Incognito no longer

We whipped up this new sign on our handy dandy CNC waterjet saw. Right outside the main factory door, it makes it much easier to find us!

3 replies on “Incognito no longer

  • Susan

    I sustained a tibial plateau fracture 2 years ago, it really threw off my alignment, and even after a year of very good PT, I still got hip pain if I walked more than 15 minutes. My mother recommended this shoe, and the minute I put them on and started walking, I swear I could feel my femur slide into a better position in it’s socket, and it was such a relief! After a longish walk, I feel some fatigue in my big toe and metatarsal area, which I think is a good thing because my PT previously noted that my big toe is very weak (but I never felt the need to strengthen it in other shoes). Thank you for this shoe.

    Some suggestions: Obviously, a more attractive women’s shoe, especially less bulky. Also: I feel a little worried walking downhill in the rain in these, and would appreciate a tread with more traction. I wish you lots of success so you can implement more options.

    • Casey

      We are so glad you are doing well with your OESH. All that sense of realignment and strengthening and stretching in all the right places is what it’s all about!

      And thank you very much for the suggestions. We are working hard on developing more styles and your input is very much appreciated.


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