OESH enlists supermodels…Why not you, too?

A new article about OESH for a fascinating trade magazine is coming your way in the next few weeks. We’ll have more on it when published, but the upshot is that this effort will highlight many of the remarkable engineering and equipment decisions that have made OESH hum. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we go!

And the photographs were spectacular–here is the Boss showing you one way to hold the Classics (in front of self-built press ovens):

And another (on her feet):

Casey in Classics, April 2012

Frequently, the photographer of such magnificent images doesn’t get her/his due. In this instance, the SAME DUDE, Andrew Shurtleff, took both the photographs of Casey as well as this killer image of our oldest daughter rocketing one into the net during a recent high school lacrosse game. Heh Andrew, take a bow!

As a 15 year-old sophomore, Jayme is a total beast, currently the leading scorer in Central Virginia with 85 goals (not a typo) in only 12 games. Note the forearms and triceps of the urchin–a chip off the ol’ block, for sure. Jayme trains in OESH by the way:

Jayme scoring, again (courtesy Charlottesville Daily Progress)

These photographs got us thinking of how fun it would be to see YOU in those situations where you like to go with your OESH. Whether you are at your job, with your family, on vacation, or washing the dog–we’d be psyched for any photos of where your OESH take you. Just email ’em to service@oeshshoes.com and we’ll have fun showing each other what OESHers love to do.

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