• Resolutions: treadmills, shoes, garlic & kale, and vitamin D

    If any of your resolutions involve walking or running, you must read my blog post My scientific/personal advice for treadmill training. Even though I wrote it on New Year’s Day six years ago, everything in it remains true today. The science is the same; only the shoes are better – instead of “La Vidas” we’re [...] Continue Reading
  • Stay Healthy: 5 Ways to Exercise at Home

    The consensus among my physician colleagues is that there’s no better time than now to be fit and healthy. And with more and more mandates and recommendations to stay home to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, you may be wondering how you can exercise at home to stay fit. Here […]

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  • how you built that oesh shoes OESH on How I Built This with Guy Raz

    OESH founder Dr. Casey Kerrigan was featured on the How I Built This with Guy Raz segment, How You Built That. In the podcast, Dr. Kerrigan describes her journey from research to manufacturing in her quest to understand, then mass produce, a groundbreaking, healthy shoe. Listen below, or on the npr website.      "...and [...] Continue Reading
  • Foot Core OESH Shoes Are You Exercising Your Foot Core?

    The Foot Core System One of many nice things about human movement research is that you get to work with some truly brilliant people, like Dr. Patrick McKeon who published an article, “The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding intrinsic foot muscle function,” in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. I had the pleasure […]

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  • Arch Muscles have a purpose, and yours are perfect!

    Now, THAT was a really nice study about arch muscles For one reason or another — as a scientific advisor, peer-reviewer, or just to stay current — I read a lot of scientific articles. And every so often, I might say out loud, “Now THAT was a really nice study.” Myself having published many scientific […]

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  • My Treadmill Training Tips

    Happy New Year! It’s time for New Year’s resolutions and updating my widely shared blog post on my treadmill training that I first wrote in 2014. Four years later, my New Year’s resolutions still involve running and I still faithfully run almost every single day. And because I don’t like running in the cold, the […]

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  • Why Casey created OESH shoes – from the doctor, herself.

    Why I Created OESH Shoes A Minute with Casey   In the latest OESH video, Casey talks about what led her to start making OESH shoes, how traditional footwear is letting us down, and how OESH Shoes can help. Watch the video here: While taking a break in the OESH factory, Casey explains that she started […]

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  • The best exercise for back pain

    A while back I wrote a post mentioning exercises from Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training program for low back pain. The Best Exercise for Back Pain is the Founder exercise: Besides the hip lunge exercise I described then, I started incorporating into my routine his most fundamental exercise that he calls the “Founder” exercise. I had had low back […]

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  • Yoga, Shoes and Hip Flexibility

    OESH intern, Kellyn, practices yoga in front of the waterjet saw We’ve started hosting some OESH Yoga Shoe tours this summer! Kathy Graham, an OESHer and a registered yoga alliance teacher, will be bringing her second yoga class up from Bedford, Virginia to our factory in Charlottesville this week. Like her previous class of students, [...] Continue Reading
  • STEP AHEAD – Women manufacturers rock

      It would seem that the “STEP Ahead” Award that I got last week, along with 129 other amazing women, would have something to do with making shoes. Well, it does, but not in the way that you think. STEP stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Production” and last week, we were each awarded the 2016 STEP […]

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