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    Hello! This is Maggie from the OESH factory. Something we’ve been working on, but don’t have a pattern for yet, is crocheting an upper directly onto the OESH soles. To start, just crochet though the holes just like the tutorial for crocheting on an upper, then use those stitches as your first row!
    OESH Create Crochet

    Here are some examples of pairs we’ve made. We’re all fairly new to crochet here, so we’d love to see what someone with some experience can do!
    Black Crochet OESH Create
    Green Crochet OESH Create


    Is there a pattern for the green crochet pair?


    Hello! We do not have an exact pattern for any of the crocheted shoes as they were done mainly via trial and error and trying them on as we made them. We watched many videos on YouTube as we prepared, I will attach some links below:
    Crochet Flats
    Crochet Flats 2
    Crochet Slippers/Boots


    Shoes made with their own hands are very cool, as they turn out to be of high-quality and comfortable, because the one who makes them create shoes with love and care.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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