OESH Thanksgiving reprise, again and again: Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder…OESH is here!

A tradition we have now maintained for our fourth consecutive year, and back by popular demand, is the blog we posted for the First OESH Thanksgiving. The annual parade in New York City is the backdrop for all here at hq to wish you and your gathering a wonderful Thanksgiving, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014!

This photo of Underdog is from the Macy’s Parade the first year we actually saw it, in 1983.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1983

I especially remember walking around 77th street and watching them blow this guy up at 11 o’clock on Wednesday night–it’s now 31 years ago. It’s a good thing Underdog was netted that evening–it was quite windy and if he had gotten loose he might not have responded to traditional canine commands to get in line for the parade (had he blown across the Hudson River, for instance) on Thursday morning.

And here is a certain young lady “I’m a size 8 but a size 10 feels real gooooood” from that same year. As we see Olive Oyl approaching the Dakota on Central Park West, Ms. Oyl would have gained benefit from OESH–that tendency to create a 180° angle with her feet (common to many cartoon characters, apparently) would clearly be mitigated by a compliant weight-bearing architecture allowing for a unique and healthy re-distribution of forces leading to more efficient foot motion and even, perhaps, a realistic view of proper footwear sizing. I shudder at the size of the machinery required to properly make her that compliant sole, though. But Olive would be PSYCHED to wear a pair of La Vida v2.0–and she’s a natural for the Charcoals.

Macy's Olive Oyl 1983

Have a great Holiday!

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