OESH Sells Out! Classic 8s join Classic 7.5s, 10s, 11s, Lizard 10s, 11s, Licorice 8s, & 10s as official Collector’s Items

Though we sold our last pair of Classic 8s, the good news is we are getting very close to announcing the new OESH line. We hope to be taking pre-orders in the next few weeks. We’ll then have a full run of sizes with a different look to augment the remaining Lizards and Classics. Stay tuned–they are awesome!

We appreciate the enthusiasm you continue to show for OESH…hopefully we’ll be producing these newbies in short order, as we’re really trying to avoid this scene (not good for anybody, really) outside hq:

OESH demand reaches new level, February, 2013

OESH demand increasing–February, 2013







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