OESH Manufacturing hosts remarkable summer internships for USA collegians

Today is Labor Day, traditionally the dawn of a new year of classes for students. At OESH, we especially enjoyed the great efforting of 3 remarkable workers this summer, and marvel that they are now setting up for even more formal education, as our stellar summer workers left the Charlottesville factory for college hijinks and frivolity during the past few days.

American University is going to be home again for Ella Evans. When you last heard from her, she took on the task of NAMING


each of the critical machines in the factory, which of course, resulted in bringing that spectacular zest she has for life to…well, to LIFE! In between classwork during her upcoming year at American, we are hoping you’ll continue to see Ella’s creativity with some blog posts and other social media interactions for OESH. Everything she touched had some magic in it when Ella was done, so we’re anxious for her to get back into the factory and do even more of what that was.

Adam Geilker is going to jump headfirst into his sophomore year, a bit up I-95 from Ella at the former College of New Jersey.

The OESH Athletic (Princeton) Tiger…Thanks Adam!







Adam set upon the quest to become fast friends with Leonard the Milling Machine. He also thought it would be cool to build a foundry (I think it was in his backyard) to melt aluminum–lucky #13 on the ol’ Periodic Table–providing a ready source of the raw materials for Leonardo to carve upon.

Success on both counts–but we miss having him more than that machine will, I’ll tell you.

Last but not least, Michael Warwick, the Pride of Covington, Virginia and himself an immensely gifted architecture student from Mr. Jefferson’s University (AB 2009 and FIRST in his school at graduation), is now well on his way to securing his requirements for

Medical School via the renowned UVa Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program. Michael invested himself in designing the advanced OESH shoe sole which we will be able to 100% Manufacture in the USA(!!!) as well as create the upper patterns of two entirely new OESH shoes which we can’t show quite yet–but you’ll be wearing soon enough.

Ella, Adam, and Michael are 3 remarkable people we’ve gotten to know very well these past few months. The best thing they all share is creativity and the confidence to put their special ideas to work–and knowing that people such as them will be leading the charge of the next generation makes all of us passionate about OESH Shoes very, very enthused about tomorrow.

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