OESH La Vida v2.0’s are Getting Ready for Back to School!

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Yes, we know! You’ve been loving your La Vida’s to death. So much so that you’ve been telling everyone in the world about them.

As a way to say thank you, we’ve done a couple things at OESH this summer, besides ramping up production in the factory to yet another notch (which among other things, means more stains on Casey’s blouses).

One, we’ve added two new colors (Saguaro on the bottom left and Rococco on the bottom right) to the popular White Sand (upper left), Charcoal (middle left), Fiji (upper right) and Deep Wisteria (middle right). Same wonderful, unique, responsive OESH Sole that you love. Just new colors.

And two, on August 1, we emailed everyone on our OESHer email list, a discount code for a Back to School Sale on any of the six La Vida v2.0’s so that you can save a bit on a new pair, or two.

If you’re not on our list or know someone else who would like to take advantage of the sale (which is ongoing throughout August), we’d encourage taking a look-see at our La Vidas and writing to service@oeshshoes.com for the discount code.

Since sending the email on Friday, the orders this weekend have been off the charts. But we’re determined and ready to keep up. That said, the sooner you order, the sooner you can jump into the shipping queue. We’ll begin shipping the Saguaro’s and Rococco’s in sequence of when they’re ordered toward the end of this month. Meanwhile, shipping time for the other colors — White Sand, Charcoal, Fiji and Deep Wisteria — should, within the next week, settle in to being within one to two days of ordering.

Thank you ever so much. Onward!

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