as doctors and nurses. To show our gratitude, we will be sending out […]

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  • A Flexible 3D Printed Respirator Mask

    As we described in our last blog post, we have been working on a 3D printed respirator mask to help meet the global shortage of face masks for healthcare workers. As a rare U.S. manufacturer, we know that in this time of need, our unique expertise not only in creating products that are “Healthy by […]

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  • OESH Response to COVID-19 OESH Response to COVID-19

    In response to global medical supply shortages caused by COVID-19, OESH is developing and producing items believed most relevant based on: (1) Casey’s communications with a national network of physicians (2) Our knowledge drawn from our global supplier relationships and (3) Our communication with makers around the world. The most significant need we are addressing […]

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  • the dream Newly Upgraded: the Dream Flat by OESH

    Happy 2020, OESHers!   In the Summer of 2018 we introduced the Dream flat- Dr. Kerrigan’s dream of a healthy women’s dress shoe. Since then, we have been listening to OESHers, wear testing, and researching the latest fabrication technologies.  We have been working hard to make the Dream flat better than ever. Finally, we are […]

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  • Salon Fireplace All New Salon

    With the great success of the Townie, we knew we needed a new knit and 3D printed shoe that would take us through the colder months. So, we created The Salon by OESH, a luxurious knitted clog. The springy 3D printed sole and heel piece support your natural gait and keep the Salon secure on […]

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  • OESH Townie 3D Printed Flat Townie 3D Printed Flat by OESH

    We are extremely excited to introduce our newest shoe, the Townie Flat! If you like our sandals you’ll love the 3D Printed Townie! The Townie Flat is made entirely in our Charlottesville, VA factory with 3D printing and 3D knitting. We developed our 3D printers specifically for fabricating shoes based on Dr. Kerrigan’s research with […]

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  • 3D Printed Flatform Sandals!

    We love our new Glacier Blue soles so much, we wanted twice as much. Introducing, for Summer 2019 only, our first 3D Printed Flatform Sandals!   Love the comfort of flat shoes, but miss the added height of a heel? Flatforms give you an extra boost of height with the OESH advantages of a completely […]

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  • New! Glacier Blue Translucent 3D Printed Sandals

    For Summer 2019, we are introducing a brand new sandal sole color- Glacier Blue! Glacier Blue uses translucent light blue pigment in our 3D printing process, resulting in a shimmery high tech new colorway! These new soles look as light as they feel, whether you are racing down a river or wandering around town. Artemis […]

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  • Upstyle Award Banner 2018 Upstyle Award Semi-Finalists

     OESH’s Dream Flat is a semi-finalist for the 2018 Upstyle Award! The Upstyle Award which is The International Competition for Fashion, Science, and Technology, in Shangai, judges fashion and technology creations from all around the world. Judges focus on five aspects: “technological innovation, fashion design, environmental protection concept, humanized design and social value” and we’re […]

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