3D Printed Sandals a Huge Hit at NSF Conference

3D Printed Sandals

a Huge Hit at NSF Conference

Earlier this week, Casey was in Atlanta for the National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II Grantee Conference, and by all accounts, OESH 3D printed sandals were a huge hit. When she left, we loaded up her luggage with pairs of sandals to wear and show off, but folks loved them so much, she barely came back with any!


Working with the NSF allows us to continue improving our 3D Printing technology. As a result, we can make the most innovative, healthy, and all-around awesome footwear possible. To learn more about the NSF Small Business Innovation Research and America’s Seed Fund, check out seedfund.nsf.gov.



To see our whole collection of  3D printed sandals click here.


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P.S. Stay on the look out for OESH news this month. We’re going to have some big news about something OESHers have been wanting for a long time… I can’t tell you exactly what it is just yet but here is a hint.

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