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Thanks, OESH for the shoes. You are right, the Warriors are amazing! Getting ready to order 3 more
pairs now!

The OESH Warrior shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I walk everywhere
and often work at a standing desk, and they provide great support while also being lightweight and
aesthetically pleasing. I also have a pair of the OESH Dream shoes that I enjoy wearing in warmer

I finally received my Warriors today and they are awesome! Thank you so much! What a relief for my
whole body.

I received my Warriors right before Christmas. I’m so happy you told me to wait for this style. So
comfortable. Better for my feet than any of the other styles.
Have you ever thought about creating the Oesh Sock?
I hope you can create more shoes on the Warrior footbed. Like a slip on style. In the meantime I’m
gonna order another pair or two.
Keep up the great work. You are saving me for free from future foot surgery.

Yes yes!!
One gray for TODAY and one black for when I can get them! Both size 12.
These Dreams make my feet smile.

Thank you so very much! I received my new Warriors yesterday and they are amazing!! I literally have been unable to find any comfortable shoes besides my sandals! These new shoes are so comfortable! Plus I can wear them to Church and work! I look forward to buying more when I get a job!
I can’t thank you enough for developing these shoes!!
Merry Christmas!

Have been wearing my comfy, Yes, fabulous! Warriors ever since opening the box.
Thanks and Happy Holidays,

I just ordered and received a pair of the black ballerina style shoes, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.
I would love to do a review if you could direct me to the best link(s). I took them out of the box, put them on, and have not taken them off!! They are chic, flattering, but most of all INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE. I am so glad I came across your FaceBook ad and ordered. LOVING them. Thanks so much for all the work that went into R & D to get them on the market!!

You’re THE BEST!! Thank you so much! I’ve printed the stamp out. Wow are you ever so speedy with your customer service responsiveness!

Thank you!  I just placed my order.
These are the best shoes I’ve ever worn. They are so good for my feet.
Wishing all y’all all the best this holiday season.

I recently ordered the Salon shoes and they have been rocking my world! I have a very wide and square forefoot and Morton’s neuroma on my larger foot. Almost all footwear, even in wide, does not accommodate my right forefoot and still stay on my left foot. My feet measure 7 and 7.5, and I ordered an 8 in the Salon. The Salon is a miracle for me.

Love, love love my Oeshes — I used to kick off my shoes as soon as I got home and put on rubber clogs.
These sneakers are so amazingly comfortable that I wear them the whole day. All my other shoes, including those rubber clogs, are getting dusty in the closet.


I swore off ordering shoes by mail, but am giving it one last try. My size 12 feet are wide at the front (bunions) and very narrow in the heel. And the left foot is bigger than the right. I should just wear the boxes.
Hope this experiment works.

Just wanted to thank you so very much for your wonderful, professional, prompt, kind and willing handling of my return and exchanges.  Your service was superior!
I am so very grateful, and do appreciate you!

That’s super news.  Thank you so much! It’s actually my second recent Lea order – just love that Cranberry color!.  I own about 8 pairs of La Vidas and the gray Lea. I started wearing La Vida after researching good shoes for Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. That’s why I ordered a couple more pairs of them.
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly, and on a holiday weekend as well. I really appreciate
that. Take care, stay safe and healthy.


Good Day,
Your customer service has been wonderful. I always get a response in less than a day. Your shoes are

Many thanks for your expert advice and fabulous product. I recently had complex orthopedic foot
surgery. After 6 weeks in a heel boot, I was ordered to wear a Birkenstock sandal for 4 more weeks. This
doesn’t work for me, giving me swollen ankles due to all the lumps and dips in a Birk. So I changed to
my La Vidas and my ankle swelling went down the same day!! I am going to recommend OESH to the
Orthorpedic Dept. at UVA as theraputic after-surgery shoes that they should recommend. Heaven!
Many thanks,

Hello!  We received the sandals today and my wife is very happy with them.  Thank you for handling the
return, staying in communication and delivering a great product.

Thank you for your super fast response and fantastic customer service!  I have printed the Stamps.com
label and will ship in the next couple of days.

I want to express how much my feet love these shoes.  After trying the sandals, clogs and La Vidas v3.01, I felt I needed a pair suitable for work.  So I purchased a pair of Lea this past Spring for wearing to work. We have a window cleaning business and I’m on my feet, bending, kneeling, reaching on tip toes and standing on step ladders occasionally.  The shoes have been working out great.  The treads don’t pick up and track dirt, my feet aren’t sore when I get home and shoes don’t come off usually til after dinner, when I switch to a different pair of Oeshes.  I am totally hooked on your footwear and the relief my feet, calves, knees and even hips have experienced this window cleaning season.
I’m sold on these shoes since I haven’t found any other footwear I trust my feet and leg health with.
Have a great day!

Dear OESH Shoes Service Team Member,

Thank you so much for your timely and thorough response! All those reviewers were right when they said you offer the best and most informed/educated customer service. I agree!
I’ll be happy to have another pair of Elites in the blue Yalie color. One for indoors, one for outdoors. The next time I order, I’ll try the Salon. When I first looked at them I was concerned that my own skinny heel might slip out of them, but I see they are angled to catch the heel so maybe they’ll work for me.
And thanks for the tips on the Athenas. I fooled around a lot with the straps, but I’ll continue to search for the sweet spot. They are very comfortable sandals.
I printed the return label and will ship the shoes tomorrow. Thanks again for the awesome customer
All the best to you,

My shoes were just delivered & I L-O-V-E them! When you have “big” feet & they’re arthritic to boot, to find shoes that are comfortable is not a fun pastime.  I will be ordering more from you in the Future when I can, these are wonderful!


Dear Oesh Shoes,
Since switching to your shoes I’ve experienced a huge reduction in upper back pain and my posture has improved.  Thank you for making shoes that make my body feel better!
-Sarah (and her mom Marsha)

Good morning,
I received my Townie’s yesterday. Good I didn’t get in the box last night, because I might have tried to sleep in them. My first impression was amazing and then I called a friend who has a history of foot issues, surgeries, bunions, etc and told her about them.

Your shoes have had a huge impact in my life and my ability to function and work. Winter is coming!
You need to make a winter boot for Canadian winters (-30 Celsius). Or perhaps an insole I can put into a
wide toe winter boot!

I loved reading the information on the Sustainability page.  Good job!


I would like to say that I love, love, love my dream flats. It is also awesome that they are made here in Charlottesville!
Thanks so much,


Great, thank you for the info! I’ll give the size 8 Artemis a test drive and see how it goes, or if I need to size up or down. An extra $80 is VERY reasonable for custom, I had thought it would be more than that.
The wonders of 3D printing! (and two weeks later…):
Hello again!  Just wanted to follow up.  The shoes fit, and they are MAGICAL.  Best shoes ever.  Will definitely be buying more soon, and leaving a review on your website.  Thank you!


Lovely! Thanks so much. I love your shoes.
Best wishes,

-Monica (from Australia)

Hello from Washington DC!
I received my first pair of Oesh a few weeks back, the Artemis style with the ice blue sole. Unusual, edgy cool, AND comfortable. A hard combo to find. I happened upon the website because I was doing research for American shoe manufacturers. After a frustrating bout of online shopping, I found, as usual, all the shoes I like don’t come in wide, and most wide shoes I don’t like the style. So I started to revisit the idea of designing my own line of shoes. I was doing a search for shoemaking classes and shoe makers, when Oesh came up in the results. Do you think some more styles are in the future? I’d love to see a boots (chukka, chelsea/platform hybrid, motorcycle, and combat) for starters!I’ll be placing another order.


Thank you very much for the speedy response. I am so excited to get my tootsies into the Bungalow. Every OESH shoe I’ve worn has been my favorite shoe ever and I couldn’t be more grateful for the whole idea behind how you all do things over there. Thanks for helping this girl get around without foot pain, and for everything you’ve been doing this year in particular. Great company, huge fan, lifetime customer.
Thanks again,


Thanks for the guidance. The Townies are so incredibly comfortable and now that I’m a mom and not a touring musician, I’ve finally prioritized foot health but have struggled thus far to find shoes that were cool looking!


Hi, Oesh Team.
I’m finally taking a minute to tell you how much I love my Oesh Artemis sandals. I ordered the Rose Quartz soles with the Robin’s Egg Blue straps and they are even prettier in real life. First of all, they arrived sooner than expected. I ordered them on Saturday, July 4, so I didn’t expect them until the 13th or 14th because I placed my order on the weekend, and weekend orders with many companies are not processed till Monday. The comfort is unbelievable! All my sandals are comfortable, otherwise I wouldn’t wear them, but these are tops! The straps are soft and comfortable, and the toe nest is comfortable too. The buckle is easy to use, so they are easy to put on and take off. I walked all over Costco with my husband on Sunday, and they felt amazing! They will be perfect at our camper, because the straps keep my feet secure and they’ll be great on the beach. I’ve never spent this much money on a pair of sandals, but they are worth every penny, and especially since they are made to order in Charlottesville. I also like the cloth bag which makes a great shoe bag and cuts down on waste. Oesh rocks!


Thank you, I have bought 6 pairs of shoes and love your product. And again thank you also for the mask donations to Health workers.


The first-generation Dreams were good, but the second-generation Dreams are great. Team OESH nailed the fit on the new Dreams. The new heel structure is perfect for securely grabbing the heels of those of us with narrower than average feet.


I think I’m in love.  My new Townies are every bit as comfortable as you said they would be and I’m so thrilled!  Thank you for your recommendation.  I will be back!


Thank you so much. Your customer service is superb.


I just received my Dream shoes and I love them! It honestly feels like I am not even wearing shoes!
Thanks so much,


Hope all is well with you.  It’s been so nice to read about all the good work you guys have done, pivoting in manufacturing and making PPE for the fight against Covid 19.  Well done!

I have been wearing La Vida’s to play tennis for almost five years now and they are wonderful shoes.  My feet are much stronger and they have helped me improve my game and more importantly, avoid injury.
All the best,


Hello service team,
Thank you for your email. I’m ordering a size 10 because I won’t be wearing two pairs  of thick socks with the Bungalows.  I hope this works. So, yes the order is correct.  Thanks for checking. So happy with Oesh.  All my shoes are oesh, and I tell my friends about these shoes all the time. Also, so kind of you to offer a discount if available.



Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry. This is my fourth pair of OESH shoes, & I have been very pleased with both the quality of the shoes and the excellent customer service.
Again, many thanks!


I actually have all three colors of the dreams. I’m so glad I discovered OESH…it’s my new favorite shoe


I appreciate your business so much. The Ombre grey pair of your Townies that I’ve purchased earlier is my go to on a daily basis. Women around always ask where I got it from. Thanks a lot!


Dear Oeshers,
My affiliation with OESH shoes and your company is brand new and I must say how completely amazed I am at both the quality of my new footwear and the exceptional customer service you provide!  I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma in both feet and did quite a bit of research before placing my first order.  The comfort of my first two pair are beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to receive my third pair of OESH shoes.
I will be happy to share my satisfaction with others!


Thank you very much for your response and your kind note about our prime minister. We think too she has done incredible things. I hope that Covid gets under control at your end too.
And I am also very impressed by your donations of respiratory masks. Leadership is just that, taking steps to help others around us! I look forward to your email about the new shoes.

Kind regards,

-Christine (from New Zealand)

Thank you. I was so impressed when I saw you were making masks to help our very brave nurses, doctors, and first responders. I live in ma and hope someone picks up the ball here. What a great idea.


I just received my order.  Oh my gosh, these are the most comfortable sandals I’ve worn in a long time.  I have Morton’s Neuroma and I’ve been searching.  I’m looking forward to a long walk again.


Hi! My mom received her shoes! Thank you so much!
All the Best,


Thanks for your excellent customer service – I can’t wait to get my sandals 🙂
All the best,


Great, thanks! Glad you got it to work.
Took a long walk with my dog wearing the sandals for the first time this season – my feet felt so good afterwards. They’re the best!
Thank you,


I love my Oesh shoes.  My hips, knees and feet feel so much better than before.
Thank you for your research,


I am looking forward to receiving my order of the Lilac Townies and Phantom Athenas. In fact I bought my first pair of Athena sandals two years ago after having read an article about the founder of your firm in the Press, and I am glad I did.
Kind regards,

-Paraskevi (from Greece)

I just received the La Vida Sagebrush shoes, love the color, and they are a great fit. Thank you for the continued excellent service especially with the Coronavirus making life crazy for all of us trying to run a business,


Hello! I just got my very first order of OESH shoes. I absolutely love how they feel! I’ve never felt shoes like this before wow.


Dear OESH Geniuses,
OK, so I have MS, but I am still very active walking. However, my hips often hurt because my right leg drops once in a while when I walk. Lately, my right foot has also been acting up with crammed toes and a sore instep.
SO — I read about your shoes, and I knew I had to try them if I were to keep on my feet without pain. You never made the claim that your shoes could help people who have gait issues, but I want you to know that for me, these shoes, even though I have only had them one day, have been almost a miracle cure. Unless this is all in my head, my whole body has not felt better in months.

I noticed immediately how different I felt when I put on the shoes. I suddenly felt “balanced.” It’s hard to explain, and no, you did not pay me to write this. The width allowed my toes to spread. The solid sole kept me grounded. And the incredible soft inside made me feel as if I were walking on air. After about an hour, I forgot that I even had shoes on.
So, is this just a fluke? I really don’t think so. I have been “climbing up the ladder” of MS, so to speak. I couldn’t walk half a mile ten years ago, and now I am up to five miles a day. However, I am also 68, andthe walking on hard pavement has taken its toll mostly on my lower back and hips. Yesterday, after wearing your shoes for three hours, I felt as if I had a new body. I even slept last night without chronic pain.
Can a shoe do all this? I can’t say for sure. But I do know that wearing your shoes was the only change I made to my routine. So, I’ll keep in touch and let you know how the rest of this month goes. I expect I will find the same results: happy feet, happy hip, happy lower back, and I happier than ever me.


I forgot to mention that I really like the packing bags!  A nice touch and much more useful and better for
the environment.


Thank you for all you did for helping out health care workers with masks… Great community service!!
Also wanted to thank you for the redesign of the Dream!! I had been trying to “break in” my ones from last year & it just wasn’t working… I saw that you were helping with mask making & wanted to contribute! Since you had redesigned the Dream, I decided to give it another try…
These Dreams fit great from the time I got them & now are my favorite warm weather shoe!!
Thank you!!


Wow – your team is awesome! Thanks for stepping up.
Today I wore my newest OESH runners for the first time so when the La Vidas arrive I will be able to rotate them with my other new ones. Thanks for the article reference- it was helpful. At 70 I’m not running marathons but I do plan to keep on walking and nothing makes my cranky feet more comfy than your shoes and sandals!
Thanks again and I hope you all remain healthy and safe.

-Mary (from Canada)

Just got my Athenas. They couldn’t fit better! The sole has just enough cushion while still being sturdy.
And the straps are comfortable. I will definitely leave a good review on Facebook.


Thank you for making respirators to help with the COVID19 pandemic. We are grateful beyond words.


Thank you for what you are doing for our healthcare workers!!!




Hi, Oesh Team. I’ve been busy, but I want to let you know that I took your advice and ordered an 8.5 in the Dogwood Blossom Dreams, and the fit is perfect. I really appreciate the higher toe box, and the seamless design. The new material is so soft, and I even have a dress that’s a perfect color match! 

Thank you for using your technology to make washable ventilator masks. I’ve followed the development on Instagram. I’m thrilled to support a small business in my home state.




The Salon is amazing — had to order one more pair — wish I had more feet!!

Cheers and wow, they are so wonderful to wear


Also, thank you for using your resources to make respirators for health care workers during this covid crisis. It makes me proud to be an American. 

– Mary

Good afternoon,

It is so awesome to know of the masks and clips that OESH is making. I love my OESH shoes. Wouldn’t be able to walk without them literally. They have given me my life back. Hope you all have a blessed week.


Wow! Thanks, and this is just one of the reasons I am a very loyal repeat customer; the shoes are the first reason! And good job on the medical mask project!

You stay healthy too!


So grateful you are making these masks.  Thank you!


It is terrific that you are using your 3D printing capability to make masks for the healthcare workers. PROUD TO KNOW YOU.👍👍


I just received my Salon and Dream Shoes. Both are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. 

Thanks for the shoes! 


Thank you Casey for doing this for our medical community! You rock!


I want you to know how honored and proud I am to in some small measure support your repurposing of your 3D print capability for the creation of the reusable respirator masks. I have both posted about this and personally sent the specs/url to several clinicians in other states and one business exec in the hope their contacts might help generate a multiplication of the effort!   Kudos to you all! Cheers, Casey! We’ve come a long way since meeting over the feta at Trader Joe’s!


Good afternoon,

😊I’m still learning about my feet and sizing and can honestly say I’m So happy to have come across your brand. Also, it’s pretty awesome that you are making masks to donate too. Thanks again & Stay healthy! 



Hi there.

Let me say how knocked out I am about your 3D mask effort. Bravo and thank you!


My Salons arrived yesterday and I have hardly taken them off.  They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn I think.  

Thanks for making these shoes – and respirators.


I love your shoes and I love what you’re doing now!


Thank you, especially for using your skills to make protective masks for health care workers. God bless you.


Thank you for all that you are doing for others.


What GREAT service!
Thanks so much,


So great that you are helping with the PPE effort. I’m a 3D Printing Application Engineer and I really appreciate how you are using your company resources to do this!



Let me say that since I received your Salon shoes for Christmas from my daughter, I have praised them far and wide as the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

Thanks so much,


Hello OESH team.  First and foremost I LOVE these shoes.  I first heard about them on NPR on “How I Built This”.  I am an ER doc and after a knee surgery I really wanted something different than my Danskos.  Enter the OESH shoes.  I received these as a gift from my mother for my 40th Bday late Dec 2019.  I do wear them quite a bit and I have had many inquiries from friends.



Thank you for all you are doing to creatively and quickly address the needs of healthcare workers during this crisis. Thank you very much for your consideration, innovation and responsiveness to the community need.

Best regards,


It’s splendid that you’re making masks. I learned about you from a friend, who posted the information on Facebook. You’re doing the right work. And, coincidently, I needed a good pair of walking shoes.





Thank you for donating masks to health care workers!! Love your shoes!


Hi! Thanks so much, Oesh, for the masks going out into the world!

-Kirsten (in New York City)

So impressed and proud of your company’s ingenuity in these times. Hope this order helps. 


I hope that the 4 pairs of shoes that I recently ordered and received will help the cause (OESH editor: They sure did!).  You are doing a wonderful thing for our country.  I love your product and appreciate your compassion.


Only OESH forever!


Wow! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! You are the best and were correct . I just came back from a 2 mile walk with my dog in the dreams and I am so excited! No slipping in the heel and my toes were very happy! Wish I had done the same with my black ones. Will save up $ and order another black and grey in size 10 soon! 


Good Afternoon, 

I received my 2 pair of Dreams (Dogwood Blossom and Grey) today. As with my other 3 pair of Dreams (Black, Blue, Grey) they are amazingly comfortable and a shoe I would wear all day every day without question. I am looking forward to getting the Salon and Townie’s this year as well. Those will be the only shoes in my closet. Thank you so much for making these and making it so convenient to acquire. You are awesome as usual without a doubt. Totally Recommend these shoes, if you aren’t wearing them you should be folks. Getting older isn’t easy and I like simple yet professional shoes for work. 


Thank you so much for sending the size 9 Dreams! I do prefer the extra toe room!

I agree that the back of the shoe feels wonderful! This is my first time trying an OESH shoe but I can compare to other brands that have rubbed and created blisters on my heel! It is also nice that my foot still feels secure and I don’t have to worry about it slipping out of the shoes. 

Thank you again for all of your help! The reviews mention the great customer service and I totally agree!


I just got a pair of your Townie shoes & want to order two more pairs. They are amazing!!



I received these new Dream shoes today and seriously, these are the most comfy flats I’ve ever put on.  Thank you again.  These shoes are AMAZING.


These are basically the only shoes I wear any more and I hope the size 8 in the new design will work just as well for me. I have 4 pairs of the old Dream Flats. They are the most comfortable shoes I have.

Thank you!


Thank you so much. You make the best shoes ever and I am so grateful you believe in and stand behind them!


Charlotte does indeed love her Dreams! Thanks for getting them out to us!

So far, so good, with my Leas

Thank you 


Hi Oesh!

Oh, how I love your shoes! I practice acupuncture and herbal medicine, and tell many of my patients about you. 

I love the red dreams and my pre-ordered townies!

I also pre-ordered the black new dreams.  

Thank you so much for being such an awesome company. I can’t wait to see where you continue to grow. 

-Pnina (in Israel)

Your Company Service is absolutely fantastic!!

I received the replacement Salons yesterday!!  Just put them on this evening & they are perfect!!

Thank you so very much!!


Thank you so much! First of all for your extremely prompt reply and for remedying the issue so easily!

I talk about you guys all of the time to my friends and family. They are becoming Oeshers as well!! 



Yay!! Thank you so much!  I have four pairs of your flats, one in each color, so now that makes 13 pairs of oesh shoes.  I love them so much!  You guys are the best!!  



Received my size 9 Dreams today!!!  They fit perfectly!!!  I think they will be my new favorite shoe.  Planning on wearing them to my daughter’s wedding.  I will be able to dance all night.  LOL

Thanks for making such an amazing shoe!!!


Thank you so much. Your customer service ROCKS!!


Wow, my box just arrived! The Salons are amazing…every bit what I hoped they would be. Nice to have a pair of shoes to wear in the house (think slippers) that don’t have fur in them, lol! They feel great! 

And, I’ve just taken 5 pair of LaVidas and Leas out of the washing machine to take with me. 

Thanks again. You guys are so reliable and responsive. 



My two pairs arrived this week and I absolutely adore them. So much that I ordered today another pair of the dreams (in grey this time), and a pair of Athena. I was able to use the Valentine weekend discount, so thank you!!

-Christine (in New Zealand) 

Thanks! Got the new Dreams and love them- sooo comfortable.



The Salons arrived this morning and they are wonderful. Thanks again for the quick turnaround on this. My knees feel better already!


Ok thank you very much!

I will never live in a pair of shoes other than OESH, since purchasing the sandals I have loved them, being only 30 and having bunion pain since my teens they have been a lifesaver. I’m also very excited to try the new dream flats.


Love the Salon Pebble and I’m jumping for joy with the OESH bag.

All good.

xoxo all around 



Thanks so much for your quick response. That’s great news! I’m excited to order some shoes now. 🙂

As for hearing about the shoes, it was on the How I Built This podcast. I love finding great products via trusted sources and am a huge fan of comfortable, ethically made footwear. 

Thanks so much!

-Heather (from Sweden)

My shoes arrived!  The Salons are FABULOUS, I love them.  Thanks for making it happen–


Dear Bob,

Fantastic! Loved Casey’s videos! I will be forwarding them to all my friends who still believe in arch support.



Salons are awesome!

I got my new grey Salons yesterday and they’ve only been off my feet to sleep.  I think they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.  I’ve been in barefoot/minimalist shoes for three years now and the change in footwear has eliminated my piriformis syndrome and chronic SI joint pain.  I’ve tried many brands, most of which have very thin soles (by design), which are not always the most comfortable for me.  I need zero drop, the wide toe box, and the flexible sole but I don’t necessarily need the greatest ground feel so the Oesh sole is perfect.  I also have the Dream flats in blue and will purchase them in black when they are restocked, along with a pair of Townies.  If you could figure out an ankle boot, I’d wear Oesh shoes every day of the year!  

Thank you!


Hey Bob,  thanks as always for your wonderful responses. I just placed the order. So excited about the Salons.  I’m now almost 100% Oesh!  

It was a quiet Thanksgiving here…. always good.  Hope yours was good too.

Best to you!


Thank you so much! I have received and printed the postage label.

And I love the Townie flats I purchased, also! They are perfect.


You are the bomb! So nice to come home to perfect size 11 townies – they are adorable. Thank you!


So happy – I just received my order!  I was unusually anxious to get the Leas because our niece, who is very ill, needs them ASAP to help her walk with less fear of falling.  As to my Salons, they are PERFECT.  They are just right to put on and take off easily when in and around the house.  I have been “barefooting” a lot around the house which has, I think, been good for a chronic pain where my second toe connects to the metatarsal area.  However, the Salons will also give me plenty of ease and roominess in that area plus they’re warm as well.  

Sorry that I was so concerned about the time it took to receive them.  I was really afraid they’d been swiped at delivery.  Hopefully you will be catching up soon after the Salon introduction.  Thanks to all for working the overtime, and for manufacturing the Salons in the USA.  They are great!  


This is my second pair of Salons. Love them. They’re good for walks and other exercise too.


Dear Sir or Madam,

This is AMAZING!  I, of course, am telling everyone what an amazing company you are.  🙂

SO looking forward to getting my new shoes and wearing them proudly.

Have a lovely holiday season.

-Amy Jo (from Switzerland)

Hi Bob, 

The grapefruit Lea’s have arrived, they are a lovely bright color! I am reminded again, immediately after putting them on, the amazing comfort they provide. For my feet honestly, no other shoe choice has equaled Oesh!

I will be eagerly watching for the future sole transformation & the opportunity to purchase, as they have been so therapeutic for my feet & knees

Your commitment to your customers is outstanding, I will continue to share my positive results with my family & friends, as always! 



I just received my size 8 Dream flats.  I wore them all day yesterday and love them!  Thanks! 


Dear OESH: The new flat I just received is exceptionally comfortable.   The thicker sole is so goooddd for my feet and they stay on and no slippage.   Wanting you to know this new design is like no other flat I have had with your exquisite sole.       I think I will be wearing them around the house alot no matter where I am.          Wishing you the best and the New Harvest Moon did shine over Oesh.   


Hello!! I received the size 11 Townies and love them!!! They fit perfectly!!! I hope that you will keep making these shoes!!💛  


Thanks! I can’t wait to get my Townies… but I must tell you, I think the Flatforms are your greatest invention thus far 😉


LOVE these Townies!  Loyal Oesher here.  You guys literally helped my feet heal from two neuromas and avoid surgery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And those summer platform sandals were gorgeous too 



Thank you so much for such a great and detailed response.  It was really helpful and just what I needed.  And I did already get a pair of Townie’s and am enjoying wearing them.  You have really great customer service and you went above and beyond.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for your attention and customer service. I got my shoes on Saturday and wore them to a family gathering. My sister-in-law and I had been discussing comfortable shoes the day before, as we often do, and when I arrived she took my shoe off my foot to try it on and took it over to show it to someone else! I had to hobble over to get it back from her! 🙂  An additional benefit to your shoes; I now happen to have a broken toe, and these are the most comfortable for that toe!

I will be recommending your company to all my friends.

Thanks again,


I don’t know what could be cooler than the dreams.


Thank you SO MUCH for your fantastic service as always!! I’m going to order one or 2 new pairs of OESH shoes, you’re just so professional and knowledgeable!! !  

Thanks again and again!!


Good Morning,

I received my sandals and shoes just a couple hours ago. I have to tell you I am wearing the sandals right now and am in love, love, love!! 


I am in love with these shoes. Have been wearing them for 4 hours and my feet still feel wonderful.

Thank you.


Good Friday Afternoon!

So, your order arrived so quick!  I received my shoes yesterday evening when I got home and I was so excited as they are better in person. I immediately put the shoes on and you are right they did ok for my very wide foot.

By the way I think your company has the best customer service that I have ever seen😊

Thanks So Much


Dear Oesh Team,

My shoes have arrived! The exchange process was so easy. The 9 is a perfect fit. I tried them on with no-show liners and walked on my carpeted bedroom floor. They are so comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them out of the house. The Dream hugs my foot and they stay on with no problems. I’m glad they’re washable, too. The red is a gorgeous shade, but I hope you will add some more fun colors to the Dream. I like supporting small businesses, especially ones in my home state. Thanks for having a  4th of July sale so I could try your shoes. 



Thank you so much for your amazing customer service! 


Just received my order. Thank you. LOVE THEM! Thank you!


Your customer service is super and I was easily able to exchange my flats for a larger size. The red is gorgeous. They’re so comfortable and the bouncy sole makes them great for walking everywhere. Most ballet flats have paper thin soles. My feet stay cool and comfortable even in hot weather. I’m thrilled to support a company based in my home state.




I love your OESH Dream flats. As a long distance runner for years, my plantar fasciitis can cause me pain in so many shoes, but not the Dream. I can go from work to playing with my toddler in the Dream flats and continue to be pain free since buying my first pair a while ago. I love that I can throw them in the wash too! I just bought my 4th pair from your promotion today so I can have one in each color.

My question for you all is: are you considering offering the Dream in a brown/tan/neutral color any time soon? I need this color for work and have been holding off on buying a competitor’s shoe in case you all might release something in that color in the future. Can you please let me know if that is something you are considering?

(next day)…Thank you for your prompt and kind reply! This is wonderful news for me. I will hold off longer on buying anything to see what new colors you all offer at the end of this summer so I can keep supporting a business where your customer service is so kind and thoughtful and where your product is wonderful.


Thank you!  I really appreciate that! I have not been able to purchase ready made shoes for over three years!  It has been a huge blessing and answer to prayer to find OESH shoes! 


Thank you SO MUCH! I wore my new OESH sandals all day yesterday, walking long distances and traveling in PERFECT comfort!! I’d been using orthotics the past 7 months, due to PF and Morton’s neuroma, which only gradually has gotten somewhat better… but one day with your sandals have already made a profound difference!!

Thank you again. You’ll be hearing from me again (with ONLY good news and further orders!!)



Just wanted to say thank you for exchanging the shoes to a size 9…they fit perfectly and are super comfortable!  They did arrive on Monday, but we were in NYC by then, so I didn’t get them until Wednesday.
Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service!  I will be telling my friends!

Thank you so much. On Friday, I posted the flats back to you. I look forward to receiving the other pair
and will keep you posted. I do hope they fit correctly!
Your customer service is exemplary.
Best Regards,

Good morning,

I have been wearing OESH because of my knee arthritis for quite a while now and love them.  I wear the
La Vida.


You are correct on today’s morning delivery and I am smiling from ear to ear on my way to work flying with my new shoes. Thank you yes they are as you described Fantastic. Thank you. 

Thank you for thinking to help others like me. Be well!


Worth a try — I’ll give it a whirl!  Thank you very much for your creative efforts in trying to satisfy my request.  I can see why you won the 2018 Charlottesville Business Innovator of the Year award,



Hello, OESH.

I’m sorry to be pushy, but could you give me an update on this order? I was hoping to get married in these (“something blue”) sandals on July 5. If they won’t make it in time, I’d like to cancel the order. Thank you very much,

Thank you!! I was looking for shoes and then I thought — why would I wear anything else?


Cody and I took Willie kayaking last weekend and I wore my maroon 3D printed sandals. They worked GREAT in the water and didn’t cause any slipping when going from kayak to land! 


I am a true fan

I just received my shoes and sandals. The sandals are heaven on earth. I have a funny story to tell you about my orange shoes. My husband thought they were ugly but I love them because they are different and comfortable. We went out to dinner and I wore my shoes and he said that he couldn’t sit with me because of those shoes. I walked into the restaurant and this young woman looked at me and said those shoes are fly. We still laugh about that. I love those orange shoes and I love these gray sandals. Thank you.


I received my Oesh Dream flats today.  As someone with wide feet and a high instep, shoe shopping is a hard and frustrating thing to do.  

I love these flats.  They are incredibly comfortable and my feet are not spilling out the sides like they do on most flats.  They hug the feet perfectly and I am in shock at how comfortable they are. I am so happy I ordered these shoes!


Hi all

I just got your sandals for Morton’s neuroma and I cannot believe how much better I feel already.  



I received my first pair of Dreams on Friday. I showed them to my sister last night; she wanted a pair just like them, so I let her keep them. 🙂 So I’m ordering another pair for me!


I just have to say that I love this shoe. Not only is it comfortable, but it makes me happy to look down at my feet. They look pretty! At almost 70 years old, there’s not much to be vain about any more, but I love my feet in Dreams!


Dear Oesh,

When I finally got my dream shoe and wore it to the office the next day all I could say is, “Wow”. That was at the beginning of May 2019, and I have been wearing them 4 out of 5 days at the office. I wore them so much that my co-worker insist that I buy another pair in a different color. She even told another co-worker who has foot issues similar to mine (mortons neuroma) how happy I was. My fellow co-worker bought a pair of sandals in desperation. She was about to leave on vacation to Disneyland and did not know how she could manage walking around the park all day with her condition. She said she could not have done it without the sandals.

What amazed me about the Dream Shoe is that even though it is lacking arch support and a metatarsal support my feet have never felt better. I have no tingly toes or achy feet. The firmness of the sole was another surprise. I recall my podiatrist saying that a firm soled shoe is better. 

Thank you for creating such a great shoe!


An Update….The shoes arrived yesterday…Immediately wore them for the rest of the day…… I f I could give them 12 stars I would. On my way out today again with ‘my new best friends” on my feet….FABULOUS!!!!!


Hi, OESH Service Team!

I have previously ordered the white sneakers and a pair of OESH black dream flats and love them both.  I can go anywhere in the white leather sneakers and feel really comfortable. The Dream flats are the first dress shoes I have worn since 2005, as they are the only shoes that stop the pain from bunions on both feet. 

-Jo Anne

Got them and they fit great. Thank you for all of the help you have given me on all of my purchases. You guys are the best and hope your boss knows what a great team you are!!


Yes I have kept wearing these Celeste Artemis sandals for small amounts of time and the burning I’ve had for years is not as bad. I’m actually starting to like these shoes. However, once I’ve worn these for a while my other shoes feel weird. I guess that’s just the difference in the way the OESH soles are squishy firm. At the same time that I ordered the OESH shoes, I also ordered 8 pairs of Baretraps, 2 Oofahs, 1 fit flop, 2 sketchers and a couple of other kinds and have returned all but 1 Baretrap pair and the OESH pair. I guess that says a lot about your OESH sandals. Thanks for checking in.


How do you say OESH? Rhymes with Gosh??  Well, gosh these Oesh shoes have comforted the Morton’s neuroma with which I am plagued. Rhymes with Sheesh?? Sheesh! no more walking on marbles with the lace-ups and the sandals. Am I pleased? You bet!!! 6 STARS.

Thank you



I LOVE my Dream flats and wear them almost every day! I did purchase the gray (tines two!) and blue as well, in addition to a pair of the sandals. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn! 

Which begs the question…will y’all consider creating some lighter colors for spring and summer eventually? Even a taupe would help! I wear them to work as a librarian daily, even when they clash with my outfit. They’re that essential! 



Thank you I got my first pair a couple of weeks ago and love them. Great for my knees. Now I will have one in each color. I can run agility with my dog in them.



Is it possible to throw the Dream shoes into the washing mashing? What is the best way to clean them? {OESH ed. Absolutely yes! Remove the insocks and wash both the Dreams and insocks in a gentle cycle with cold water, then air dry overnight—they will sparkle in the morning!)

I wear them every single day. They are so comfortable, look nice in my professional office, and completely reduced the pain I have from a neuroma. I love them! I can’t wait to see the new styles you come out with. Can you make boots?



I absolutely LOVE my dreams!  Best, most comfortable shoe every AND it is dressy.  I was early in on the crowd funding, wish I’d bought more then!  Also my husband bought me a second pair, the grey, for Mother’s Day.  I have one request:  you need to make a pair for summer dresses!  How about a light tan pair to go with summer dresses and light pants?  I’d snap them up in a heartbeat.

Love the product!  Thanks


I really want to thank you for making such amazing shoes! I bought my first 2 pairs of OESH, La Vidas, and Artemis in January of this year and have worn them almost exclusively starting on the way home from Charlottesville where Carter was most helpful with our purchase. I am now free from my foot pain (injury plus plantar fasciitis) and knee pain. I attribute my new pain free status to the design of these shoes! Many Thanks Again!


I injured my foot over the weekend.  All my shoes were making it worse, then I tried my Dream flats and no pain!  I’ve been wearing them all week and my foot is healed.  These are really some awesome shoes!  


I meant to email you saying false alarm! They arrived here in Juneau almost right after my email haha. And I love them so much! I’ve been wearing 2-3 pairs of socks for the last 4 years due to my Morton’s Thank neuroma so these are amazing.



Hi, Oesh Service: I just received my size 9 blue Dreams and I love them. I had bunion surgery at the end of November and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be wearing cute shoes again…especially a pair that are good for my feet! I’ll be spreading the word. Plus, you made a mix-up easy and pleasant to correct. Thanks for your service.


I have been wearing the La Vida+ | Charcoal shoes for 3 months and have found them to be the most comfortable walking shoes that I have ever worn. They even mitigate the burning peripheral neuropathy in my feet.

Thank you too for your awesome customer service in finding a shoe that “works” for me.


Hi folks, 

I have purchased several pairs of shoes and sandals and always seem to miss coupons. Do you have any coming out soonish? I’d like another pair of La Vida’s before we sell our house and hit the road.

The new design for the shoe bottoms is FAR superior to the early ones. FAR more sturdy. 



Good afternoon. I received my gray size 10 flats last night. I absolutely love them. They are fantastic. And I am thrilled that I found your company. 

I would like to order another pair.

Many thanks. 


Just wanted to confirm that my order was at the apartment office. Thanks for sending them so quickly.  I love every pair!!


Well, I’ve never written a product review before, but I have to say these shoes are delightful—laced shoes that slip off easily and laces that don’t demand so much loosening and tightening to put them on again.  Not only that, they look so much nicer than any other walking/running shoe I’ve seen—neat on the foot.  Oh, and did I mention how comfortable?

Thank you.

-Mary Ann


Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll look forward to receiving the order here in Japan.  And I have loved your shoes for years.

They are the best thing that ever happened to my feet,

Best regards


I never dreamed my shoes would arrive so soon.  I ordered them on Friday afternoon and they arrived Monday by priority mail.  I immediately put them on. They feel great. I bought them after 3 months of pain from osteoarthritis of the knee.  I know that I will benefit greatly from wearing Oesh!



My shoes came and It felt like someone has sprinkled fairy dust over my feet. I tried the shoes with my
orthotics and they were uncomfortable. The next day I tried them without the orthotics and that’s when
the magic happened. I was able to walk my dogs pain free at a steady pace, without limping or my gait
being altered in any way. This is a such a big thing for me to be pain free and have my normal gait back.
Didn’t think I was going to be able to get back home before tears of joy and relief fell.
Ps – the UK do charge custom fees when items come in from abroad, this would be for all customers
across the UK. (£16.99) . Big raspberry to them but love and peace to OESH J
Thank you so much.

Dear OESH people,
Today my package arrived and I am so happy ! Both the LEA and DREAM fits wonderfully !

Thank you again for doing this for me.
Now I am ready for spring and the LEA are going with me to Portugal next month.
-Ann in Halifax

OESH shoes are extremely comfortable! I have the Elites and Athena sandals. I love the design concept
based on Dr. Kerrigan's research on feet, gait and eliminating stress to our joints.
Elites: I walked all over Italy in the Elites. Comfortable and supportive, even on cobblestones. They are
so light, practically weightless for a clog. And quiet! They're a great travel shoe.
Athena: A very comfortable and supportive sandal. I live in the tropics, and they will be perfect. They're
much cuter than they look in the photos.
For Chaco fans – I have worn the Chaco Z/1s since they started in 1989, traveling all over SEAsia, and I
swear by them. But they are also very heavy! While I'll still wear my Chacos for rougher trails and
trekking, the Athena are my go-to for everyday. They are light and bouncy and fun to walk in.
Customer service, and Bob in particular — Best in the world. OESH wants to get you into their
comfortable shoes, they know once you experience OESH, you'll be a customer for life. Bob helps you
find your perfect shoe style(s). Exchanges are painless. Love the free shipping. Thanks OESH!

Hello Oesh!

I’m majorly in love with your Dream flats! Thanks so much!


I have been searching for a place to leave a review, because I simply cannot say thank you enough or rave about your shoes and customer service. I order the dream flat during your Indiegogo campaign and have had them for a few months now.  I moved across the country after ordering the shoes, and my address did not get updated and it resulted in my shoes getting delivered to a place that I could not get them. I reached out to customer service and your team was AMAZING! They got my new address and sent me a totally new pair of shoes, no hassle no drama. Then when they arrived, the shoes were slightly too big for me, once again I reached out to customer care and the whole process was so simple, I got the shoes returned and the new shoes were at my house in what seemed like no time.

Now that I have the shoes, I want to rant not only about how great your customer service was, but also how amazing the shoes are. To do this, I think I would like to share a little bit about my shoe-journey and how I ended up backing your Indie GoGo campaign.

My husband is a marathon runner and is really really serious about his feet. When we got together and first started running together, he was always very concerned about my shoes. At the time I worked a very high stress job, and wore high heels most days. I would work 10-14 hour days, all in heels, lots of time on my feet. I was in pain all the time! I had been an avid runner earlier in my life, but suddenly my knees could not handle it any more. My husband had a strong suspicion that it was because of my work shoe choice. He convinced me to switch to wearing shoes with a foot shaped toe box. My feet and legs instantly started feeling much better (and I could run again!) but I experienced a less than warm reception about my new footwear choice at work. This kicked off my journey of trying to find a professional women’s shoe that I could wear in a business setting. I searched and search, tried on hundreds of pairs of shoes, and just nothing worked. Then, I found your Indiegogo campaign! Your shoes are truly amazing, they are so comfortable, flexible, they fit my feet perfectly, and very professional. I also LOVE the red pair that I have, because they add personality to my outfits. On a side note, my quest to find professional shoes that didn’t kill my legs kicked off another journey. As I mentioned above, my work had a less than warm reception when I stopped wearing heels. I realized that a workplace that only values women if they are wearing high heels, is not a workplace that values woman at all. So I got a new fabulous job to go with my new fabulous dream flats.

Once again, thank you thank you thank you,


Oh my god, that would be amazing! (And yes, you got the size right)

Your shoes are absolutely amazing. I tried on a pair of my back up Altras today and just couldn’t stand them… the sole doesn’t have that bouncy cushion that OESHs have. Best shoes in the world and I’ve told so many people about them already. Thank you again!


Thank you so much for your prompt and personal reply.  I am NOT accustomed to “hearing” a real person’s voice through email communication with a company!  That was a treat.

You were correct; I pulled them out of the mailbox this afternoon.  Lo and behold, THEY FIT!  I am beyond pleased.  I’ll spare you my long history of shoe grief; suffice it to say, this whole experience has been a rarity indeed.  Thank you so much!  I’ll be stalking your website to see when you offer more colors I like (teal and dark purple, please!!).

I love the free shipping.  I realize it’s bundled in the cost and nothing is free, but I LOVE seeing the total cost from the very beginning of shopping instead of waiting till some unknown point in the checkout process. J


Thanks so much!  Both pairs of these Dreams are for my mother,

And these are the only shoes she can wear now.


Dear Oesh Team,

I bought the sneakers and the clogs last Friday and so far, they’re amazing!  Have worn sneakers to work two days in a row and the difference from what I was wearing (which was still zero drop and wide toe box but not cushioned enough) is incredible.  I feel much much better so far.  Thank you for making these amazing shoes!  The guy who helped me at the factory on Saturday was also really nice and helpful and answered my questions.  Very positive experience.

My husband is interested in the shoes too but he wears an 11.5-12 in mens I believe.  It looks like you go up to an 11 in men’s if I’m converting the sizes right.  Is that correct?  [OESH ed: we comfortably fit a men’s 12 (an OESH 13) in the LV+ and Lea with a full size run in men’s Sandals, too.]

Thank you so much!!


I appreciate knowing about Shoe Goo repair and the possibility of a new pair!  I live in my shoes for walking, Tai chi and more.  It is a pleasure to do business with your company, with a great product and excellent customer service.

Thanks again,


Just received your dream shoes Thanks they fit like a Dream.

Very few shoes are comfortable and these are a perfect fit as they stretch to accommodate my wide feet but grip on my narrow heels I would recommend these Oesh shoes and sandals Thank you It is a pity you do not have a shop in England.

Thanks again



I received my purple Athena sandals and they are fabulous! Thank you so much for going above and beyond with your customer service by making custom purple sandals for me! It’s snowing outside right now, but I’m so looking forward to wearing them when it warms up! I’ve worn them around the house, and they are SOOO comfortable…

Thank you, thank you!


I have purchased your shoes in the past and think they are absolutely excellent.  Do you have an outlet in Canada?  I have many problems with my feet and there are times when only my Oesh shoes are wearable.   Thank you again for producing such wonderful shoes.


My essential black dreams size 9 arrived today and they are the perfect fit. I am soooooooooooooo
happy! There is absolutely no elegant shoe that I can wear apart from these! I have tried all sorts and
nothing was even slightly wearable. Thank you so much for your patience and for being there and doing
all you do. I am now fully an OESHer. <3.


Thank you! These shoes are awesome and different and I’m excited.


Thanks again!! I can’t wait to see my Mom wear them in France and love them as much as I do mine!!!


Dear Friends:
(I feel like you are my friends because God has used your shoes to heal my foot problems!)
Thanks so much!
Blessings and happy New Year!


I have never ever been able to wear ballet flats before, but I wore my new Dream flats all day on
Christmas and it felt like I was wearing slippers! Is there any chance you’ll make some boots? It would be
wonderful to have boots that are as comfortable as your Dreams and Elites!


Got my new dream flats today and LOVE them.  Thank you 🙂
My mom saw my dream flats and now wants a pair.
Thank you!


Thank you. I’ll ship them out tomorrow. Greatly appreciate the fantastic customer service you guys
always provide.

By the way, I recommended OESH to an older family friend who has been struggling with foot problems
for years. She bought a pair and told me she wore them all day on the first day with no pain. Amazing!!!
All the best,


You absolutely live up to your claim that emails will be answered at breakneck speed!
Thank you.


These Dreams are fantastic–I ordered several more pairs.


I just placed a new order.  I really love these sneakers.
Again, your customer service is amazing.  The sooner the new shoes get here the better.  My girlfriend
and I are taking a 2 week holiday to Italy.  So I want to get the sneakers broken in.
Thank you again.


I received my new shoes today! So easy! Great customer service. I appreciate the no-cost shipping.
The shoes are great and a good fit. Thanks,


I have enjoyed my new LaVida shoes, it made my toes so happy!


I’ve received the order below and am so pleased. Lea is comfortable and fits very well –
Thank you


Hello Oesh-

Just received my red flats that I ordered during the fundraising campaign. I have to say they are beautiful shoes!

They fit great.

Keep doing what you’re doing!


I just received my shoes today and love the way they feel!  I bought black, grey, and blue ones.



I received my shoes today and I love them! I think they should be called Heaven rather than Dream!

Thank you,


Mine have arrived just in time for the warm weather. They are just lovely! Many thanks.

-Victoria in Grindelwald, Australia

Hi Bob,

I received my Dreams. They are soooo comfortable! Like a dream come true😊 Thank you so much,


I just wanted you to know that my daughter loves both pairs of her OESH shoes. She was so surprised to get them, and then was delighted that they fit well, felt comfortable, had enough toe room (she’s a barefoot gal whenever possible), are zero drop, and did not hurt her feet after wearing them for hours. She gave me glowing reports on each pair.



First of all I just wanted to thank you for making these amazing shoes. Not only are they even more beautiful in person, they are the first dress shoes in years that my feet didn’t immediately recoil from. It is so amazing being able to put my orthotic in them without it jamming my foot, so I can look forward to actually being able to stand in them for an extended period of time.

Thank you again,


Dear OESH Service Team-

I’m keeping the size 12’s Dream OESHs as they fit the best when wearing my Correct Toes.  I just can’t get over how nice they make my feet look!!!  Even though it’s a wide shoe, my foot looks tapered and feminine!!!!!!! The shoes are fantastic, the uppers are stretchy yet hold the foot in and the sole really does have width to it.  By far the most impressive thing to me is how nice they make the foot look in a flat!  My foot doesn’t look wide at all in them — great styling.


Yes, thank you, Bob! You always have wonderful customer service and I know I’ve told you this, but OESH shoes have saved me so many times with career life, being active, and general sanity!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday this week!


Hello Team Oesh,

Thank you so much for going the extra mile and providing a shipping label! I am so grateful.

Whenever I talk about your amazing shoes, I also note your amazing customer service: you all are the best!

I can’t wait to be able to model the ruby Dream around town and tell folks all about them. I want to send you lots and lots of business so there will be lots and lots of innovative and smart Oesh designs like the Dream!

Happy thanksgiving!


Thank you Bob!

So thankful for the excellent customer service you provide, quick response always & so much help with any questions I throw at you!!!

I took the plunge & ordered the 3 pair with the holiday coupon and so looking forward to receiving the Lea cranberry (8.5) LaVida charcoal (8.5) and the Dream (9) heather grey!

I had an injury jumping out of my Grandkids playhouse last summer, to escape wasps! I attempted to spray the nest and they came out with a fury after me! I probably should have let them sting me…but the Grands & I call it Grandma’s great bee rescue!

Long story short (still a bit long!) 😉 I went to a foot doctor & they told me I was wearing the wrong shoes! My wonderful Oesh LaVidas, no all around or arch support they said! They suggested Nike, New Balance, Asics, ect., I tried them for almost a year, my right foot Morton’s Neuroma stated acting up & the right knee started hurting, could have been in part from the fall but I decided to go back to my Oesh shoes and am finding much less pain!

I feel the “professionals” did not give me the best direction in my shoe selection!

So I am back as a loyal customer and appreciate so much the new selections, beautiful choices!

Very thankful for your assistance with the size change & will keep you posted when they arrive as to the fit!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving also!





Thanks for you reassurance! My shoes have now arrived  (on my birthday, so that was a nice surprise!) and I have been wandering around the house in complete awe at the comfort of these shoes!

I will be heading off to work shortly, knowing I will feel comfortable all day .

Many thanks from me in Australia!

Kind Regards,


Yea!  They are here and I love them!  They are so comfortable and I believe they are going to help my knee.  Let me know when the next sale is.


Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my first pair of Dream shoes today and haven’t taken them off since I opened the box. They are amazing, in fact I just ordered two more pair. These are fantastic. I can’t wait to show them off at work to all the ladies and let them in on the secret. Thank you so much for making these. You are awesome.


My dream flats arrived today. I love them!!! Ordered all the other colors available. And if you make them in any other colors I’ll order those too. I feel like throwing all my other shoes away and wearing only these for the rest of my life!!!


Hi Bob,

I got my Dreams today, have to say that they did feel awesome.

Those Lea in Cranberry are gorgeous…I am sure to own a pair soon. Just to let you know…I just wore through my second pair of Oxford LaVidas…I will replace them as the navy is a wardrobe staple for me.

Hadn’t looked at the website in a while, looks really nice!



Wow, I received my new Dream flats a couple of days ago.  I love, love, love them!  I’m so happy I ordered them in 2 more colors too!  Great job you guys.  A home run!!!


Hi Oesh,

I just received my first pair of ballerina flats through your Indiegogo campaign.  The design is effing brilliant, and I absolutely love them.  I normally wear a D or E Width shoe, but they’re often too sloppy around the heel, and slide right off my feet.

Thank you,


Hello, Oesh-folks,

Many thanks for your prompt attention to the exchange.  My husband and I have had rather mixed success with indiegogo items, and so when he saw your letter with attached return label, he said, “It’s so nice to see an entrepreneur who has everything together!”

Looking forward to exploring the Oesh line!  All good wishes–



I just received my OESH Dream flats from the Kickstarter campaign. I love them!


I received my pair of flats today and love them!


Dear Friendly & Helpful Oesharian
Wow! Thank you for your swift and very helpful reply. I’m now Indigogo Backer #506 and am really
excited about my new shoes.
Your advice guided me towards the Lea shoes which hopefully will give me miles of running comfort.
With thanks

-Debbie (a soon to be Oeshophile :0)

I hope you are doing great.
The Dream is the dream… literally.
Allow me to tell you that you have the best shoes in the world. I always talk about them to anyone
around me with feet/ knee problems and aches. Online ordering discourages the older women in my
country. But I keep on encouraging everyone and give them my shoes to try and see how they feel.
OESH is a brand I am beyond glad it exists.
Thank you 🙂
And best of luck on The Dream project!!
Have a wonderful day


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. My sandals order got through.
Great about the Dream shoe project. Was so happy to see and participate at IndieGoGo, look forward to
trying them later in the year. Have shared link with others.
Best wishes to everyone at Oesh. Fantastic shoes, life changing and liberating for many women


Yes, the world is ready for the Dream!!!! The world desperately needs this. I am amongst the lucky ones
who can wear the La Vida at work, as we have no dress code, but many other women cannot (and I’d
like to wear something that goes better with dresses too 😉 ). Looking forward!


These 8’s are nirvana.  I am in Clemson where the spirit color is orange.  Go Tigers.
I just have had them on my naked feet for 30 minutes and they are crying for joy.  Thank you so much
for being so amazing.


Dear Bob,
The size 9 sandals are perfect-and they arrived the day before my trip to the West Coast. I’m VERY
thankful to have had them, as I was on my feet so much!
Thank-you again for these extraordinarily comfortable Sandals and Clogs. All my family and friends are
hearing about them from me!


Thanks so much for your prompt response and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANKYOU for creating “cute
flats” in my lifetime. I’m counting the days until they arrive. NOW please start working on knee high


YES – I love them and will limp along with current shoes until October than have a non OESH shoe
burning bon-fire!!!!


My new La Vida 3.0 OESH shoes are fantastic!. There are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
I have always been happy with my Merrili jungle mocs, but developed a Mortons Neuroma which has
been challenging to work with. I also have history of bilateral hip replacements because of severe
So so happy to report no neuroma pain. It is such a gift to be able to walk the grocery store without
stabbing nerve pain. I can tell my gait is more natural because of the muscles I am using wearing them.
It just feels natural.
Will happily spread the word of these outstanding shoes. Really happy I bought them!
Will be ordering more.


I just received these sandals in the size 7 and they fit very well. Took a walk in them this morning and
love them.


I had to write back to tell you how much I love my new Oesh shoes!  I have two pairs and wear one to
work and one at home.  I live on 5 acres and am outside all the time gardening, weeding, etc.  I had the
worst pain from arthritis and Morton’s neuroma.  I tried several pairs of shoes and various inserts with
no relief.  It got so bad surgery was suggested, and I had to get carried into the house by my husband
after working in the yard too long one afternoon….just so frustrating.  Then I found Oesh! I have had
NO pain what so ever since I started wearing them.  I can be on my feet all day working at the Mayo
Clinic, and come home, switch to the sneakers and keep on going.  I have reduced swelling as well.
What a god send! Thanks so very much for giving me direction on sizes and styles.  I am an Oesher for


I love my OESH Shoes!


I was wondering if you are planning on coming out with more of the Lea in the fall.  I have both the
orange and the gray and I am wearing them all the time, especially the gray ones.  I like the La Vida but
the Leas are the most comfortable ones to wear during my ten hour shifts and long walks.  I just love
them.  They saved me as I had morton’s neuroma and some other issues with my feet and I work long
hours on my feet as a nurse and I also walk a lot.
Just wondering because I will be in the market for another pair soon.  I have two pairs of elites, two pairs
of La Vida and two pairs of Lea.  I like the black La Vida because it is so hard to find a totally black athletic shoe that can be dressed up too.  I would love the Lea in black but I would love that shoe in any


Subject: I love Oesh!

Hi, I just received my pair of oesh’s yesterday & I love them! I wore them to work this morning and they
are so comfortable.
I have very bad arthritic knees and because I am on my feet all day, I come home and ice my knee.
Guess what? I didn’t have to ice my knee today! I am now online shopping for another pair!
Thank you so much for this comfort!


Thank you for sending me the Athena Sandals, which I am wearing at home, especially when doing
kitchen work.  I must say that they are a remarkable cushion for my ceramic tile kitchen floor!  They are
a totally new experience in walking, and even in standing still; remarkably, I get more exercise just from
*standing still* in the sandals than from any other shoes that I have ever had.
Amazingly, even though my muscles are tired and a bit charley-horsed after I wear them, my sore knee
feels better!
Thank you very much for this extraordinary product line and for your terrific service.


Thank you Bob for making it so easy to switch.  Oesh are my favorite shoes and I have many pairs.  I have
told all my friends about the shoes.  People who I don’t even know have made inquiries about the shoes.
I let them know about the website.
Looking forwards to receiving my other pair.
Thanks again,


THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!  I received both my Artemis sandals and my La Vida’s yesterday.
The sandals fit so much better in the 8’s.  I wore them yesterday and received several compliments on
how cute they are!  Comfy AND cute—can’t get much better than that!!
I bought the La Vida’s for my farm shoes—I do a ton of walking on rough ground, and these soles look
like they will be perfect for that!!
Thank you again for making a SUPERB product and for your TERRIFIC customer service!  I’m so thrilled
with all my OESH shoes!!


First day of a 2-week European trip. This marker was in Barcelona. Shoes were like waking in pillows,
around town, on cobblestone streets and dusty walking trails. They still look new.
Love them. My friend will be shopping on your website.


Good Morning! I received my sandals and they feel amazing! I can’t believe how comfortable they are!
My Morton’s Neuroma is almost undetected when wearing them! Thank you so much for making such a
great sandal! I thought my sandal days were over when I developed this problem but not anymore❣️


I received the Oesh Lea shoes and love them.  Thank you so much!  The bright yellow laces are very cool.


Hello!  I just got my order from you and can’t believe how quickly you processed that.  Thank you~! I have never had shoes that feel like these!  They are so comfortable yet supportive and pressure relieving.  I walked without a limp!  I appreciate your input on sizing too.  They both fit really well.
Thanks so much for your help.   PS, I just sent a link to my sister in law.  She needs these too!


OOOOoooh!  Super!  Thanks!!  I was just telling some friends about OESH shoes last evening!  I’m
excited to try the sandals!
Thanks again for your help!


Okay Oesh, Pencil me in as an official Oesher. 😉 I woke up and put my new shoes on first thing. I wore
them through the house with no issues at all. At first the right one seemed a little tighter, but I adjusted
quickly and realized that the shoes are wildly comfortable. …really really comfortable. I wore them for
hours until I decided to kick back and relax for awhile. I also took them for a quick spin outside and
spilled olive oil on them by accident while cooking…aka: I have claimed them as my own. Haha.
When I pondered why I had an issue yesterday I remembered that I had walked for about 4 miles shortly
before receiving my shoes. The shoes I have been wearing prior to the Oesh do little to nothing for the
benefit of my feet. They always swell and writhe in pain once I stop moving. Im looking forward to
hitting the trail in the Oesh, standing in them, and even cooking more in them…
Thank you for all the communication and assistance! I will be ordering more of these in the future!!


I love the sandals. Lightweight and a little spongy. Gives a real bounce to the foot. Just bought my
second pair. Now I have both the Athena and Artemis. Like both.


I must say that my Lea Storm Clouds have become my current favorite shoe.  The blue in them is
beautiful and they fit wonderfully.  If you provide some notice on your next sale, I just might have to
have another pair to wear indoors only.  Besides being a very comfortable shoe, it has a great look.  The
blue is cool and vivid in the gym during a hot, tough workout and also goes well with spring clothing
colors and jeans.  It’s an all-around great shoe.



I just received my shoes and they are great!!!!!! Thank you for the quick shipping.

Here is a question – are you planning to make this shoe as a ballerina? That would be fantastic for work situations.



Thank you Bob,

I just ordered my 2 new pairs of Athenas, hooray!  Thank you for your help,

We are doing great here in Florida.  Love the sunshine!   I have the best sandals ever to help me enjoy it!

Hope all is well with you too!


Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I did love the sandals and look forward to watching your company grow because you really have created a great product!


Hey Bob

Well we didn’t quite climb Mt. Everest (next lifetime) but my amazing OESH shoes took me most of the way to Mardi Himal base camp in Nepal – had to change to boots for the snow.

Pic #2 is on the trek back from the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched on a cliff in Bhutan – it’s breathtaking! Again, OESH came through!

Finally, some poolside r&r in Bali and a temple visit.

On our way home from our 6 week awesome adventure and not a day went by that I wasn’t grateful for the comfort of my OESH shoes, which now have taken me many miles and built up even more memories.

Thanks again!

🙏🏻 Namaste


Hi! I have a pair of Lea shoes size 8 1/2 and love them for my Morton’s Neroma. I want a second pair of shoes and want to buy the La Vida shoes.

Thank you.  


I just received Lea in grapefruit and am so pleased both with the appearance and the fit.  I was worried that they would be too narrow for me, as most women’s shoes are, but I ordered my regular size (US 7.5), and they are just perfect.  Many thanks!


Dear Bob and all Oesh staff,

Well, my conscience has been pricking me for not writing a thank-you note sooner…it is time!
Honestly I was so very discouraged about my feet and was losing much quality of life due to inability to even go for a walk. (See above letter).

Since the day that I picked up my shoes in Washington state on Mar. 26th, I have had hope!! The instructions you sent said to wear them only an hour or two the first few days, but they felt so good that I just kept wearing them! And walking! And working! And getting stuff done without pain! My foot problems have not disappeared yet because the few times I have tried wearing some of my other (very expensive) shoe brands, the pain and discomfort come right back. So now I am basically just living in my Lea Storm Clouds and Artemis sandals all the time! And coping well. In fact, just this morning I ordered the Athena sandals as well, just to have another sandal option without the toe strap. 

I know that my feet are on their way to healing and being restored to proper function, and I can’t thank you enough for your great product. Also your great customer service, responding to my email within half an hour—that also gave me hope. And the phrase you used “We know what we are doing here” has really stuck with me and I have to agree that yes, you do! When it comes to restoring problem feet through the use of proper footwear, I’d say that you definitely do! 

Thank you again! 


-Lila (from Oaxaca, Mexico)

Hi Bob!

Well….I got my Lea Storm Clouds and I love them! There really was a night and day difference from when I last bought Oesh. So much more roomy. I walked 4 miles in them on Saturday and I can’t usually walk a fraction of that. I did use my orthotics, but no issues with metatarsals or neuroma. The toe box is just so much more roomy!  

With Much Thanks!

-Mary Ann

Received my shoes and I am thrilled. Just what I wanted in cushion, enough but still feel the ground.   Thanks, 



WOW!!  You are so right!  I got my Lea’s today and LOVE them!!  They fit perfectly and are SO comfy!!  (Now I’m hoping to be able to order a pair of the La Vida’s when I can afford it!  😊)

Thanks so very much for all your help and for making shoes that allow me to feel comfortable on my feet!!  😊


I received my Elites today!  I am SO thrilled with the fit, comfort, and quality!! 

Thanks again SO much for your help!


So, I returned the size 9 and kept the 8.5, which I love…. So much that I now purchased another pair (different color)!!!!  Thankx for all your help.    I think the wide toe area allows me to really wear my size and not have to bump up.  Love it!!!! 


Hi Bob, I just had to write to let you know that I had an opportunity to wear my new LV3s all day long yesterday.  They were super comfortable.  I am now just transitioning to more natural footwear and have tried many brands.  

Hands down, the LV3 is the best fit for me so far.  Can’t wait to see when the color, oxford (dark blue) will be available in size 11.



I just bought my fourth pair of Oesh shoes. I have osteo arthritis in both knees and have had a recent knee replacement. These shoes have been the best option for me for the last two years. They have plenty of support for my feet, and being that they don’t slope up at the heal, they don’t put extra pressure on my knees so I don’t feel as much pain after walking a lot. I’ve mostly worn the LaVidas but I also wear the Elites at work since they look a little nicer for the office, and I find them comfortable as well. I’m so glad I found OESH!


Thank you for your quick reply.

Your reply was truly wonderful. (make no mistake, that phrase is in bold font)

You have clearly and carefully considered both my order and experience and that is just terrific. Thank you. It is an unusual level of customer experience, on a Saturday, and you need to start teaching other firms how to do customer experience,


Best shoes ever. As a physician who performs procedures, I need to stand in place for long periods at a time. I was having issues with my feet. It was affecting my ability to work effectively and truly had me concerned. I tried all sorts of shoes including the best sneakers, Danskos and even Birkenstocks to no avail. Then I came across Oesh and their Elite shoes. I tried them on at their local store/workshop. And the rest as they say, is history. Two years later, and far from Virginia, I recently ordered my second pair online. I will always only wear my Elites to work. Life-changing good!


You guys are really too much. I love your customer service. How can I do a review for you? I want to thank you for your kind response. I appreciate your warmth and efficiency and your product.

And have a blessed day !!


Excellent. Thank you so much! This has been the easiest exchange ever. 🙂


Want to tell you that I do absolutely love my OESH shoes. I get people asking me all the time where I got them from and send them to your site. I quit running for a long time because my feet just hurt. I run every other day now because of your shoes. This is just one of those things that happens, these were the second pair I bought and loved my first pair completely worn out :). Was actually debating on buying a third pair in orange to wear just for running as I wear them all day at work too.

Thanks a bunch,


Hi Bob,

Hope all is well. Are my Leas machine washable, like the LaVidas (OESH ed: Yes they are!)?

Just love these OESH. They have kept my feet warm all winter and provided all the comfort and benefit of the LaVidas.

Thanks so much,



I hope you could include me in the draw! 

Oesh shoes have helped my feet recover and stay healthy ever since I started wearing them. Once you try one, you’re hooked(: Thank you and keep it up! 


And thanks again for your great shoes. They are actually helping me with my IT band problem! 

Best wishes,


There was an adjustment period when I first started wearing them – It felt like there were parts of my feet that hadn’t been used/supporting me in a long time. But I think this was a good thing. After I got used to them, I think they helped me with my plantar fasciitis. I pretty much can’t walk around without them now, without significantly more pain.


By the way Thank You for sending another new pair of Charcoal.  Your shoes are my life saver.

I have neuropathy in both feet from cancer 13 years ago and 2 neuromas on 1 foot. So needless to say I need some shoes that don’t bother my feet too bad.

I am so pleased with your service and quality of shoes.  I probably will get the Grapefruit shoe pretty soon.

A happy customer


I like my lea so much that I am getting one for a friend who is a size 8.  I hope you start making Lea in even more colors!

Thank you


:-)… I just got home and found that they were, in fact, delivered by the USPS.  Thank you so much! I have tried them on and I find that they fit perfectly. They are comfortable from the first wearing!

Thanks again, and best wishes,


Hi folks,

I want to tell you that these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!!

I purchased your sandals after reading about the man who walked the entire appalachian trail in Oesh sandals

I was not disappointed



Just to let you know so far I really feel so much better in these shoes—helping the old knees.  I can now walk on concrete floors in stores and don’t have to grimace and look happy. Close to a miracle!   Just to give you a heads up I had ordered the Lea in Grapefruit but they sent Storm Cloud which I have decided to keep the Storm Cloud since they feel so so good.   So I am sending another order in today for the Lea in Grapefruit and also for an Athena  sandal which I would like these for summer.  Thanks for your assistance and assume I would still stick with the size 10 and you were right as to the Elite the 9.5 size. 


Dear OESH Service team, your remarkable La vitas that we bought Zona, she has worn them every day at walmart and her feet don’t hurt anymore, she even was asked if something was different about her having a spring in her step.


I’m exceedingly grateful! I received my first pair of OESH shoes, La Vida v.2.0 Rococco, and I’m in love!

I’m a surgical technician in surgery and in labor and delivery, and I’m on my feet for 12 hour shifts. The last seven years, I’ve had so much trouble finding shoes that fit properly, don’t make me feel like I’m tipping forward, and are at least mildly comfortable; I’ve resorted to defeat and pain. Needless to say, I’m no longer defeated. Thank you, OESH, Dr. Casey Kerrigan, and all who make up the team that make these fantastic shoes possible!

I just placed an order for two more pairs of the La Vida v2.0 style shoes. I just adore the color combos. I noticed two colors missing this time: the black and white ones, and a purple and pink pair. Will you be getting these back in stock?

Again, much thanks for the much needed relief!


The barking dogs,
belonging to one,

Hi Bob!

So I have my new Leas and have one question:  is it alright to wear them

to bed?  I don’t want to take them off.


Thank you so much, just discovered your shoes and they give me great relief from Mortons neuroma! 


Hi Bob,

OK – got the label printed and will take the box to the post office shortly.

I will go ahead and order the Elites now.

Looking forward to my new shoes.

Many thanks for being so nice to work with – you guys are certainly living up to your reviews online! Again, I appreciate the innovation/thoughtfulness/work that has gone into Oesh shoes. I’ve had difficult foot issues since my teens and have always wished someone would design shoes differently – and I’ve thought about it but never done it myself!

Thanks again,


Oesh shoes,

The reviews weren’t kidding when they said Oesh has great customer service, they meant it.  I greatly appreciate the speedy service.  

In trying on the size 10 Elites, other than being too big, they felt fabulous on my feet. I’m sure the 9 1/2 shoes will be fine. I will mail back the size 10 shoes Monday morning and await the size 9 1/2 shoes.

Again, many thanks.


Good morning!

Wow, now this is what I call customer service. I ordered a pair of Leas a couple of months ago, and I LOVE them–and wear them almost everyday (well, except when I have to be in the office, then I wear my “dress” Oesh shoes!)!!! 

Thank you very much!  And Happy 2018 to you and yours!  All the Oesh I have are fabulous…and just keep getting better.


hi Bob,

Okay…  well never mind then.

I usually use Paypal anyway. And as long as I can still receive the newsletters with sales/offer/product release information no problem.

Thanks for getting my order off so quickly. I’ll look forward to receiving them.

My first pair of LaVidas have been wonderful since I bought them a few years ago. These shoes and the Elites are the most comfortable I have ever bought.

My husband was a bit peeved to see me give up high(-ish) heels but as I MOVE better it’s been a good trade-off. 

Why waddle when you can walk? 


Merry Christmas and all the best of the season to you and the team at Oesh!

-Amanda (from Japan)

Thank you for help!  Your customer service has always been fabulous.  Happy new year to you as well!



I just want to say thank you.

At only 46, I developed multiple neuromas in my feet and could barely walk. Previously super active in yoga, running, hiking etc. I got my OESH La Vida’s a day or so ago and I can walk!

I can’t believe it!  I’ll be seeing my podiatrist Saturday to discuss treatment and orthotics but in the meantime my LaVida’s are the only thing I’ll put on my feet.  I’ll ask him about fitting orthotics in these and order an additional pair larger if necessary.

Also, please make slippers!  And boots!  And anything else I am forgetting.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


I am wearing my Leas as we “speak”!  Love them.


Great, thank you so much.  I originally purchased these shoes when I was suffering from Plantar and they really helped me.  I thankfully don’t have it anymore, I still love these shoes for Zumba – the comfort and the colors are great.

Thank you again.


My Oxford La Vidas arrived today… Annnd, my feet are in heaven…..!!!


These sneakers are the best. I got them just before a trip to Disney World and I am so glad I did! Tons of nonstop walking over 6 days and I was the only one not complaining about sore feet after the first day. Even at the end of the week, no pain. If I wear shoes with less support I generally end up with back pain as well and experienced none of that this trip. These shoes are amazing. I did wear my normal sandals out the last night and totally regret not just wearing the sneakers . Might be time to get some OESH sandals as well!


I have one pair now and i swear by them, so I’m ordering two more today. I tell every one about them.

Thank you again.


I bought a pair of the “Lea” shoes in Storm Cloud color. This is a good color and I was happy to see them. They are extremely comfortable. I’ve had surgery on both feet and currently have a neuroma plus 2 stress fractures. These shoes have helped tremendously to decrease my foot pain.


I have had painful feet for several years with fallen arches and bunions. I researched shoes that could help alleviate the pain but also look professional for work and I found OESH. I purchased a pair of the Elites in jet black and I am thrilled with them! They are extremely comfortable with or without my orthotics and they look great for work or to wear casually! I love them so much that I just purchased a pair of Elites in dark earth! They are well made shoes and very light weight! My feet are happy for the first time in years! My next purchase will be the La Vidas!! The quality of customer service is as excellent as the quality of their shoes!


My 2 pair of Oesh shoes are the only ones I wear now. my feet have improved so much that even though I may put on a more socially appropriate pair I always end up in the Oesh. hard to believe how much they have helped.

Thanks again,


I have several pair of Oesh. The sandals are fabulous for everything—especially walking to the grocery store and post office and neighborhood coffee shops. The La Vida make Jazzercise class so much easier than other kinds of shoes I’ve tried.



Yes, it worked; I logged in as a guest.  It’s Monday, so the sale is still on; I just ordered a pair of Yalie Elites.  That is now my 5th pair of Oesh’s.  I obviously like them a lot.  They are beautiful and  they do seem to help my pore ole arthritic knees. These and the sandals are great.  Maybe in the future I will consider LaVida 3.0 or the new Lea’s. 

Thanks again,


Hi, Bob … just a report on the Lea:  You were right.  The Lea provided lots more cushion than the LV2.0.  I wore them Monday as I walked all over the Wildlife World Zoo with my camera.  There’s really a big difference in cushion.  Then I wore them all day yesterday starting early morning with my dog at obedience class, running errands, and housework.  Very nice shoes for sure!  Folks at dog class were inspecting them.  LOL!  The LV3.0 … they fit nicely and feel really good but I haven’t yet worn them for a long period of time.  I expect they will work, too, because I felt more cushion when I tried them on.

Thanks for the info … love the shoes!


My husband was suitably amazed by the 17 pairs. I had to gently explain that I bought some for other people😁I think I’ve been with Oesh almost from the beginning.

And I do mention Oesh whenever I’m with females, especially those with long work hours on their feet (nurses, teachers, etc.).

The new Leas are gorgeous and on my feet right now. These are so beautiful, even my husband likes them!

Did I mention they’re beautiful and feel great?

Still a confirmed Oesher at 67!


Oesh shoes are really the only shoes that work for me—just love them.  I have quite a collection now.   Looking forward to seeing the Lea Storm Cloud.

All the best,


Thanks! And just so you know, I do love my polar bears!


Thanks! I can’t wait for the storm clouds. I really want the grapefruit color but need something I can wear everyday to work. I will hopefully be able to get another pair at some point and the grapefruit Lea will be at the top of the list. Love your shoes so much. Thank you!


Have owned multiple pairs of OESH shoes and no others compare having foot issues.



After a significant knee injury, I researched shoes that might help. As an RN who works 12 plus hour night shifts, I decided to try OESH. At first, I alternated “nurses shoes” with OESH. I have definitely chosen OESH and absolutely feel the difference.



I love your shoes and they’ve cured my metatarsalgia.



I received the La Vida 3.0 size 11. This is my third pair.

I truly love these shoes,


I do like the oesh shoes. I have 4 pairs, 3 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of sandals. I have not worn anything else for the past year. They are extremely comfortable. I ordered a pair of La Vida charcoal approximately a year ago and wore them almost daily all winter and spring for I have Morton’s neuroma and it certainly helped wearing oesh shoes. Would recommend to anyone with or without foot problems!


Thank you so much.  It sounds like a great idea.   And when I get home I will order another pair of the sneakers.  I took my new pair w/me – and not surprisingly they are covered in bike grease.  But I have been so happy with them.  I am very impressed with the service you have given me too.  It is most appreciated.


Couldn’t live without my OESH!


Thank you so much. What great service!


Hi, just got my shoes. I’ve worn through 3 pair of La Vida 2’s and loved them. Switching to the 3’s was tough (change is hard) but I’m here to report that I love them. Super comfy. I haven’t had them on the open road yet but looking forward to it.
Thanks, stay safe


I love my Elites. Have had them for six months now and wear them everyday to work. I stand and walk all day long and my knees, ankles and feet are not as painful as before my purchase. I have the LaVida style also and I like them as well, just can’t wear them to work.


Dear OESH team,

I’ve been thinking of you because I am living the Houston flooding. As of yesterday, my family and house are ok (live close to Brazos River). In my time of physical work, I reached for my OESH and put them to work! My feet, despite countless steps and stairs, are well. Now I head to my hospital to work…

Thank you!


Hi, I ordered these shoes a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE them, I think I can skip my Mortons Neuroma shot because of your shoes. THANK YOU!


Dear Oesh makers,

I have two pairs of your shoes and they are the only reason I can walk four miles a day again! (I developed Morton’s Neuroma in both feet and had to give up running and even walking until I found your shoes.)  Please know you have my sincere appreciation!


The most innovative shoe in the world!


Hi Bob and Casey,

I have severe hip pain related to my needing a four level fusion of my lumbar spine.  I also am still recovering from septic arthritis of my left knee (strep) caused by a cortisone shot.    Unfortunately, pain has become an unwanted companion.

One day I wore the Elites and really seemed to feel like the pain backed off in a very noticeable way.  I am beginning to wear the Elites around the house to continue my “study.”

I will keep you posted.  I think of the Elites as dressy shoes.

For me, the possibility that a pair of shoes will help me seems like such a godsend.  Everyday seems to be dictated by pain.

I just want to thank you for “being there” and being a part of our community.  I love your shoes.


I received my sandals and they are wonderful. I’ve been wearing them everywhere.

Thank you!


Dear Oesh,

It has been almost a month since I first tried on my Oesh Elites, so I believe that I may now give a fair and accurate review. My review is: THESE SHOES ARE GREAT. I am in my early thirties, but I have always had ‘problem’ feet. A dancer since childhood, I damaged one of my arches at a very young age, and I think that I have broken more toes and metatarsals than I actually have. I also have a bunion on my left foot, my painful companion for the past twenty years. Needless to say, shoe shopping has always been difficult, daunting, and frustrating.

Finding shoes which accommodated my bunion without flopping off of my narrow heel was near impossible. My level of pronation always made me feel like I was ‘spilling over’ the mid-foot of most shoes, causing a painful digging sensation at my arches. The low toe-boxes on most shoes usually meant that one of my pinky toes (which sticks straight up due to multiple features and displacement) would ‘snag’ on the shoe’s upper and be yanked backwards with every other step. When I found shoes which were ‘good enough,’ I would wear them until I had walked holes all throughout them -and for I would feel forced to wear them for miles past that point.

Within the past eight years, I have read a lot more about how to care for my ‘problem feet. I tried multiple comfort brands, knowing that friends in the dance world loved clog-styles for their wide forefoot and structure, but the drop of those shoes ended up causing tension in my low back and hips. I saw physio therapists to help me take active, non-surgical steps to ease my foot pain. I then began to ‘dip my toes’ into the barefoot movement, and I have even taught myself how to make a few pairs of shoes on my own! Recently, one of my favorite ‘barefoot’ brands started to change the model of their shoes, making it impossible for me to use, and while I have enjoyed crafting my own casual shoes, I do not have the skills yet to make a ‘dressy’ shoe for work or more formal social events. I found your company through much research and review-reading, and I was hopeful that your shoes would offer a passable cross-section of my footwear needs.

I am proud to say that they are far more than passable. I have never been so happy with a first try of any shoe. Usually, I have to walk around in shoes for ages to try and decide what painful feature I am willing to accept. With my first try of Oesh, I kept walking around to try and FIND a painful feature. I could not believe the comfort, including the fact that with a raised sole, my mid-foot was not ‘spilling over’ the instep. My bunion is not pinched and the toe-box leaves room for all of my toes.

At my current place of work, I do a great deal of standing in one place. I had only been on the job a few weeks before my Oesh Elites arrived, but I could already feel pain on a daily basis in my low back, hips, and shins. After a few days in my Oesh Elites, I could feel the pain subsiding, no longer leaving each day with extreme body fatigue (and the onsetting shin splints were gone in full)! In fact, I often must run home during the work day, which involves a literal ten minute uphill run and climb up ten flights of steps, and I can do it with ease in my Elites -even after having stood for hours. In fact, the break-in period was about two days in these shoes. No painful blisters…no days of waiting for there to be room to spread my toes. The shape of Elites have the same upper benefit of clog styles, while offering a far superior, zero-drop sole which is flexible, responsive, and does not lock up one’s hips. I was ready to walk (and run when necessary) in my Elites from day one, and that has not changed.

Your company’s customer service is another HUGE reason why I must rave about these shoes. I cannot thank you enough for answering my questions, helping me make my purchase as soon as possible, and providing such fast shipping. I was shocked that, even though you are a small company, you would offer free back-and-forth shipping for exchanges. That was a huge reason to trust purchasing with you online, and I am so glad that I did. I was excited to receive my box which dubbed me an official “OESHer” -a title I now wear proudly and share with everyone I can. I am very excited to save up for my next Oesh purchase, and support your company’s creations and research.

Thank you for making a shoe which helps me to see my feet as more than a ‘problem.’ Thank you for giving me hope that I can continue to improve my mobility and comfort in shoes. Thank you for giving me options. Thank you for your excellent customer service and quality product.

I am sure you will not be able to post this entire tome on your website, but please feel free to use any part of it you would like. I also hope that you will share my gratitude and testimony with your staff because I am extremely grateful for their work!

With wishes for continued success,


Hi Bob,

Thank you for your clear explanation of how the custom sandal will help my toe stress fracture and hopefully prevent any future fractures.  It is really great that I will be able to wear the sandals without a lift.  And you will add a little length so my big toe won’t hang over – hooray! Love this shoe customizing 🙂

I have put the 6S sandals in the mail. I will take care of Paypal ASAP.

Magnificent customer service!

Bob, thank you so much,



I purchased a pair of Elite size 6.5 brown shoes for work and love them.  I had read on another website to order Elites 1/2 size smaller and that worked.  Thanks very much.  Your shoes are life savers!



Thank you SO much for rushing my replacement Slate Sandals! I wore them once for about 30 minutes before I wore them to fly to China only a few days after I picked them up. Here, I wear them to walk at least 2.5 miles a day (between the hotel and the University building where I am teaching) and sometimes 5 or 6 miles around the city or hiking at some local mountain. From the very first day, they have been incredibly comfortable. I don’t generally wear the same shoes two days in a row because I find most shoes uncomfortable in some way and so alternate between various mildly uncomfortable pairs. However, I did not have room in my luggage to bring a lot of shoes, which is why I decided to give these a try. I have worn them every single day for the three weeks I have been here and they have been PERFECT. I initially balked at the price, especially because I had not been able to try them on, but I am so glad that I decided to buy them. I can’t imagine how I would be feeling if I didn’t have them! Less likely to walk a mile to try some restaurant my students recommended, for sure! Thank you for giving me the comfort to be able to happily explore during my time in China. I really appreciate the rush.


To Whomever It May Concern,

I placed an order, #7650, and received it very quickly.  I have two neuromas in the same foot and have been buying shoes like crazy trying to find something that will work so I can not be in constant pain and these shoes are it!   Thank you in advance for your assistance and thank you so much for making such a life changing shoe!  I will make sure to let my podiatric surgeon know about this amazing product so he can start promoting it!


I started out with a Stress Fracture in my right foot last year followed by pain in my left foot which required surgery.  My diagnoses were Hallux Rigidus right great toe and Craw toe 2nd metatarsal left foot. I had surgery in January 2017. I am over 60 and found out that going bare foot is the worse thing I can do. As we age we lose the padding in the bottom of the foot and the pressure as we walk is exerted on our toes.  Prior to surgery my Orthopoedic Clinic had me try the Clark Wedge with a short Birkenstock insert which just made the pain worse. Two months before surgery I decided to look online and found your site. We went on vacation for 2 weeks prior to the holidays and the only shoe I wore was your La Vida.  No pain at all including an ALL DAY trip to Disneyland with our grandkids.  I can’t believe how comfortable they are.  I am going back to my Orthopedist on Monday for my 6 week post op check up and I want to give him information on your shoes. I was told to order a half size larger and the was perfect. I also own a pair in Blue.


Hey Bob & Team Oesh —

You have just completely redefined “customer service” — at least for me.

Any place else would have just taken my return and that would’ve been the end.  But you picked up on my comment when I said I wish your shoes had worked for me, and you worked with me to suggest a different style (one that addressed my issue with the wide heels) and to help me when my new Spectrum-powered email kept spamming and losing the return label.

I’m happy to report that you were oh so right, the new pair is perfect.  We are going on our first walk today, and the original pair is on its way back to you in exchange.

Customer service to the absolute max.

Many many thanks,


Hi Bob,

Thanks for triple checking my size.  Yes, please send me size 9.0 Elites. I appreciate the superb customer service. Thank you.


Hello wonderful people over there,

Your customer service is So Great! and Wonderful!

Very thorough, professional and fast even though it is weekends!

Thanks again, have a Blessed new week!



A lot of toe room. I can jump in these shoes.


Hi Bob, thanks for your prompt response, tip regarding cutting the laces, and unbelievable customer service!

I am happy to report that my feet seem to be improving and it’s helpful to have footwear that does not exacerbate the pain from my Morton’s neuroma.  (I have 3 pairs of your shoes).

Today’s sunshine is making quick work of the snow and we are speeding into mud season.   I bet Spring has sprung in beautiful Charlottesville–I was in DC last week and the cherry blossoms were still lovely.

Thank you,


Hello OESH Team,

I just got my shoes and I just HAD to write to you immediately [after] I got home and tried the shoes on. I don’t know how to express my delight and sudden satisfaction. I can’t say enough about how extremely comfortable these shoes are. Honestly, no exaggeration I’m dumbfounded. Shoes have been such a struggle for me because of my bunions and I just resigned to accepting the fact that every pair will hurt…. that is until I wore these! They’re the La Vida v2.0 by the way. I don’t want to take them off, I’m just walking around the house with them on, it’s ridiculous how ecstatic and elated I am. So I want to sincerely thank you, specifically thank you Dr. Kerrigan! My sincere gratitude! And they look great too!! I’m going to surf your site and look for more shoes 🙂 You’ll hear me again soon 🙂 Thank you again and again and again!!!!!


-A very happy Sarah

Just got my new shoes.  It is amazing.  I want to get a pair to my mom who is living overseas.  Do you ship international?



Hi Bob,

Thank you so much for getting this resolved.  I got the label and I will return the duplicate pair that I received.

I love the sandals. My knees are so much better when I wear them.

Have a nice day!


I wanted to comment on the impeccable customer service I have received through dealing with Oesh. The product in itself is superb- and I will be sure to order more of these comfortable shoes (ahhhh, my feet have finally found relief!) in the future- but what has earned my loyalty here in Canada is the attentiveness and warmth in my interactions with Customer Service.

Phenomenal product, phenomenal people behind the product.

Thank you Oesh! From my feet and my heart!


Everything about the experience was fantastic! Ease of purchase, exceptional customer service, timeliness in receiving product etc….


Your shoes are amazing! I LOVE them 🙂


Thanks so much for extending the promo for me. I just placed the order for the Wisterias. This is my sixth pair of OESH so I guess you can tell how much I love them!


Love my shoes!  Once I put them on I don’t want to take them off! Best,


Thanks so much for your quick response.  Based on your response, I put on my greenies and out the door I went.  Again, that feeling of walking on a plush pillow and, boy, did I feel steady on my feet.  For the first time in almost two and a half months, I walked the complex at my normal pace.  I felt the problem in my foot but there wasn’t pain.  I know I’m in for long-term foot exercises and massage on a regular basis to try to loosen things up but how great to have a pair of shoes that work and won’t sabotage my efforts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’ll be ordering again.


I purchased some navy blue tennis shoes at your Charlottesville facility in December. I have bad bone spurs in the bottom of both of my feet, and have also had plantar fascitis in the past. I have found your shoes to be comfortable, with a very nice toe box.


I bought the navy La Vida 2.0 size 7. I usually wear a 6.5W or 7M. I love them. I love the wiggle room for the toes and find the foot bed comfortable. I was concerned about my big toe nail creating a hole in the top which they assured me in email had never happened before. And after 6 months of almost daily use, the fabric has stretched but hasn’t torn. The mesh in the winter wind is a bit chilly but I imagine it will be welcome come summer. I like the all-navy design – unassuming and goes with jeans and other pants. Worth every penny.


I have loved my 2 new pair of sandals and my black tennis shoes. I am telling many people in my area about your wonderful shoes and customer service.


OESH return policy and customer service is unbelievable! I ordered Elite/Dark Earth slip ons in my normal size but they were too big. I exchanged (free shipping again) for 1/2 size smaller which – still too big, so I did another exchange (free again!). I always received an immediate response on any inquiry.


Just wanted to tell you how much I love your shoes. I have arthritis in my knees as well as Plantar Fasciitis, so I did an online search and discovered your shoes. I was a little nervous to buy shoes online, but I figured I should try them because store bought shoes haven’t helped my knees much. I bought a pair of the LaVida 2.0s. I. LOVE. THEM. I can now do much more walking than I could do with other tennis shoes. My feet don’t feel cramped or sore afterwards. I also bought a pair of the Elites to wear to work. They look really good with nicer pants or with jeans, and again my feet feel so good in them. I did have to send my first pair of those back because they were a little too big (my personal opinion is that those shoes run big) so I got a half size smaller, and the new ones fit perfectly. Exchanging them was really easy. In a few months I’ll be trying out the sandals. So thanks!!


OESH keeps getting better and better.  I began wearing OESH shoes when they first came out due to long standing foot and knee pain, which are now gone.  Family members have gotten on board and now family from 20 to 90 years old wear OESH shoes.   They are so comfortable – like wearing pillows on your feet, but still supportive.  With the varied style and color options and amazing customer service there is no need for any shoe but an OESH.

-Mary Beth

Thank you Robert. I work on my feet all day as a teacher and the OESH Elite are the most comfortable shoes I have right now.  I am also pregnant and the little bit of extra room is for when my feet swell up near the due date.  I am excited to try the sneakers. OESH actually came up in an article I found when I googled “best shoes for pregnancy“. That is how I discovered them.


Dear OESH,

Thank you thank you thank you for the shoes. I received the 8.5 today and after a 12 hr shift at work I wanted to see if the shoes could really make a difference. Well….I was able to walk my 2 miles in 30 mins. That is so good for me. I had no knee pain ankle pain or FOOT pain. These shoes are incredible!
Thanks again,

– Nette


I just bought my first pair of OESH shoes last weekend. Feet never felt better! I very quickly increased to an hour walk in my Wisteria La Vidas, and it feels like walking on clouds! Thank you!!!

– Elayne

You went over and beyond what i expected and I am so pleased with not only your customer service but your product as well. Thanks to you and your team.
With much appreciation,

– Cheryl

I am an 8 in your Athena and your clog. But I wear a 41 or a 9 in Lems running shoes. I really want the oxford color in your running shoes, but you don’t seem to have any 8.5 left so I was thinking I might try the size 9. What do you think?
I have to say, I love the Lems, but your shoes are a whole new foot experience. I had foot surgery for bone spurs on first metatarsal on right big toe almost two years ago and have other bone spurs and very “sensitive feet” my whole life. Bloody and blistered —that’s how I would describe my feet from shoes hence, all the issues with them now at 62 and very active. I will be starting to work again after not being able to do so because of my physical issues with spine and feet. It will require standing and using my body for an hour at a time. I really need more pairs of your shoes to give me the “spring” from gravity that my spine needs to stay decompressed and elongated. And my feet from not bleeding and aching. I can feel myself reaching up and away from the ground in your shoes!!!

The oxford color would be a good work option for me.

Thank you for following your passion—which will in turn—allow me to follow mine and not be in pain!!!

– Lucy

I have had plantar fasciitis for five years which flares up off and on. It is in the flare up stage right now. I am concerned about what size shoe to order.

I wear a dress or sandal size 7 medium shoe. I have special orthotics (sort of half size) that fit into my dress shoes. (I rarely wear heels as I am too uncomfortable walking in them). I also have full orthotics that I wear in my walking shoes. I found your discussion of how athletic shoes are not made for women extremely enlightening. Because I have full orthotics, I wear a size 8.5 walking shoe to give me enough toe room to comfortably walk.
It would be wonderful not to wear my orthotics but would like your advice about what size shoe to order and whether to wear them with orthotics or not. It might affect the size I order. Thanks for your assistance.

…and two years later, from September, 2015:
Thanks so much, Bob! You guys are the best! Have been bragging on these shoes for some time now. They have changed my life because my feet don’t hurt every day.
I have worn out my other three pair and really want to try the new color. Someone gifted me with the third pair. Also, I appreciate free (and fast!) shipping. All the best,

– Laura

Your customer service is the best only equaled by the wonderful LaVida Oxford shoes. Having knee/back problems and Morton’s Neuroma, I searched for a shoe which would address these issues, offering COMFORT and SUPPORT while being worn for various activities. These shoes meet my needs beautifully; it is a treat to wear them! Keep up your good work and further success will come to OESH!

– Judy

Hi, my name is Kimber, and I’d like to first tell you how amazing your shoes are. So, here goes. In my mid 30’s, I developed Morton’s Neuroma, passed down from my mother. She has it, my aunt has it, and it limits not only what shoes you can wear, but how long you can wear any shoes or even stay on your feet. I’ve searched for shoes or anything that would allow me to be more active again, even though I know I will never be able to run like I used to. When I ordered my first pair of Oesh shoes, La Vida v2.0 – deep wisteria, I put them on and it was like walking in fuzzy socks, they felt so great. This past summer, I started walking a lot, and I’m up to 5 miles a day! It’s amazing, a miracle! I can walk for 40 minutes before the pain begins, but if I walk twice a day, I can get the exercise I want and need on a daily basis, thanks to your shoes. So thank you so much for designing and selling them, you have literally changed my life in terms of physical activity. Thank you for listening and I am so grateful for your company, I love your shoes! I recommend them to everyone I know who has foot problems.

– Kimber

I have Morton’s neuroma and have suffered in both feet for 30 years. I had one operation but it grew back. Even as a youngster I had bad feet (pronated feet). I have searched for years to find shoes that specifically address Morton’s Neuroma and just last week located the OESH Shoes website. I ordered them, got them in two or three days and put them on last night. My world has changed. These shoes are unbelievable! Never in my life have I experienced comfort on my feet! I have had to wear all kinds of inserts, I have had several podiatrists prescribe orthotics which I paid a fortune for. I have purchased other orthotics at specialty stores and even at fairs. What a relief to have a pair of shoes that need no inserts. My bad feet have held me back from exercise, running, standing on my feet for long periods, traveling where a lot of walking is required. I have paid a fortune on shoes I couldn’t wear. These shoes are a miracle. My friend has similar problems and after telling her about the shoes last night, she ordered two pairs. I will be buying more as well! Thank you!

– Lis

Thank you so much for the quick response. The first pair of Oeshs that I purchased I had only worn them a few days when I found that we were going to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Hoping that I made the right choice I decided to wear my new Oeshs. I was on my feet for twelve hours and not once did I have any problems. They are the most comfortable shoe that I own.
Thank you again,

– Pam

I don’t know what I would have done had I not found OESH a year ago to deal with my neuroma…I applaud you and thank you all. You allow me to continue to do what I love most, which is stand on my feet in my kitchen and cook, sometimes for hours!

– Sue

Hi Bob,
I am overdue in sending this rave: I DO love love love the Athenas. Great feel, great fit, great look, puts a whole new bounce in my summer. I feel like I am walking on air at my son’s 3 day lacrosse tournament at Colgate University. Stand all game? Carry the cooler for miles? No problem!

Thank you, Kellyn for the quick fix, and I am rooting for you in The Great College Quest. That school in New Haven could use a make-it-happen person like you. (See “Risky Business” if you haven’t already, even though the writers’ choice of ideal college was a little off. It will also explain why Tom Cruise got to be such a star before he went completely gonzo.)

– Carson

Hello from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that since I started wearing the OESH tennis shoes I have lost 1/2 size in shoe size. I have worn orthopaedic shoes, had very expensive inserts fit for me over many years and had the supportive shoes that also cost a small fortune.

I have metatarsal osteoarthritis along with fallen arches and pronated feet.

Now that I wear OESH shoes I have rebuilt the muscles in my arches and because of this my feet are back to my smaller size and stronger. The osteoarthritis bothers me much less.

I am a nurse and work 8 hr shifts and they prefer I wear white leather when possible but have been wearing you tennis shoes. If you have a call for nurses shoes it would be awesome to have white leather elites.

I never leave reviews but these are worth a word from a very satisfied customer.

Thank you!

– Susan

Great Sandals! I don’t know what magic you did with these sandals, but all the problems are gone- fits my foot, no slipping and sliding- fits perfectly. I’ll wear them around the house a bit and it feels really comfortable.

By the way, the Wisteria are great exercise for the legs and thighs- took a 4 mile walk and really felt a good healthy exercise stretch.
Thanks oh patient one,

– Batya

I haven’t been able to take the Elites off since receiving them.

I have literally lived in my original pair of Oeshs all spring, summer, and fall–at least when I’m not at work–so I’m very glad indeed to have a pair of leather Oeshs that I can wear for the office and for winter (that covers just about every shoe season/opportunity).

Thank you again for everything! I truly appreciate all that you’ve done to help get me your remarkable shoes. Have a wonderful 2016!

All best,

– Sarah

Awesome!!! Thank you for the discount!! You guys worked out the kinks on the Athenas—I wore these this morning for a 90 min brisk walk with no blisters, no Mortons neuroma pain, and no clanking like the older model. I LOVE them!! They are so light and fit so perfectly, like wearing nothing–same orthopedic relief of foot pain as with earlier generation Oesh, but lighter and easier to wear.

– Nancy

Bob your prompt reply was great, thanks! I just went ahead and ordered a pair, and, have sent out notes to all my friends w/ailing feet… I won’t say they number in legions, but, there’s a bunch. We are going away Friday for ten days, so I cannot come in on Saturday. I am in hopes the shoes arrive b/f leaving and that they fit so I can take them with me. If they don’t that’s OK, we’ll have someone getting our mail and I can try them when we get home. There’s perhaps a gender thing with women and shoes and I think you addressed many great points in your site as well as the DP article. Years of literal abuse has caused such dysfunction and pain, so these new designs are really exciting. And if the first pair we try doesn’t work, we’ll try another.

Thank you so much,

– Sandy

Hey Bob!

I loved my Elites so much that I just ordered the LaVida v2.0 Oxford.

Can’t wait to receive them! The soles on these shoes are amazing. I love wearing my Elites!!! Thanks again for the great customer service!

Warm regards,

– Barb