OESH’s Suede Sandals Sell Out & Becomes Collector’s Item

The last pair of Suede Sandals shipped out the door this week–and it was a Sequoia Suede. I think the aesthetics of the Sequoia were awesome…but one of its neat attributes, for me anyway, is that the name “Sequoia” has all 5 vowels.

OESH Suede Sandal SequoiaEqualPorky Pig-That's all Folks!





The wordsmith stuff is neither here nor there of course, but what IS HERE–almost, anyway–is going to be the Lollapalooza of Sandals. Our engineering and design efforts have been geared, nearly non-stop for more than 2 years, in perfecting a spectacular confluence of health and manufacturing. So stay tuned! In the meanwhile, we bid adieu to the Original OESH Sandal design, now joining the 5-cantilever Lizards & Classics as sturdy footwear that we love, but have now made even better. And you’ll see what we mean…very, very soon.


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