OESH bids winter 2013 adieu–with help from industrious OESHers

The nearly-spent winter has been superb for ongoing OESH enthusiasm. We’ve sold out of nearly all our Classics in the past 3 months–fortunately we still have some Lizards remaining in sizes 7 through 9.5 to stem the buying tide until the new line is ready for pre-orders.

But before saying hello to spring, we MUST post this note & tremendous photo from one of our great, creative OESHers living in western Canada.

We had a huge amount of snow and ice this winter and my Classics performed absolutely brilliantly with Micro Spikes.
The shoes are rigid enough to accommodate the harness and turned them into my full time winter wear.
I had another great Oesh experience. (I hate  to wear anything else now.)
Can’t wait to see the new line up.
Best regards,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Lisbeth--bottom view

Lisbeth–bottom view

Lisbeth--top view

Lisbeth–top view










Are OESHers not the coolest?

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