For Halloween, OESH sponsored a “Bone Bash” held on Saturday to raise money for our local Arthritis Foundation. The shoes we donated were a huge hit. We only had two sizes out for display so it was kind of like a Cinderella thing as far as people being able to try them on — which just made it all the more fun.

This was the first of what will become, hopefully, an annual event. Arthritis is one of those areas of medicine that’s never received the support that it fully deserves. For many years I would start off my lectures on the relationship between footwear and osteoarthritis with, “Did you know that knee osteoarthritis causes more disability with respect to mobility than any other singular disease in the elderly?” Our daughters all heard this so much that there was a time that they would recite this little fact to everyone and anyone. And here are some more scary facts about arthritis. So, a really terrific event for a really, really good cause that OESH was very proud to be a part of.

Tonight we’ll be Trick or Treating. The costumes aren’t quite figured out yet but it’s certain that the black Classic OESH will somehow be involved.

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