OESH, the shoe that responds to you.

A women’s shoe designed by a woman doctor.

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Designed for the whole body and specifically for women, OESH is unique — the only shoe founded on peer-reviewed medical and scientific research. The patented and proprietary OESH® Sole responds to natural movement, promoting optimal muscle, bone, and joint health. Learn →

D. Casey Kerrigan, MD

Before founding OESH, Dr. Kerrigan received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, where she would later develop the OESH concept. More →

La Vida v2.0 – fiji

Extraordinary in every facet of design and engineering, OESH La Vida v2.0 are the healthiest shoe ever made for women. Fitted to respond to everyone no matter what foot “type”, the La Vida v2.0 are designed by a woman physician-scientist-engineer…for women. Learn more about the fit →