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The Warrior by OESH is the healthiest all-day performance shoe on the market. Driven by Dr. Kerrigan’s Harvard research, a shapely interior is for all women (including wide, regular, and narrow widths), above the perfectly flat, patented unit Sole. Delivering consistent buoyancy and biomechanically synched to work with the body, the Warrior fits soft and stretchy, hugging your midfoot and heel like a comfy sock–and at 7 ounces is very light–especially important during vigorous exercise and all-day wear.

As much as it is a fitness boon, the Warrior’s brilliant construction (an elastomeric single-piece “unit” Sole and knitted, plant-based recyclable upper which creates no production waste) laps any competition as the best choice for Sustainable performance footwear. Versus a typical running shoe of 65 parts made in 360 assembly steps, the Warrior is made of 6 parts in 12 steps. This circular OESH manufacturing footprint also allows for a superior product to sell at a superior everyday price.

Delivering these peerless long-term benefits to both your health and the earth’s wellness, OESH Footwear uses no EVA foam.

The machine washable Warrior in Forest is made in US women’s sizes 6-13.

All domestic OESH Footwear purchases and exchanges are shipped free.

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OESH Blue Warrior
OESH Blue Warrior

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