Why Casey created OESH shoes – from the doctor, herself.

Why I Created OESH Shoes

A Minute with Casey


In the latest OESH video, Casey talks about what led her to start making OESH shoes,

how traditional footwear is letting us down,

and how OESH Shoes can help.

Watch the video here:

While taking a break in the OESH factory, Casey explains that she started OESH after years of researching human movement and the effects of footwear on the body. Based on this research, all OESH shoes have a completely flat sole. Unlike traditional footwear, there is no heel elevation, no side to side contour, and no built in arch support. The flat OESH sole allows for a more natural distribution of forces, and does not increase the loads on your joints. This is what makes OESH shoes healthy by design. With La Vida 2.0 sneakers, Elite clogs, and Artemis and Athena sandals, OESH has a shoe to fit your life and a wide range of colors to fit your style.

To read more about the motion research and biomechanics behind OESH shoes and how Casey transitioned from shoe researcher to shoe manufacturer, we recommend The Race to Build a Better Shoe, also know to Casey as “The Juiciest Scientific Article I’ve Ever Written“.

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