OESH Around the World…a Contest!

Around the World in Eighty Days is one of the great serial adventures of all time. Indeed, it’s outsized success sparked the genre itself and bequeathed the presumptive title of the Father of Science Fiction on author Jules Verne.

A fitting introduction for Today’s Contest, a 5 question multiple choice test, we’ll call OESH Around the World

1. Is the following OESH in front of

A. Victoria Falls

B. Niagara Falls

C. Chagrin Falls



2. In 2012, OESHer Jo Ann Cahn is finishing her first half-marathon in

A. London

B. New York City

C. Boston






3. Are these 3 generations of OESHers related to a

A. great educator in Charlottesville

B. great trombone player in Wichita

C. great auto mechanic in Buenos Aires




4. Is OESHer Kathleen Korth sporting this Lizard high above

A. Vancouver, British Columbia

B. San Francisco, California

C. Bogota, Colombia




5. Is OESHer Becky Mitchell wearing her Classic in

A. Milan, Italy

B. Orlando, Florida

C. Green Bay, Wisconsin




Think you got ’em all right? Submit your answers, comments, etc. to Leave a Reply below and we’ll post some of the best ones–as well as reveal the Answers!–very soon. If you’d like to email us at service@OESHshoes.com with a photo for another round of questions, we’d love to see it, too.

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