New Doctor Designed Ballet Flats

New Doctor Designed and Recommended Ballet Flats Exceed Crowdfunding Goal in First 5 Days of Campaign

Wow, we have been impressed with the immediate success of our OESH Dream Flat campaign which, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet go to – Is it because the OESH Dream is so beautiful? Or is it because it’s woman doctor designed, by Dr. Casey Kerrigan, Harvard M.D., our OESH Founder? Based on her 20 years of biomechanics research?

One of the reasons many physicians don’t recommend ballet flats is because they don’t have much of a sole. Unlike usual flats, the same springy material that’s in all OESH soles is also the Dream sole material. Another reason why many physicians don’t recommend ballet flats is because they don’t provide adequate space for your forefoot and toes. Consistently squeezing feet into narrow ballet flats leads to painful foot and toe deformities. The Dream is the first ballet flat with a wide forefoot and toe box that actually accommodates your foot and toes. Imagine that! If that weren’t enough, the high-tech ultra stretchy upper accommodates your individual foot shape even further while also allowing your foot full, active movement throughout the day. Yay!

Speaking of allowing your foot full, active movement, Dr. Kerrigan was photographed running in a pair of prototypes on Friday. Running in prototypes is Dr. Kerrigan’s favorite form of extreme wear testing and the picture made it into OESHer Melissa Castro’s weekly column in the Charlottesville Daily Progress. Her article “OESH Go-Going for a ballet flat…” talks about our campaign and Melissa’s general love of OESH. Click the link to the article to see the photo and read what Melissa has to say about OESH.  Thank you Melissa!


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