Jay Dicharry and Running Rewired

Casey’s good friend and research colleague Jay Dicharry dropped by the factory this week! Casey and Jay worked together on some of the treadmill research that Casey has discussed here on the blog. Jay is in town for the Running Medicine Conference at UVA, which he co-founded over 16 years ago. At the conference, Jay will be giving a talk called “Clinical Decision Making for Footwear” which as you may have guessed, is a topic we are pretty in to here at OESH!


Jay and Casey Running Rewired


Not only is Jay a leading physical therapist and researcher, he is also an author! His recently published book, RUNNING REWIRED: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed, is all about running smarter. In Running Rewired, Jay expertly explains the mechanics of running and gives practical advice for any runner. He shows how different parts of the body are important to healthy and efficient running. From your feet and hips to all the way up your spine, Running Rewired teaches how you can train your body to run better. From mobility and stability to forces and strength, Running Rewired thoughtfully explains it all. It even includes 15 workouts to rewire your running.

Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

“To evolve running performance, we need to look comprehensively at the research being done both inside and outside of running. The fields of biomechanics research, motor control, generalized strength and conditioning research, and yes, even bodybuilding make up a vast body of research that translates to running performance. We will draw on this science to learn how to move better” (Running Rewired, xi).


And of course we couldn’t let Jay leave without a pair of Grapefruit Leas, and a pair of Ares sandals for when he isn’t running!


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