WHY are OESH Shoes preferred by women for bunions?

Medical Science!



Informed by published Medical Science, ALL OESH interiors, unlike the typical shoe on the left, are completely flat–both from heel-to-toe, and uniquely in the side-to-side forefoot plane–which means only OESH Shoes do not bunch your forefoot.

Typical Shoe Design

OESH Design

Pointed toes, crowded interior contours, and high heels all scheme to women’s 10x rate of bunions versus men.

Though none of these will ever be in an OESH Shoe, Healthy Footwear can be beautiful, too.

-Love these shoes. Live in these shoes! Marathons, obstacle course races, and at work my very large bunions can do it all in these shoes. And they last! Throw them in the washer after a muddy run or your husband accidentally washes your salons!

John John (Google Review #382)


-The Midnight Warrior are the first shoes I can remember ever fitting my toes!
My baby toes thank you for making shoes that are actually foot-shaped!
The responsive exterior material hugs my heal.
I ordered a different style yesterday!

Sonya (Google Review #375)


-High toe box, natural foot shape, great cushiony insole, fit like socks. Can’t say enough! If you want room for your big toe in a natural shaped footbed without smashing down your toe nail, buy these. Period.

Cheryl (Google Review #374)

Recommended Shoes for Bunions


Harvard Medical School graduate Dr. Casey Kerrigan developed OESH to specifically address women’s long-term wellness needs. Her background is unique in footwear–an honest-to-goodness Medical Doctor who earned the power of supported research grants from both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Unlike any other footwear, proven, peer-reviewed Medical Science informs the critical nuances within the OESH design. Our subsequent sky-high success versus bunions can be directly attributed to this functional design discipline–a roomy forefoot area without any contour, allowing your foot to move naturally and healthily, all above a comfortable elastic spring sole. OESH’s brilliant and beautiful stylings deliver healthy footwear you can enjoy wearing all day long.

Dr. Kerrigan: "Why I Created OESH Shoes"