OESH can bless the rains down in Africa

One of our favorite people here at hq is Remarkable OESHer Carrie Lane. Carrie has been involved in coaching elite (D-1 and the occasional legendary Olympian) throwers for a few years at the University of Virginia. She is probably the best in the world at what she does so well, which is to get that singularly great athletic performance out of highly-geared young women and men at the instant they need it the most. It’s especially amazing to me as I’m not sure which end of the hammer you actually grab, let alone throw the length of a football field.

And she loves wearing her OESH, though she took them off for a moment while in Paarl, South Africa to let you see what her OESH have been (literally) up to.  The result is most certainly an epic image:

Carrie joins Janet Whitmore as Remarkable OESHers and reports that OESH has had quite the journey– “Victoria Falls, Cape of Good Hope, and was even picked up by an elephant’s trunk. I think the shoe enjoys its new life in Africa.”

Please send us your photo of OESH and join Carrie and Janet as Remarkable OESHers, too. But as much as we want you always wearing OESH, we do hope Carrie was not in them at that instant when Dumbo decided he wanted a closer look at how those cantilevers really work.

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