OESH Sells Out of Lizard Shoes

With the tremendous business surge we are in the midst of after launching the La Vida v2.0 less than two months ago, there remained a steady demand for the remaining Lizard shoes–along with the Classics, the Original OESH footwear. As the last pair of 9.5 Lizards snuck out the door this week, we are reminded that the Lizards have made it all the way to the Cape of Good Hope…and ask one of our animal friends to officially announce:

11Y.OESH visits Cape of Good HopeEqualPorky Pig-That's all Folks!





Of course we are working away to create an improved version of the Lizard & Classic. But in the meanwhile, please know that the current Sandals–Athletic and Suede–deliver you the identical, robust 5-cantilever midsole. We are also working at improving the variety of offerings to complement the great La Vida v2.0…so as much as we say “Thank-you” for all of the Lizards and Classics you are wearing, know that we are VERY busy designing even cooler OESH shoes to expand your healthy footwear options to ever more of your day.


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