Spirit of 608 with Guest Dr. Casey Kerrigan of Charlottesville, VA | Founder of OESH Shoes

On July 26, 2018, Dr. Casey Kerrigan, Founder of OESH Shoes in Charlottesville, VA shared her story with blogger and podcast star, Lorraine Sanders of SPIRIT 608.  This amazing episode, which you can find here will give you the opportunity to hear about the journey Dr. Kerrigan took that got her to where she is today.  While in Medical School at Harvard University, she had the objective to become a great doctor.  Her goal was met and exceeded!  Through her studies, focus, drive and passion for health of the human body, OESH was born.
Podcast with Dr. Kerrigan

 You can also find and listen to the episode on Spirit of 608, iTunes and Stitcher Radio (popular for Android devices).

Photo Credit: Spiritof608.com

This podcast episode will resonate with students, doctors, business owners (both the experienced and start ups).  Using your knowledge and passion to achieve greatness is a path that some may be scared to take.  Somehow things fall into place though and when your drive takes over, there’s no stopping you from achieving and exceeding even your highest of expectations.

OESH stemmed from growth within Dr. Casey Kerrigan.  Growth that gave her the ability to share her product with other women in an effort to also share her knowledge of the human body.  Not only does she share her knowledge, you get to experience it in your new OESH shoes!

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